The "Liberal Street" Is Really Angry Now . . . But At Obama!

It hasn't been such a happy post-election season for the Angry Left and militant homosexual activists, despite the election of their "messiah." Perhaps he's human after all. First, militant homosexual activists took to the streets immediately (see here) — as in the next day — after Californians voted to pass Proposition 8, to constitutionally guarantee traditional marriage. They never stopped, trying to disrupt Morman church services (see here); ignorant celebrities leading protests (see here, foul language warning, but hilarious); chasing, posse style, Prop 8 supporters in the streets (see here/foul language warning); and even ranting in Virginia (read here).

It's all been the height of intolerance, viciously so in many cases, in sharp contrast both to what the Angry Left claims to be and in what it claims conservatives are.

Now it is livid at President-Elect Barack Obama's cabinet choices (see Emily Friedman of ABC News) and national security team, which includes a retired Marine general who supported President Bush, current Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton (who voted for the Iraq war) and U.S. Representative Ray Lahood (R-Ill.) as Transportation Secretary.

Didn't he run to pull out of Iraq? If that isn't enough, apparently the president-elect is turning his innaugaration into a right-wing Christian convention because he's invited Rev. Rick Warren to offer a prayer. Rev. Warren, a Californian, supported Prop 8. The Human Rights Campaign president rips the POTUS-elect in a Washington Post op-ed (see here).

Here's what the militant homosexuals did outside his Saddlesback Church after the election (could this be a scene at the Obama innaugaration?):

You think they were angry then? It must be a dust-up of epic proportions in the nut-root community now. Obama must be nothing less than a sell-out. But when you act like sheep in a crowd, that's what you get. Remember this telling essay from by Fouad Ajami in October?

"Obama and the Politics of Crowds"

They're not getting what they want, what they were promised, what was expected, so they take to the streets, just as Ajami points out Arabs do (i.e., "The Arab Street"). Do we in America now have "The Liberal Street"? Politics by protest? Can't get what you want at the ballot box, so demonstrate in the streets until you do?

It's a liberal crack-up, for sure, but how long will it last? More importantly, will it spill over into, and degrade, the culture at large?

Video: You Won't Believe You're In America

When Mo Rocca thinks liberalism is over the top, then even our skeptics have to give us some credence when we point it out. Of late, we've pounded the insidious politically correct indoctrination that passes for education these days, and not just on college campuses, either, but also in elementary schools — which leads to intolerance and the stamping out of opposing opinion, much less any semblance of critical thinking, and cultivates judgement based on emotion, not thought. We pointed out one especially heinous act of it yesterday, when a Brandeis University professor of 48 years, with a spotless record, may be fired simply for stating a widely known historical fact. Now there is a widely distributed Internet video of a teacher who has indoctrinated her very young students into a chorus singing a song, not of praise, but of worship to our next great leader. View it here, and read Rocca's commentary ("Let Us Pray . . . To Obama?")on how extreme the left has become when it goes this far. There's also an onslaught of video commentary to show how outraged people are by this. (Click here to see a list of versions of this video and on this topic.)

Your first thought is that you are not in America. It's a common thought, as this YouTube commentator shares (view here). This "messiah" worship is no joke any more, if it ever was. It's incredibly ironic that those on the left who excoriate Christians for our beliefs have found a hero they place in the Biblical pantheon. Unless we change the culture, we may be in for a long, dark period of mind-numbed idol worship.