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Friday Fun: Maybe Department Of Conservation And Recreation Needs To Hold A Spelling "Tornament"

Virginia'a award winning, beautiful, fun and family oriented state parks . . . a perfect place to spend your holiday weekend as summer officially begins. The Department of Conservation and Recreation manages these wonderful nature preserves, camping and recreation facilities. True treasures they are and they host several activities throughout the year — such as a kids fishing "tornaments" at York River State Park in Williamsburg. Before it hosts fishing tournaments for the kids, maybe the kids can host a spelling tournament for the park's rangers and DCR staff as this promotional sign at the park suggests is needed. Sent to us by an alert and regular reader of this blog vacationing in the Peninsula last week, this sign, which was posted who-knows-how-long-ago and is still up, is further proof that more and more tax money doesn't solve public education or government staff problems, especially when a little common sense will do. Instead, we'll be on the hook for more dough to replace this and any other such signs. Thanks to our reader/source for getting us the exclusive on this. Let's see how long it takes for DCR to recognize its mistake.


Fishing "tornaments" for kids. A spelling bee for the park staff?