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No More Excuses!

Throughout the last several weeks on this blog we've asked you to come to Richmond this upcoming Wednesday, January 9, for the Virginia Stands for Life Prayer Walk and Gathering. If you have RSVP'd that you will attend, thank you! We are thrilled that you will join us. If you have pushed aside making a decision — as yet another event bombarding you after the hectic holiday season — we urge you to reconsider. Be willing to inconvenience yourself for just one day in order to stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves. Our legislators desperately need to hear Virginia proclaim the sanctity of human life. We have already heard that pro-abortion activists plan to rally weekly at the capitol. Don't let them be your voice in your silence.

Remember, this year we are not holding our normal Day at the Capitol or "Lobby Day" as it is commonly called. This is it! This is your chance to make contact with your legislators and show them Virginia is a pro-life state.

Still not convinced? Here are the answers for some possible excuses to not attend:

Excuse 1: It’s too cold.

Actually, January 9's weather is predicted to be 52 degrees and sunny. Not bad for January in Virginia!

Excuse 2: I've been to my fair share of pro-life rallies. This won't be any different?

The point of this event is to show legislators and elected officials that we are pro-life and that we are the majority. The Virginia pro-life movement took a beating last year from late night comedy show hosts and the liberal media. This year, we need to generate a sizeable crowd that legislators and the media cannot ignore. The pro-life movement must return strong and reinvigorated! The success of our pro-life message depends on it.

Excuse 3: I haven't registered.

No problem. The event is free and registration is as simple as clicking here! Don't wait any longer. Register to let us know you are coming!

Excuse 4: I might not know anyone.

Invite a friend. Visit the event's web page for information and forward the link to a friend, and share it on your social media sites. That'll turn up the interest by your friends.

Excuse 5: I don't want to stand all day long.

For those who cannot participate in the Prayer Walk or stand for a long time due to physical limitations, we have reserved House Room 3 in the Capitol from 9:00-10:00 a.m. where you can go to wait for the start of the gathering at 10:00. Enter the Capitol at the Bank Street entrance (at the bottom of the hill) and it is the first room on your right.

Excuse 6: Richmond is too far. I don’t want to drive in at the break of dawn.

We have reserved a block of rooms for Tuesday, January 8 at the Holiday Inn Express, 201 East Cary Street. They are only $89 per night. There is a combination of king and double rooms. The hotel will provide shuttle service to the Bell Tower (eight blocks) for the gathering and to the Greater Richmond Convention Center (six blocks) for those attending the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast and/or the Prayer Walk. To reserve a room at this special rate, call the hotel directly at 804-788-1600 and tell them you are booking with The Family Foundation. Check out time is 11:00 a.m., but there is a room to hold your bags and you can leave your car there past checkout (parking is $10.00 in addition to the room charge), so you won't have to pay for parking twice. This is also the cheapest parking you will find in Richmond that day.

Excuse 7: I don’t know where to park.

For those coming to the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast and/or the Prayer Walk, the best parking will be at the Convention Center itself. You enter its lot on 3rd Street. If you are only coming to the Gathering at the Bell Tower, there is limited parking at the SunTrust Building. You enter that lot off of Cary Street between 9th and 10th Streets. We have posted a map of parking lots on our website, although during session some of these are monthly parking only. Click here and scroll to the third page to view the map. You should plan to arrive early to ensure plenty of time to find a parking place, especially those coming for the Gathering only at 10:00 a.m.

That's it. Not much to it. Just click, register and attend. Then feel free to look up your legislators afterward. We look forward to seeing you in Richmond at this most important pro-life event!

The New Abortion Providers

Who knew abortion was such a pleasant experience? From the July 12 New York Times, a feature on "The New Abortion Providers" glows as if these people are modern versions of Florence Nightingale:

After Roe, the shadow of the greedy, butchering "abortionist" continued to hover, and many doctors didn't want to stand in it. As mainstream medicine backed away, feminist activists stepped in. They set up stand-alone clinics to care for women in their moments of crisis. In many ways, the clinics were a rebel-sister success story. Instead of a sterile and expensive hospital operating room, patients could go to a low-cost clinic with pastel walls and sympathetic staff members. At a Planned Parenthood I visited recently in Rochester, while women were having abortions, they could look at photos of a Caribbean beach, taped above them on the ceiling.

I guess when an organization constantly gets exposed (see latest video from for unethical behavior and horrible conditions, it needs a little puffery from the liberal media. There is an interesting sentence in the article, though:

The American Medical Association did not maintain standards of care for the procedure.

This is something we come up against every year during the General Assembly in our work to get abortion centers regulated just as every other medical facility must be. This past session, the pro-abortion lobby finally came up with standards it says its abortion centers follow, based on recommendations from its own association of abortionists. New, indeed.

There's much to take from the long article but here's the gist, as from this paragraph:

This abortion-rights campaign, led by physicians themselves, is trying to recast doctors, changing them from a weak link of abortion to a strong one. Its leaders have built residency programs and fellowships at university hospitals, with the hope that, eventually, more and more doctors will use their training to bring abortion into their practices. The bold idea at the heart of this effort is to integrate abortion so that it’s a seamless part of health care for women — embraced rather than shunned. (Emphasis added.) 

So much for "safe, legal and rare." The abortion movement is nothing short of a full-frontal effort to encourage abortions at all cost. Rather, than, as NARAL and Planned Parenthood proclaim, that they are for choice and aim to provide options and overall women's health care, their intentions are to create the acceptance of, and markets for, the killing of the innocent unborn for their own profit and other nefarious reasons.

Huh? Even Liberal Media Can't Make Sense Of Deeds Answer; Or, Making John Kerry Proud

I post this without comment because I'm still baffled. First one who makes sense of this ramble wins a prize. But I doubt anyone will — when a liberal confuses even his media allies, it must be incomprehensible. Terribly incomprehensible — and all in three minutes!

Even reporters were confused in this post debate interview in Fairfax today with Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds: I will raise NEW money but won't raise taxes but ALL options are on the table, but I WON'T take money from the general fund , but I WILL sign a tax increase . . . .

After watching this a second, third and fourth time, I have to wonder if even John ("I voted for it before I voted against it") Kerry would understand this. It certainly is the most confusing political answer I've ever heard before or since the infamous Kerry remark.

It's Official: It's "Merry Christmas" After All

Despite what the secularists, liberal media and politically correct authoritarians claim, shove at us and demand, an overwhelming amount of Americans, from all political backgrounds, prefer to say and be greeted with "Merry Christmas" rather than the offensive "happy holidays." In fact, in a recent poll by Opinion Dynamics for Fox News (see here), most people are offended when others offer the "happy holidays" greeting, despite the years-long attempt by the above culprits to indoctrinate the public and dilute the culture with the "appropriateness" of using that slogan, so as to not "offend" anyone. As it turns out, it does offend people — the vast majority who understand that this holiday is a Holy Day and who have never bought into the secular left propaganda that has tried to strip it of its meaning (see this short blog post from Wilson Research Strategies). Overall, 77 percent of the public prefers "Merry Christmas," the same number as independents, while Republicans prefer it by 87 percent and Democrats by 69 percent. So, where's the basis for the "you will offend people by saying 'Merry Christmas' hogwash"? 

It has always been a cheap canard and always will be. Now, in perhaps the most politically left age of the Republic, we still see people holding on to their core religious values. So much for the secularists.

Prophetic Article? A Must Read To Understand The Future

A Barack Obama presidency has me scared for a long time for a number of reasons. There's the pending economic socialism and the disregard for innocent human life, among many urgent issues. During the campaign the many to whom I expressed my concern would respond with the conventional wisdom that he'll mess it up and the country will swing back to conservatism in the mid-term elections, as in 1994. (That's a big "if," predicated on whether the so-called conservatives in Congress remain scared of their own shadows and remain addicted to "big-government conservatism.")  I would reply to those who responded that way, "Not so fast." Conventional wisdom and the old models don't apply anymore. With such large majorities in Congress and control of the White House, the extreme, Angry Left will ram through several initiatives to permanently seal its institutional advantages. For example, the liberal media, which crossed from only being biased to all out left wing advocacy this campaign, will be cemented by the passing of the so-called Fairness Doctrine, minimizing (if not completely eliminating) conservative talk radio. Advantage, Left Wing Media.

How about the so-called Freedom of Choice Act? Senator Obama said it's the first bill he would sign. It would eliminate all state restrictions on abortion. (No need for state legislatures, then, huh?) Gone would be all parental consent, notification and regulations against partial birth abortion. Advantage, the government grant and profit machine known as Planned Parenthood (see, here).

The union card check bill, if it becomes law (see The Las Vegas Sun, here), will end the secret ballot in union organizing campaigns. This will create countless new union shops. Aside from the economic peril of making American industry less competitive, this bill will add tens of thousands of new union members to union rolls — along with their compulsary dues, which go to union political action committees and used to elect leftist candidates. Advantage, corrupt Leftist union bosses.

The public education establishment, which largely dumbs down children K-12, and the college education establishment, which largely indoctrinates them because, by then, students have been conditioned to feel rather than think, will get new, large amounts of federal grants to run their politically correct campus societies, further preaching liberal doctrine under the guise of teaching, both in the classroom and in campus regulations such as speech codes. Advantage, Leftist educrats and teachers union leaders.

I could go on. But someone else has for me. Give me one more minute.

When I extolled this theory, some saw credence. Some thought the conventional wisdom would magically re-write history in two years. Many thought I was looking for the man on the grassy knoll. My response was that I would write a thesis on it. End of minute. I don't have to write the thesis. Quin Hillyer, of The American Spectator, has. I don't know whether to celebrate that my theory has been vindicated or mad that I didn't publish it and get compensated for the idea first. Regardless, Hillyer's "Saul Alinsky Takes the White House" (click here) is a must read to understand what Christian conservatives and those who believe in traditional family values and limited constitutional government will face starting January 20, 2009. It is something we need to be prepared for and ready to work against — work very hard against.

Here's an excerpt:

Watch what Michael Barone called the Obama "thugocracy" use the Justice Department to stifle dissent. Anybody who complains about vote fraud will be charged with "vote suppression." Anybody who complains about DoJ's actions will be charged with interfering with an investigation. Anybody who denies having interfered will be charged with perjury. Likewise, anybody who peacefully protests abortion clinics or the use of state-sponsored racial quotas will be charged with a civil rights violation. And the accused won't be able to look to the Supreme Court for help: Anthony Kennedy's "evolving standards" of justice will evolve to match the new zeitgeist, providing a 5-4 majority for the administration. Meanwhile, of course, Obama's other appointments will be filling up the rest of the judiciary at a rapid clip, with nobody able to stop them.

Other ways the Obama axis will tilt the playing field: "card check" legislation to eliminate secret ballots in unionizing and to force union victories in contract negotiations. Provision after provision giving favors to the trial bar so it can sue enemies into submission. Copious new regulations, especially environmental, to be used selectively to ensnare other conservative malcontents. Invasive IRS audits of conservative think tanks, other conservative 501 organizations, and PACs.

What Ohio officials did in rifling through so many of Joe Wurzelbacher's files will serve as ample precedent. (Just watch, by the way: Nobody ever will be effectively disciplined for the violation of Wurzelbacher's rights.)

And, only when the time is right and the ground (or air) has been well prepared, will come the grand-daddy of all fights, the re-enactment of the misnamed "Fairness Doctrine."

It's not just Joe the Plumber. Remember Barbara West, the Florida anchor who dared asked Joe Biden tough questions? Her station was blacklisted. Three newspapers who endorsed John McCain had their political reporters thrown off the Obama press plane (see The Washington Times, here). That's before he was elected! But surely there are bigger fish to fry — perhaps IRS and government intimidation of churches and pastors? By the way, what's with the 250,000 member security force Senator Obama promised? (See Blue Collar Muse, here.)

The coming socialist, one-party state only will be a crazy conspiracy theory if people fully understand what's at stake and decide to get engaged, stay vigilant, remain active and work hard. Work very hard — starting now.