Virginia News Stand: March 25, 2009

Let's skip over the state news . . . there's a lot going on in the country and elsewhere. The opposition over Catholic Notre Dame conferring an honorary doctorate on pro-abortion President Obama continues to grow, as the local bishop will boycott the commencement for the first time. (The irony of the "messiah" getting boycotted at Notre Dame; the irony of him invited to Notre Dame in the first place.) In another headline grabber, Planned Parenthood has changed its abortion tactics. Also, parents in California assert their rights over their children's public education, while teenagers across the country now have a conservative radio program of their own, co-hosted by Christian actor Stephen Baldwin and author and Fox News contributor Kevin McCullough.

But, most importantly, because it's just so good, a reprise of the previous post — our first-ever World News item with accompanying video: European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan blisters British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his shambolic socialism run amok in the U.K. The phrasing of this short speech ("Brezhnev-era apparatchik," "devalued prime minister") gives it more punch than anything twice or three times as long, and certainly more so than anything the "messiah" has ever said for all his rhetorical praises. Has a new Reagan been born? 


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Social Issues In The Age Of Obama

Last Month, Chris Freund, vice president of policy and communications for The Family Foundation of Virginia, addressed the Tuesday Morning Group Coalition's monthly meeting in Richmond. He was part of a panel which discussed everything from the environment to economics. It's not a pretty picture. Scary, actually: card check, FOCA, partial-birth abortion on demand, liberal judges, God out of the public square entirely, "fairness doctrine," high taxes, cap and trade us into rationing energy, no drilling nowhere. You get the idea. So, while the media is sucking everyone into the new Era of Good Feeling ushered in by the "messiah," a little dose of reality (to find the entire panel and the topics discussed, click here):

Last Night's Real Change

Lost in the media's celebration of "hope for change," one moral principle in America remained unchanged last night — the definition of marriage.Three more states — Arizona, Florida and California (yes, California!) — approved ballot measures that protect God's definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In Florida, despite the victory of Barack Obama who supports repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, more than 60 percent of voters supported the amendment. In California, the voters not only spoke out in defence of marriage, they sent a message  about judicial activism — it was a California Supreme Court decision  overturning the state's marriage statute that necessitated the amendment campaign. (In fact, there is talk of the possibility of this new Marriage Amendment nullifying the so-called homosexual "marriages" that have taken place the last several months while it was legal.) Another fact: pro-marriage citizens contributed more money than the anti-amendment forces. Yesterday's three-for-three performance means every state that has voted on defending marriage has passed a Marriage Amendment. (An Arizona Marriage Amendment lost in 2006, but the pro-marriage campaign re-grouped and won yesterday.) While 30 or so states have Marriage Amendments now, the only states recognizing homosexual "marriages" are those whose state courts have resorted to extra-judicial powers to impose it on unsuspecting citizens.

In another ballot measure, Arkansas voters approved a measure that protects children from being adopted into same-sex homes, guaranteeing that they will be provided both a mother and a father. Clearly, Americans are not ready for some of the "change" that the media and others want to promote.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be subjected to a daily dose of analysis by partisans and pundits about what the results of yesterday's elections means. So, we're not going to subject you to more of that today.

We only know this — regardless of the political party in power, regardless of the media spin, regardless of anything — The Family Foundation of Virginia is going to keep moving forward. We are going to continue to fight for traditional values, because the values we share — the sanctity of all human life, the sanctity of marriage and family, the ability to worship freely, and the freedom to raise and provide for our families — are the only true hope for our nation, because they are grounded in the truth. We do so because there is only one being in the universe in which we can truly place our hope — God. There is only one Messiah, and He wasn't on the ballot yesterday.

As The Family Foundation, we commit to you today to continue working as hard as we can for your values. We cannot allow one election to discourage us. We must learn from what has happened, seek new strategies and apply new ideas — but we must not back away from our principles. That is one change we simply cannot afford.

A Huge Follow-Up Question For Tonight

Yesterday, we posed six questions we'd love to hear asked during tonight's final presidential debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. However, now that we have Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen teaching the Gospel from the House floor (whatever happened to the separation of church and state?) and calling Jesus a "community organizer" and Pontius Pilate a governor (see here), more than implying Obama is the "messiah" and Governor Sarah Palin (see video, slide show here) is a murderer; and now that America's most lovable and respected religious figure, Louis Farrakhan, has prophesied that Obama is the "messiah," (see here) this is what we hope to hear CBS News reporter, and tonight's moderator, Bob Schieffer, ask Senator Obama:

Is Representative Cohen right: Was Jesus a community organizer? If so, is Louis Farrakahn right — are you, in fact, the "messiah"?

After all, isn't time we hear from the man himself on this issue? A world anxiously waits to know if it is in the presence of the Second Coming.

God help us if Obama replies, "It is you who say I am."

Louis Farrakhan Confirms It: Obama Is The Messiah

For weeks now, we've been stunned at the deep seeded cult worship status of Barack Obama. With so many people designating him the "messiah," who knows? Maybe it's true. After all, these people are the best and brightest, and no one in flyover country dare question them. You know these brainiacs — not to be confused with "Bosniacs" as foreign policy expert Joe Biden calls Bosnians — like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who may have been the first reeled in by the senator's messianic trance. It was Matthews who said he got "a tingling feeling down his leg" when Obama spoke. Then there are the children's groups coming under his spell such as these young ones (see here) and these teenagers (see here). But if there was any doubt that Barack Obama has graduated from Illinois legislator to "messiah" in only fours years, let the august prophet, and conciliator of races and creeds — Louis Farrakhan himself — confirm it for us all. If Farrakhan says Obama is the "messiah," it must be true:

Senator Obama Sees Ghosts (Or, He Needs To Read

We realize the nomination for the Democrat presidential nomination is a tooth and nail fight, but if Senator Barack Obama really is the presumptive nominee, why is he trying to one-up rival Senator Hillary Clinton? You may remember during her First Lady days (I know, we try not to remember) she channeled Eleanor Roosevelt. As of yesterday, in New Mexico, Senator Obama had his own paranormal experience. Of course, he should have super powers since he's the Democrat "messiah" according to Chris Matthews and other liberal lightweights. Speaking to a Memorial Day gathering in Las Cruces, he said:

On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience today . . . . (See the video for yourself, here.)

He then went on to talk almost entirely about veterans. This man, who wants to be Commander-In-Chief, is either clueless and does not not know the meaning of Memorial Day or sees ghosts. Predictably, only the conservative blogosphere and talk radio have picked up on this. That's okay, senator, you may be able to see ghosts, but the public finally is seeing right through your transparent self. 

The senator surely has a gift, alright, and he keeps giving it. Instead of "messiah" we should call him the "The Gift That Keeps On Giving" because he continues to gaffe. Hey senator, read our our post from yesterday! Memorial Day honors those who gave themselves up in battle for our country, not living veterans!  

Is this what we're getting from our public education theses days?

Could anything have better proven our point? Would it even be fair to ask the senator who Veterans Day honors?