Virginia News Stand: March 26, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Week's End

An eventful week winds down to a slumberish end. We all can use the respite. However, there is some news: Despite his "Executive Directive," Governor Bob McDonnell said on his monthly "Ask The Governor" show that there is no need for an anti-homosexual bias law. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has the details, but you can hear it for yourself on the link to WRVA's podcast (a first for the the News Stand). The Washington Post has mention of it as well, on it s Virginia Politics Blog. Have a listen and a read . . . and a good weekend.


McDonnell doubts need for bias law (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

No 'rampant discrimination' against gay employees to argue for law, McDonnell says (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog

Senate bill proposes no more bailouts (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Saying ‘I do’: Black marriage campaign is growing (Richmond Times-Dispatch)


Ask The Governor (60:00) (WRVA.com)

National News

Democrats send Obama final health measure (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Obama dares GOP to repeal health care bill (AP/GOPUSA.com)

GOP warns Obama about labor board appointment (AP/GOPUSA.com)

NPR, PBS stations get $10M infusion for local news (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Would partners of gay troops get benefits, too? (AP/GOPUSA.com)


How the Left Fakes the Hate: A Primer (Michele Malkin/GOPUSA.com)

Game On! (Michael Reagan/GOPUSA.com)

Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854, Redux (Tony Blankley/GOPUSA.com)

PBS' Double Standard

PBS, the taxpayer funded television network the government sees fit to prop up in an age of 500 channels, is conducting a poll about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (click here to vote). The poll question is simple and its simplicity exposes the network's inherent double standard. It asks if Governor Palin is qualified to be vice president of the United States. But there's no question about whether the Illinois state senator of just four years ago, Barack Obama, is qualified to be president. In an effort to even things up, the American Family Association does ask that question (vote in that poll by clicking here). We hope you vote in both.

Live From Roanoke! Jim Gilmore And Mark Warner In Senate Debate Tonight

We had some comments earlier this week on the vice presidential debate, such as posing questions we'd like to hear asked. We only had two. Alas, neither were asked. In just a few hours, live at 7:00 from Roanoke's new Taubman Museum, former governors Jim Gilmore, the Republican nominee, and Mark Warner, the Democrat nominee, will have their only live televised statewide debate in their campaign for Virginia's open U.S. Senate seat. (George Allen and Jim Webb even debated on NBC's Meet The Press.) It will be worth watching. Record it if you must. In some areas it will be replayed later and C-SPAN is televising it and may repeat it as well. Others are Web streaming it.

Since Jim Gilmore has repeatedly asked for several live debates, as is the Virginia tradition, and since Mark Warner bailed out of one and only agreed to this one late in the game, we'd like to hear any one of these questions to Mr. Warner:

1. Mr. Warner, you claimed at the time, and still do, that your record setting tax increase was necessary because you had cut state government spending as far you could and needed the state revenue to keep the budget in balance. If so, why does the State Department of Planning and Budget Web site (click here) show that state spending under your administration went from $12.1 billion in Fiscal Year '03 general fund spending to $12.4 billion in FY '04 and then to $13.8 billion in FY '05. What exactly did you cut before you burdened Virginia's families with higher taxes?

2. If you tax increases left Virginia in such great fiscal shape, why has Governor Tim Kaine felt it necessary to try to raise taxes still more every year since?

3. Mr. Warner, when you were governor, you vetoed a bill to allow off shore drilling in Virginia. Now you say you are for it. Why should we believe you are for meaningful off shore drilling that will create thousands of jobs and bring in millions in revenue for Virginia?

4. Mr. Warner, you say you are a "moderate" who is willing to reach out and be bi-partisan. Yet you have not shown one area of disagreement with Barack Obama, who was listed as the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate by the non-partisan National Journal (more liberal, even, than the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont). Please list some major policies where you disagree with Barack Obama and agree with John McCain.

5. To both: What year was Franklin Roosevelt elected president and when did he first go on television?

We're not expecting any of the questions to be asked, but the candidates are welcome to come here and respond.

Stations Showing The Debate Live Tonight Charlottesville: WVIR 29 NBC Johnson City, Tenn.: WJHL 11 CBS Harrisonburg: WHSV 3 ABC Norfolk: WVBT 43 Fox Norfolk: WHRO 15 PBS Richmond: WWBT 12 NBC

Richmond: WTVR Digital 6.2 CBS (Comcast Channel 206) Roanoke: WBRA PBS Roanoke: WSLS 10 NBC  National: C-SPAN Streaming live online at News8.net Streaming live online at NBC4.com

 Streaming live online at WTVR.com

Streaming live online at WJLA.com

Stations Re-Broadcasting The Debate Washington, D.C.: News Channel 8 at 11:00 p.m. Friday Washington, D.C.: WRC 4 NBC at 7:00 a.m. Sunday

VP Debate Preview: All You Need To Know About Today's "Journalists"

Suppose a "journalist" wrote a book featuring a candidate she was covering. How objective do you think her coverage would be? Not very. At least you could avoid reading or watching her reports. But what if she was chosen to moderate a debate — in this case, the vice presidential debate — where she already has shown open scorn for one of the candidates? Not very fair — and it wouldn't, couldn't happen in America, despite how openly biased the Mainstream Media is. That's just one step too far. Oh yeah? Thing on this: Gwen Ifill of PBS never disclosed to the Commission on Presidential Debates that she was writing a book about a new generation of black politicians, featuring Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama (and highlighting only Democrat pols), when they selected her to moderate tomorrow night's vice presidential debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin. The news broke today only because of people like syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin (read here).

Another good commentary on "moderator-gate" comes from digitaljournal.com, although it posted Ifill's video plug of the book. (I viewed it for you. Nothing important, so skip it).  Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily wrote a great report as well (click here). 

Ifill, of course, should recuse herself. Her book, which hits the bookstores on inauguration day, can only benefit from an Obama victory. Liberal columnists are countering that now Ifill will have to be fair because everyone is on to her. Right. So why wasn't this exposed before so we could all get excited about how fair she is? Then explain how she was hoping to get away with it and why liberals aren't raising basic ethical complaints.

No, none of that matters apparently. Forget all the pre-debate hype. That the moderator will have a massive conflict of interest, if not outright bias, and that no one is doing anything about it, is all you need to know before tomorrow night's big show.