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Victory For Pregnant Inmates And Unborn Children

Currently in Virginia, if a woman is incarcerated and goes into labor she may be restrained during the whole childbirth experience. Over the past few years, The Family Foundation has worked with a diverse coalition of organizations, including the Virginia Catholic Conference, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood (believe it or not), and Prison Fellowship to prohibit the unnecessary restraint of pregnant inmates. However, this chapter soon will come to a close as the proposed regulations restricting restraints on pregnant inmates is one step closer to reality and will go into effect March 7 after one final public posting. After years of advocacy and waiting, Virginia finally will see proper precautions taken for the health and safety of the pregnant mother and respect for the life of the unborn child. Celebrating this victory, Delegate Patrick Hope (D-47, Arlington), the patron of legislation over the years which would have had similar affect, said:

I commend the Board of Corrections for its strong endorsement prohibiting the restraint of pregnant inmates. All stakeholders worked in good faith to reach consensus and the proposed regulations will ensure the protection of the mother, her unborn child, and law enforcement. No pregnant inmate should ever be unnecessarily restrained.

(Interesting that the delegate, who is pro-abortion, used the term "unborn child." Hopefully, he will come around on that issue one day.)

Delegate Ben Cline (R-24, Amherst), chairman of the House subcommittee where this issue has previously been heard, said:

I applaud the Board's action to put appropriate guidelines in place regarding the restraint of pregnant inmates. No inmate should be unnecessarily restrained, and the approved regulations balance our concerns for the safety of the unborn child, the pregnant mother, law enforcement, and the public. The development of these regulations was prolonged, but all parties are to be commended for their hard work and commitment to reaching this balanced compromise. I look forward to their swift implementation.

The Family Foundation would like to thank the coalition for its determined work resulting in protection for pregnant mothers and sanctity for unborn life.

McAuliffe Dealt Setback: Senate Upholds Conscience Protection!

Earlier today, the Democrat-controlled Senate defeated Governor Terry McAuliffe's amendment to SB 330, an amendment that would have seriously weakened conscience protections included in a bill providing for the licensing of genetic counselors. The vote was 23-17 with Democrat Senators Chuck Colgan, Phil Puckett and Chap Petersen joining all 20 Republicans in protecting the right of conscience. The Family Foundation would like to thank Senators Steve Martin (R-11, Chesterfield), Dick Black (R-13, Leesburg), and Tommy Norment (R-3, Williamsburg) who stood and spoke in opposition to the anti-conscience amendment. Special thanks goes to Senator Tom Garrett (R-22, Louisa) who articulated the legal liabilities of the amendment and to Senator Bill Stanley (R-20, Franklin) who questioned the patron of the bill, Senator Janet Howell (D-32, Reston), regarding the genesis of the amendment. Senator Stanley asked Senator Howell if she was comfortable with the initial language of her bill which passed the Senate 38-0. The considerably far-left senator responded that she was "perfectly comfortable" with the conscience clause language the way it was prior to the governor's amendment.

Continuing to prove how out of touch he is with mainstream Virginia, Governor McAuliffe showed today that he is also out of touch with even the most "progressive" leaders of his own party. He bowed to pressure from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and was reminded by the 23-17 vote that his radical agenda will not be approved even in the Senate simply because he has a "D" behind his name.

The passage of SB 330 without the governor's anti-conscience amendments is a great benchmark for conscience rights in Virginia. If genetic counselors can be protected from being forced to violate their conscience, it follows that all other professions should receive equal protection. Today's vote proves that the freedom of conscience is not a right-wing issue or even a Christian issue — it is about freedom of conscience for all.

We are also very appreciative of our colleagues at the Virginia Catholic Conference, which again worked so hard with us over the past several days on this amendment, as well as the representatives of the genetic counselors who were willing to work with us to protect the conscience rights of their clients. Thanks, also, to all of you who contacted your senators to vote no on this significant legislative action. It does make a difference and your voices are heard.

T-Mac Chili eating

Governor McAuliffe will have to chew on this legislative defeat.

Senate Votes Today On Conscience Protection

On Tuesday, bowing to pressure from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, Governor Terry McAuliffe amended SB 330, a genetic counseling bill, to weaken its excellent conscience protection language. Early today, the Senate will take up this amendment on the floor and vote on it.

Contact your senator now and ask him or her to vote NO on the governor's amendment to SB 330.

The story behind this amendment goes back a few months. This past summer, the lobbyists for the genetic counselors approached The Family Foundation with a draft of a bill to license genetic counselors in Virginia. We appreciated them coming to us prior to session to discern our impression of the bill and to see if we had any concerns. We decided to remain neutral on the topic of licensing genetic counselors, but we strongly encouraged the addition of a conscience clause to protect them from being forced to participate in counseling against their deeply held moral or religious beliefs.

The genetic counselors agreed to the conscience language and a bill was drafted that all parties agreed upon. In fact, the language was so universally-accepted, both the identical House and Senate versions passed unanimously in the evenly-divided Senate and with sweeping margins in the House.

Governor McAuliffe signed HB 612, patroned by Delegate Roxann Robinson (R-27, Chesterfield), with the strong conscience protection language and it became law. But before SB 330, patroned by Senator Janet Howell (D-32, Reston), got to Governor McAuliffe's desk, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood woke up from their slumber, decided the conscience clause was unacceptable, and urged the governor to amend the language. Bowing to the pressure of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, he added an amendment to SB 330 which guts the conscience clause. This is particularly frustrating because the bills as drafted have the overwhelming support of both chambers, the genetic counselors didn't ask for the amendment and, not to mention, Governor McAuliffe already signed HB 612! The only holdup is the ACLU and Planned Parenthood who were late to the party.

 Please contact your senator now and urge a vote for conscience and reject the governor's amendment to SB 330).

Please Consider Joining The Spring 40 Days For Life Campaign

The 40 Days For Life Pray To End Abortion Spring Campaign starts tomorrow, March 5 (Ash Wednesday) and runs through April 13 (Palm Sunday). 40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God's power to end abortion. It brings together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40 day campaign of prayer, fasting and peaceful activism, with the purpose of repentance, to seek God's favor to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life, thus bringing an end to abortion. 40 Days For Life is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program:

» Prayer and Fasting: Prayer is at the center of 40 Days for Life. Prayer must be the first thing we do if we want to end abortion.

» Peaceful Vigil: The visible, public centerpiece of 40 Days for Life is a focused, 40-day, non-stop, round-the-clock prayer vigil outside a single Planned Parenthood center or other abortion facility in your community.

» Community Outreach: During 40 Days for Life, the pro-life message is taken proactively to every corner of your community. Media outreach is conducted through carefully targeted news stories, talk shows, editorials and opinion pieces.


Please consider joining our 40 Days For Life friends in this campaign to end abortion in our nation. Since its modest beginning several years ago in Texas, it has grown exponentially across the country and internationally, saving thousands of infants' lives because of the modest commitment of every day people. Follow this link to  see a video about the campaign and link to more information about its history.

Below is a list of localities in Virginia that are participating in 40 Day For Life this spring. Click on the link closest to where you live and it will lead you to a local webpage where you can sign up with your name and e-mail address to get involved. For more information, visit the main 40 Days For Life website by clicking here or the image above.


Falls Church


Newport News



Virginia Beach

McAuliffe Hires Health Inspectors . . . For Abortion Centers?

For the past several years, a hiring freeze has been in place for the Commonwealth of Virginia requiring that the governor's chief of staff approve hiring for any position. Late Friday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that the McAuliffe administration has decentralized that process and granted the decision making authority for hiring to his cabinet. Explaining the rationale for this move, Governor Terry McAuliffe's spokesman stated that the decision was made:

to facilitate hiring for positions that are critical to Virginia communities including health inspectors, mining safety inspectors and other key positions that are essential to the workings of state government.

I'm pleased to learn that Governor McAuliffe recognizes the critical importance of having a sufficient number of health inspectors to ensure licensed health care facilities comply with regulatory requirements for patient safety.

Now that we know the governor shares our belief that patient safety at Virginia's licensed health care facilities is of paramount importance, we'll have to wait and see how committed he is to that belief. Will he permit these newly hired health inspectors inspect Virginia's licensed abortion centers or will he cave to pressure from Planned Parenthood to limit inspections? Will he side with Virginia's women and ensure that these abortion centers meet basic health standards or with Planned Parenthood? Time will tell.

I would like to believe Governor McAuliffe meant that all health inspectors are critical, but I fear his opinion will be selective. After all, he has $1,199,120 reasons to oppose the safety inspection of abortion centers. That is the amount of money Planned Parenthood Votes directly donated to his campaign.

Media Ignores "Tolerant" Democrat Congressional Candidate's Hateful Twitter Attack On TFF

Democrat Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson today went off the rails and attacked us and TFF President Victoria Cobb via Twitter. There was no rhyme or reason. He didn't cite any specific bill or policy we're working on at this year's General Assembly, only a trite, false, hateful, demonizing, inflammatory attack — and not even a good one. The incoherent rant is full of punctuation mistakes. In the first one (the second one below) he omitted the apostrophe in "Virginias" but included one in "it's" when he meant "its." He could've used the saved character for a period at the sentence. But perhaps most offensive is that Dickenson, who's is in the strip club business — nothing spells out respect for women more than exploiting them as strippers — calls Victoria a "grand wizard." Again, if you're going to insult someone, do it right: titles before names are capitalized. Besides, what's he insinuating by using the masculine form of the word? Shouldn't it be "Wizardess"?


Seriously, though, isn't a man of, and on, the Left, supposed to be tolerant? Then what's with the attack? Not even his audience was amused. Of the 10 people who replied to his two tweets, at least eight chastised the 7th district candidate for his hateful tirades against people who simply disagree with him. More than that, this "tolerant" liberal proposes to use the force of the federal government, if elected to Congress, to restrict the free speech rights of people with whom he disagrees by arbitrarily designating them as "haters." He also went on unrestrained tirades against the NRA and Fox News.

But we just report. You decide:

According to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, in a recent campaign speech, Dickinson said that Democrats "don't judge," that the party is "open," and added . . .

judging people by outdated stereotypes is exactly what Democrats are supposed to be against.

Nothing like a good bit of hypocrisy and double-standard to go with your foot-in-mouth. The same article noted that 7th district Democrats were ready to vote for "no candidate" rather than nominate Dickinson if no one else entered the race. That speaks volumes.

Another question: Where's the media? It went bonkers on the orders of — excuse me, a "news release" by — Planned Parenthood over a pro-life politician's Facebook posting, which did nothing but sarcastically use a term for pregnant women the abortion industry frequently uses.  The lack of understanding of irony is beyond belief — Planned Parenthood was making a point it doesn't even agree with, i.e., that pregnant women are mothers, yet the media tried to excoriate the lawmaker.

Now, we have a left wing politician using social media to attack a woman and we issued a press release. But no phone calls, no interviews. "War On Women" anyone? Here's the news release:

Democrat Candidate Attacks Family Foundation on Twitter

- Organization Demands Democrat Leaders Distance Themselves from Statement -

RICHMOND – The Family Foundation of Virginia today called on Democrat leaders Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe to distance themselves from inflammatory statements by Mike Dickinson, a Democrat running for Congress against Representative Eric Cantor.

"As the Democratic party continues to seek to silence any opinion in America that they oppose through the IRS, bullying the news media and threatening free speech, we now have yet another Democrat candidate for office who clearly has not read the First Amendment of the Constitution or has no intention of applying it to all Americans," said Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia. "Regardless of one’s position on controversial issues, the idea of candidates for office threatening American citizens with the awesome power of the federal government for simply exercising their fundamental constitutional rights to speak out on controversial issues is chilling. We call on Virginia Democrat leaders like Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Terry McAuliffe to distance themselves from this candidate and his inflammatory, hateful rhetoric."

A lot has been made by Democrats this session, from the governor on down, of the "Virginia Way." We're wondering if this is what they mean. Meanwhile, we'll wait for their statements — and their explanation of "tolerance" — as well as the media's coverage of it all.

At 12 Weeks Babies Have . . .

I met a woman during last fall's campaign who, upon overhearing me and a self-styled libertarian friend of mine talking about abortion, interjected with the trite, "It's better to have legal abortion than have to pay taxes to care for all of the babies whose mothers can't provide for them." Sure — and with that logic, why not kill anyone who lives in poverty? We're paying taxes to support them, too, are we not? Where do you draw the line? Another woman once told me she didn't approve of abortion, but thought it should be legal during the first trimester. What, I asked her, is significantly different about an unborn baby at two months and 29 days than at three months? Isn't that an arbitrary time frame conceived by seven men (of all people) who decided to overturn abortion bans in Roe v. Wade? She admitted she had to rethink her position.

That made sense to her (another self-styled libertarian). But neither logic nor science matter to the Left. It subsists on shallow talking points that are designed to make them feel smart and which, once they ride them to the limited depth of their capacity, resort to name calling, raw emotion, fear and straw men. Thus, the contrived "War On Women," which really is a War On Babies.

They try to depict Christians as uneducated rubes who deny science, yet they fight with all vigor to prohibit ultrasound tests; they clamor for "choice" but deny women the opportunity to make an informed decision. Which brings me to the latest controversy, which should shed light on the bankruptcy of the abortion industry's arguments.

Planned Parenthood and NARAL both jumped down the throat of a pro-life politician who sarcastically referred to pregnant women with a term they use. They said his language was degrading and said mothers should be treated with respect — making a point they don't even agree with which, most telling, admitted what they always deny:

That pregnant women are mothers!

Brilliant! Thank you abortion industry! Maybe it will learn logic soon enough.

Photo: Every child deserves a chance to sing! LIKE and SHARE!

End the silencing of not only their voices, but their lives. (H/T National Pro-Life Alliance.)

Family Foundation Supports Pro-Life Budget Amendments

This is a news release put out earlier today by The Family Foundation of Virginia announcing its support of the proposed House of Delegates budget:

Family Foundation Supports Pro-Life Budget Amendments

- Protect taxpayers from funding abortion, Planned Parenthood -

RICHMOND –The Family Foundation of Virginia today expressed support for several amendments to the House of Delegates budget as passed by the Appropriations Committee.

"In an area of serious dissension, the one thing that a majority of Virginians agree on is that taxpayers shouldn't be forced to pay for abortions,” said Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia. “The House Appropriations budget amendments simply bring Virginia in line with federal law, protecting taxpayers from funding abortion, and protect us from funding the nation’s $1 billion abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood. Despite its claims of providing health care, Planned Parenthood's budget is funded almost entirely by abortion and the taxpayers."

According to its most recent annual report, the number of cancer screenings done by Planned Parenthood has dropped 39 percent since 2009, while their prenatal care services have dropped 52 percent during the same period. According to the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony's analysis of Planned Parenthood’s annual report, abortion makes up 93.8 percent of Planned Parenthood's pregnancy services.

The House appropriators also included budget language that would bring Virginia in line with the federal "Hyde Amendment," which prohibits Virginia from funding abortion beyond rape, incest and life of the mother. Virginia currently funds abortion beyond those cases to include abortions for the severely disabled.

The House Appropriations Committee, in an effort to ensure that the Governor can't circumvent the law, included a budget amendment that would prevent "funding in this budget or any matching funds … provided to implement any Executive order, Executive directive, guidance opinion or other direction from the Office of the Governor to suspend the regulations surrounding the operation of abortion clinics." Essentially, if the House is successful, any efforts by the Governor's office to undermine Virginia's abortion center health and safety law that could cost taxpayers money will be unfunded. While campaigning for Governor, McAuliffe made his infamous proclamation that if elected, he would issue a "guidance opinion" that could stop the enforcement and implementation of Virginia's abortion center health and safety standards. Beyond the fact that a Virginia governor can't issue a "guidance opinion," McAuliffe’s statement revealed his desire to undermine the abortion center standards.

"Abortion center health and safety standards are the law of Virginia," added Cobb. "The Governor shouldn't be able to pick and choose which laws he enforces. The House is trying to ensure that the Governor can't exhibit the same lack of respect for the rule of law already demonstrated by the Attorney General. It’s unfortunate that the budget is one of the few tools available to lawmakers to prevent more lawless actions from the Attorney General or the Governor."


House Budget Advances Life; Senate Version, Not So Much

The budget (HB 30) advanced by the House Appropriations Committee Sunday included several limitations on taxpayer funding of abortion, abortion providers and, maybe most importantly, on the governor's office. For good reason. When he campaigned for governor, Terry McAuliffe infamously proclaimed that he would issue a "guidance opinion" to stop the enforcement and implementation of Virginia's abortion center health and safety standards (see video here). Never mind that no one has ever heard of a "guidance opinion" (another rookie mistake) and the fact that a Virginia governor cannot unilaterally overturn a regulatory board's decisions, McAuliffe's statement revealed his desire to undermine the abortion center safety standards.

No wonder. He received nearly $2 million in reported campaign contributions from the abortion industry, which has fought against basic health standards for its $1 billion industry for years.

The House Appropriations committee, in an effort to ensure that the governor cannot circumvent the law, has introduced a budget amendment that would prevent . . .

funding in this budget or any matching funds . . . provided to implement any Executive order, Executive directive, guidance opinion or other direction from the Office of the Governor to suspend the regulations surrounding the operation of abortion clinics.

Essentially, if the House gets its way, any efforts by the Governor McAuliffe to undermine the law that could cost taxpayers money will be unfunded.

The House appropriators also included budget language that would bring Virginia in line with the federal "Hyde Amendment," which prohibits Virginia from funding abortion beyond rape, incest and life of the mother. Virginia currently funds abortion beyond those cases to include abortions for the severely disabled.

The Appropriations Committee included another amendment to prohibit taxpayer subsidizing of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest and wealthiest abortion provider. Nearly half of Planned Parenthood's funding comes from the taxpayers. Unfortunately, as expected, the Senate, controlled by pro-abortion legislators, included no amendments restricting abortion funding.

This week, the House and Senate will debate and amend their respective budgets, and vote on them Thursday. Later, each chamber will reject the other's budget, and a conference committee of select members of the House and Senate will work to create a final budget.

The battle over the budget is likely to last well into spring, but one thing is for sure: Thanks to the House Appropriations Committee, protecting unborn human life won't be missing from the discussion. We very much appreciate that it made protecting human life an important part of its budget.

What Women REALLY Need

On Monday, I brought to you the heart warming wishes from Planned Parenthood, which started a social media campaign entitled #WhatWomenNeed. It produced a vine of its president, Cecile Richards, flashing a series of cards with an outline of a heart and within each heart a type of procedure, such as mammograms and, of course, "safe and legal abortions" (see it here). The implication was that women abortion was top of mind for women on Valentine's Day. Sick. The reaction probably hasn't been what Ms. Richards has expected. For example, Missy Martinez, the "Pro-Life Warrior Princess" (@missySFLA) shot back with this photo depicting #WhatWomenNeed:


Busted! Planned Parenthood couldn't provide #WhatWomenNeed even if it wanted to.


Others have reacted as well. New Wave Feminists posted these two images on its Facebook page:


The truth is told!

NewWaveFeminists-PP Val Day

Cecile Richards has a twisted view of what women need.

The fact is, Planned Parenthood devalues the women it says it supports. By recasting abortion as "women's health care" (an admission it's losing the battle on "choice") and declaring that women's issues are all about "reproductive rights" Planned Parenthood relegates women to second class status, worth nothing more than bodies and not intelligent, loving, successful humans — which is what we men want to think of our wives and girlfriends during Valentine's Day. #JustSoWereClear!

Celebrate Valentine's Day The Planned Parenthood Way (Hint: It's Not With Flowers And Chocolates)

Remember this? It was Planned Parenthood's disgusting way of "celebrating" Christmas a few years ago — with a sale of gift certificates. That's right. Celebrate the birth of the Lord by giving your pregnant friend an abortion gift certificate. Now, it wants you to celebrate Valentine's Day the Planned Parenthood Way, which no doubt involves plenty of taxpayer purchased birth control. Then, of course, if it doesn't work (and how many government programs do?), Planned Parenthood has your back (or your uterus, as the case may be) covered with "safe and legal abortions." Ericka Anderson of Victory Girls blog gave us the heads up by citing our reports on the findings of the 2012 Virginia abortion center inspection findings.

The "invitation" to celebrate Valentine's Day with Planned Parenthood came in the vine below via Twitter from Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood's president, with the hashtag #WhatWomenNeed. She clouds her shamelessness with calls for healthcare such as mammograms and other screenings, which is fine, except that those procedures barely register on Planned Parenthood's activities.

As Anderson writes:

In case you didn’t know, Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a great track record. While they try to downplay their abortion service, it’s actually a huge part of their business. In fact, last year alone — according to their own annual report, they performed 333,964 abortions. Oh and did I mention they received 45 percent of their revenues from taxpayer-funded government sources during the 2011–2012 fiscal year?

Sarah Torre, a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, said, "Planned Parenthood regularly opposes commonsense laws that would protect women and children from abortion’s harms. They have been accused of neglecting the health and safety of patients and resisting efforts to improve safety standards. ... Women want and deserve more."

She then cites Casey Mattox of Alliance Defending Freedom who quotes our reports about the abortion center inspections. If you need a reminder of how gruesome these facilities are, read here.

Equating Valentine's Day — contrived as it may be — with abortion on demand is nothing less than nasty and revolting. I don't think any poll of women, no matter how slanted, would find more than a spec of women who crave (or equate) "reproductive services" with Valentine's Day. It shows how much Planned Parenthood thinks of the women it claims to represent. No chocolate or flowers for you, dear!

Maybe it's not as bad as pushing abortion gift certificates for Christmas, but Planned Parenthood has lowered the bar so much, it makes the nasty, nauseating, vile and vulgar pale in comparison to the ghastly and macabre — and does it with a smile on its face. It certainly isn't #WhatWomenWant.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards: Abortions make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Hundreds Attend Virginia Stands For Life Rally, Send Huge Message To General Assembly! #VAStands4Life14

Hundreds of pro-life Virginians traveled across the commonwealth and braved cold temperatures to send the General Assembly a clear message: Virginians oppose the abhorrence of abortion and expect lawmakers to uphold the sanctity of life (see Richmond Times-Dispatch). Keynote speaker Lila Rose vividly illustrated that message and the particularly heinous nature of abortion from her unique perspective as founder of Live Action, a new media pro-life investigative organization that goes undercover to expose the abortion industry's corruption and abuse. Ms. Rose founded Live Action at age 15 and has had Planned Parenthood on the run ever since. Later, she spoke to dozens of pastors at a Pastors For Family Values luncheon.

Joining her in speaking to the attendees were emcee Olivia Gans Turner of American Victims of Abortion; Susan Null, executive director of the Harrisonburg Pregnancy Center;  and Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb. The Reverend Bob Collins, founding pastor of World Outreach Worship Center, prayed the invocation. Afterward, attendees visited their delegates and senators to encourage them to support pro-life legislation, maintain the gains made the last three years, and oppose actions that would make abortion more available.

Hundreds of pro-life Virginians turned out today at Mr. Jefferson's capitol to support the sanctity of human Life. (Photo courtesy Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

Here is the official statement of the 14 partner organizations, including The Family Foundation, that hosted the 2014 Virginia Stands for Life Gathering (#VAStands4Life14):

This morning hundreds of pro-life Virginians came together to stand united in support of the sanctity of human life and to remind elected officials and the public that the pro-life movement in Virginia is thriving. The women and men at the event celebrated the 16 percent drop in Virginia's abortion rate over the past three years (a 22 percent drop among Virginia women), while hoping to encourage Virginia's elected officials to remain steadfast in their support of protective pro-life laws and legislation.

Several national and state pro-life organizations united together for today’s rally, bringing their supporters to Richmond to encourage reasonable and protective measures that seek to protect the lives of unborn children, the elderly and those with disabilities. With a new incoming administration, the organizers of today's peaceful event encouraged our elected officials to stand strong in the face of attempts to erode the significant recent pro-life gains that protect innocent unborn life and women.

All of the organizations and their constituents who were represented in this rally are committed to continuing to defend and advance the cause of unborn life, access to adoption, and the protection of human life. We will continue to voice the truth about the value of human life. As more Americans become pro-life every day, we are optimistic about the future for the unborn and the vulnerable in America and Virginia.   

Embedded image permalink

The Fab Four. Virginia's leading pro-life women, from left: Virginia Podboy of the Virginia Catholic Conference; Lila Rose of Live Action; TFF's Victoria Cobb; and Olivia Gans Turner of National Right To Life's American Victims of Abortion.

So, It's A Little Chilly Outside. But Lila Rose Will Fire You Up (For Life)!

Don't forget that this Wednesday, January 8, is our 2nd Annual Prayer Walk and Virginia Stands for Life Gathering at the State Capitol. It looks like the weather will be good — sunny and around 41 degrees — and only a 10 percent chance of rain. So put on your warm clothes, some comfortable shoes and join us as we pray and proclaim the value of life, from conception until natural death. Making the event especially worth your attendance is our keynote speaker, Lila Rose. The founder of, and one of America's most dynamic pro-life leaders, will make her first public appearance in Virginia at the Virginia Stands for Life Gathering. Since age 15, when she founded Live Action, she has dedicated herself to building a culture of life and ending abortion — and has had the abortion industry on the run ever since.

Through its undercover investigations, videos, films and social media expertise exposing corruption and illegal activity at Planned Parenthood — such as concealing statutory rape in order to perform abortions on teenagers — Lila Rose and Live Action has changed the perception of the abortion industry to an entirely new generation, helping shift large percentages of young people into the pro-life camp. Even more established institutions, such as the mainstream media can no longer ignore the inglorious activities of the abortion industry, such as the Kermit Gosnell trial.

Before Live Action, Planned Parenthood was viewed as a non-profit "women's health care provider." Now, it is viewed more and more as a mega-profit-making, taxpayer-subsidized, abortion-as-first-option-at-any-cost behemoth.'s undercover videos, which document abortion providers as they truly conduct their practices, merit headlines on major media outlets and Lila Rose is a frequent guest on news programs, such as The O'Reilly Factor.

We believe her boldness, passion for life, and her willingness — even as a teenager — to take on such a powerful industry, will inspire and encourage you to stand for truth in a culture that is losing its way. We guarantee that no matter how cold it may get outside Wednesday, Lila Rose and our program will fire you up . . . for Life!

Lila Rose

Pro-life heroine Lila Rose, the 2014 Virginia Stands For Life Gathering keynote speaker.

Here is the schedule for the Virginia Stands for Life Gathering (#VAStands4Life14):

9:00 a.m.:  2nd Annual Prayer Walk, starting at both the Greater Richmond Convention Center (Room B15a) and inside the State Capitol Building (House Room 1). Select the location that best suits your parking preference (here is a link to directions and a parking map).

10:00 a.m.: Virginia Stands for Life Gathering starts. Join with hundreds of pro-life Virginians as we declare our stand for life to the legislators in the General Assembly as well as to the principalities and powers that St. Paul refers to in Ephesians 6. After the gathering, visit your legislators' offices and leave a provided pre-printed card encouraging them to support life from conception to natural death. Please consider staying after that and visiting either the Senate or House as they open their sessions at noon. We will have a delegate and senator recognize visitors in the gallery who are here for Virginia Stands for Life Day. We would like to have a good contingent in each chamber to stand during this recognition time.

To register for this important time at our State Capitol, click here.

If you are a pastor, click here instead to register for our Pastors for Family Values complimentary luncheon at the conclusion of the Gathering. If you are not a pastor, but think he would be interested, please forward this link to him.

Live Action's Lila Rose Will Be Keynote Speaker At Virginia Stands For Life Rally!

We are proud to confirm that Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action, and perhaps the most influential person in the national debate on abortion, will be the keynote speaker at the Virginia Stands For Life Rally on January 8 in Capitol Square. You will not want to miss this event and this most dynamic, intelligent, creative and articulate defender of life and exposer of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. From the age of 15, when she founded Live Action, Ms. Rose has dedicated herself to building a culture of life and ending abortion. By the time she was an undergraduate at UCLA (which wasn't that long ago), it became one of the country's most effective non-profit organizations — a groundbreaking, investigative organization through the use of the then new technologies of digital and social media (see CNN feature). Live Action's game changing techniques forced the mainstream media to report abortion industry abuses that it previously ignored and that began changing the public's view on abortion and Planned Parenthood.

She has led Live Action's numerous undercover investigations, which have exposed corruption and illegal activity at Planned Parenthood. Her work has documented rampant sexual abuse cover up, medical misinformation, racism, willingness to assist sex traffickers, and false statements by Planned Parenthood executives. Live Action videos make national headlines and have generated millions of views online. She is a frequent guest on The O'Reilly Factor, The Glenn Beck Show, The Laura Ingraham Show and many other news and talk programs on radio, television and the Internet.

Lila Rose

Pro-life dynamo: Live Action's Lila Rose.

Between the abortion industry mobilizing in opposition to pro-life bills and its spending nearly $2 million against pro-life candidates this past election, many elected officials fear even to mention their pro-life positions. Last January, however, they got the clear message that life matters when nearly 1,000 people showed up on the first day of session to pray and stand for women and their unborn children at the first ever Virginia Stands For Life Rally. They also visited those elected officials' General Assembly offices! It sent a powerful message to members of the General Assembly and media.

The opportunity to do that again occurs when the General Assembly convenes on January 8. Our goal is to have 1,500 people from across Virginia come to Richmond that morning in Capitol Square and be a voice for those who have no voice. Watch the following video and click here for event specifics and to register to be in RIchmond on January 8:

Combat the War On The Unborn. Virginia's politicians need to know Virginia is pro-life!

Special Message From Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor and Fox News Channel's Mike Huckabee has a special message that he recorded for Virginia's values voters concerning the importance of voting in this year's gubernatorial election this coming Tuesday, November 5. Virginians will elect a new governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and the entire House of Delegates. There is much at stake (see this short video), including maintaining Virginia's new abortion center safety standards, religious freedom to allow church affiliated adoption agencies to place babies with married couples who adhere to their religious beliefs, the hard won school choice law, the defense of Virginia's Marriage Amendment, defunding Planned Parenthood and taxpayer funding of abortion, the expansion of Medicaid and Obamacare in the Commonwealth — not to mention job creation, responsible tax and budget policies — and so much more. Please take one minute to hear Governor Huckabee and make plans to vote on November 5, or by absentee before then if necessary, and be sure to share this and encourage others to vote, too.

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The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Facts About Planned Parenthood, Part 1: The Financial Cost

From our friends at Susan B. Anthony List, here is the first of four graphics detailing the truth about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. The enormity of its enterprise and income is startling.
Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry would have the public believe it's in the not-for-profit sector and deserves taxpayer funding through state and federal contracts for "women's healthcare services" governments don't offer. But it rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars aborting unborn children. Doesn't sound healthy for women — and certainly not the children.

Tuesday Is Primary Day In Virginia

Tuesday is primary day in Virginia and several intraparty races will be decided in preparation for November's elections. Democrats will decide on their candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general. Senator Ralph Northam (D-6, Norfolk) is facing off against former Obama administration appointee Aneesh Chopra for the nomination for lieutenant governor. Northam, who received a 25 on The Family Foundation Action's 2013 General Assembly Report Card, has the endorsement of Planned Parenthood and has been one of the abortion industry's most vocal apologists. Chopra, who served as Secretary of Technology for then-Governor Tim Kaine, has made public statements that are supportive of the abortion industry and abortion on demand, is supportive of elevating sexual behavior to a protected class, and opposes the "Tebow Bill" (see Blue Virginia). The winner of the nomination will face Republican E.W. Jackson in November.

Democrats also will decide their candidate for attorney general between Senator Mark Herring (D-33, Fairfax) and former federal prosecutor Justin Fairfax. Herring, who received an 18 on TFF Action’s Report Card, also is an ally of the abortion industry in Virginia. Fairfax has made comments in opposition to Virginia's abortion center health and safety standards. The winner will face Republican Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg) in November’s general election.

In addition to these two statewide nomination campaigns, there are several House of Delegates primaries in both parties. Follow this link to see if there is a primary in your district for either or both parties. In November, all 100 seats in the House are up for election.

As you know, The Family Foundation is restricted by federal law from endorsing any candidates for office and we do not participate in primaries for either party. Our goal is simply to keep you up to date on the elections that are happening and to ensure that you have the best information available on the candidates' stances on important values issues so that you can make an informed decision.


It's Pretty Ugly

Imagine any business that had multiple cases of taxpayer fraud, Medicaid abuse, a history of health and safety violations, including violations of standard practices that put people at risk. Such a business, you would think, would be investigated by the mainstream media and be inviting left wing regulations to the point of nearly closing it down. But there are exceptions to every rule, and for the left, Planned Parenthood is the exception.

The general public's perception of Planned Parenthood is that of a caring non-profit that offers important health care to women. Polling indicates that a majority of Americans are unaware that Planned Parenthood does abortions, and they certainly aren't aware that abortion makes up one-third of their corporate income. They also aren't aware of the cases of Medicaid fraud that have taken place at Planned Parenthood facilities across the country.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom are doing all they can to expose Planned Parenthood for what it is — a profit hungry corporation that puts children and women at risk. To expose Planned Parenthood, ADF has created, a website that shows the kind of materials Planned Parenthood promotes to our children (warning, some are offensive), a list of current and past lawsuits against Planned Parenthood, and ways that you can help show your friends and neighbors exactly what Planned Parenthood is — a $1.5 billion corporation that hides its true agenda from the public and does all it can to separate parents from their children.

I hope you'll go to and learn more about the real Planned Parenthood.

This organization has fought against every common sense bill in Virginia, from banning the gruesome procedure of partial birth abortion to parental involvement with their children to abortion center health and safety standards. They are never held accountable by the mainstream media when it comes to their rhetoric and they are spending millions in Virginia on elections this year alone (including underwriting the website of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe). It has had success simply because too many people don't really know its true agenda. It's time to uncover the truth.

"Violence Of The Most Intimate Sort"

Now that the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell is over, many in the Left-Wing apparatus — the mainstream media (which never had an interest in covering the trial), pro-abortion advocates, the abortion industry, so-called academics, the entertainment and infotainment industry, the chattering and pundit class, protest groups, so-called "women's rights" groups, anti-religious freedom and anti-Christian groups, and the like; in short, the entirety of the "Professional Left" as then-Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dubbed them — will be quick to dismiss Gosnell as a one-off or, as Planned Parenthood perversely stated, a victory for women's safety (despite the fact that it opposes abortion center safety standards) with nary a mention of the children who were butchered to death. But we, the pro-life movement and specifically The Family Foundation, will not let it go because Gosnell is not a one-off. He is, in fact, the tip of the iceberg. There are emerging investigations from Texas (see to Iowa to Maryland to Delaware to D.C. and elsewhere.

One of this country's most eloquent voices for the unborn is Charles J. Chaput, who happens to be Archbishop of Philadelphia, where Gosnell performed his brutality. Archbishop Chaput released this statement last week (see Gloria.TV):

The trial of Kermit Gosnell is over. His convictions will surprise very few. But nothing can bring back the innocent children he killed, or make up for the vulnerable women he exploited. We should keep the repugnance of his clinic conditions sharp in our memories, and we should remember the media's inadequacy in covering his case, because Kermit Gosnell is not an exception. Others just like him run abortion mills throughout our country.

We need to stop cloaking the ugliness of abortion with misnomers like "proper medical coverage" or "choice." It's violence of the most intimate sort, and it needs to end.

"Violence of the most intimate sort," is chillingly accurate, made more so by the Orwellian use of term, such as "women's healthcare" and "reproductive choice" to obfuscate abortion's uniquely cruel and inhuman wickedness. The exposure of these crimes will continue, convictions will happen, the true meaning of euphemisms will be restored and, eventually, abortion will end. No matter how much the Left tries to ignore, cover-up or apologize for it.

Delaware: Surgically Abortion Free (For Now)!

There was more good pro-life news this week. As more and more states pass laws and add abortion center safety standards, Planned Parenthood of Delaware actually closed that state's only two abortion centers, making it the first state since the deplorable 1973 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v Wade to cease offering surgical abortions. There's one catch. It promises to be a temporary situation (see  One center, located in Dover, apparently remains open but has temporarily suspended surgical abortions while the one in Wilmington has closed so it can reorganize, re-staff and clean — it has come under increasing scrutiny and three employees have quit or been fired since dangerous conditions there were exposed. It's also the place where an infamous attack on a pro-life grandmother took place earlier this year (see video).

One of the employees thought to be fired is abortionist Eric Schaff whose record includes a reprimand and fine for falsifying medical records. He also botched four abortions between February 8 and March 13, all of which led to the affected women receiving hospital emergency room, life-saving treatments (read more and see video here). According to Operation Rescue's Cheryl Sullenger:

Schaff is an outspoken advocate of abortion who feels "empowered" by doing them.

Right now, Delaware does not do routine inspections of abortion centers. Incredibly, an official told a television reporter they "don't have the manpower for routine inspections." Really? For only two facilities? More incredibly, in the vacuum, the state has ceded inspections to . . . you guessed it . . . Planned Parenthood. Delaware television station WPVI investigated the situation and former employees of the Wilmington abortion center went on camera to describe "Gosnell-like conditions" (see video). Now, there are more investigations and legal actions pending. Quite frankly, there is a lot to look into and this post only scratches the surface. What is known is every bit as disgusting as the Gosnell case.

As grisly as it all is, at least there is a shutdown of surgical abortions in one of the 50 states. Although the duration of the suspension is undetermined, we can take heart that it is the first state in 40 years to, for at least a time, officially end surgical abortions. A small victory, but any victory leads to saved lives. Saved lives lead to people realizing abortion is not a viable answer to any problem or fear. The more people who come to understand that, the quicker abortion will end.