NARAL-Virginia Attacks Pregnancy Resource Centers

On September 24, Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb e-mailed an alert to our thousands of grassroots activists informing them of the harsh measures Planned Parenthood and NARAL-Virginia have undertaken to weaken Pregnancy Resource Centers — clinics that offer choices to pregnant women other than abortion. (Right, I know you got the irony there.)

Below is the alert, but what I haven't had time to report was the hysterical response from NARAL and PP. Within a few hours of sending the e-mail, NARAL was up with this out-of-breath-huff (click here or not). I noticed it when I saw a pingback to the blog (NARAL linked to one of our posts, here). It accused us of "fundraising" at their expense. We did ask for money, but asked that people give it to the PRCs! These helping-hand, non-political clinics, which threaten no one and try to foster life, apparently send shivers up the spine of pro-abortion, uhhh, "pro-choice" radicals.

NARAL's response was headlined, “Family Foundation using us as a fundraising tool,” with the words, “Read this solicitation. Get angry. And get involved in the upcoming election cycle!”

What exactly is in the alert that would make someone angry? Perhaps the part about women choosingan alternative to abortion? Or the fact that PRCs take paying clients away from Planned Parenthood? No one's been able to tell us, but it reveals a bit of the pro-abortion movement’s mentality. Here's the text of the alert:

Information Alert: Pro-abortion advocates attack pregnancy centers

It should come as no surprise that Planned Parenthood and NARAL-Virginia are attacking Pregnancy Resource Centers in Virginia. The fact that women now have a real choice of where to go when they face a crisis pregnancy must send shivers down the spine of the pro-abortion movement. Imagine women hearing that there are better alternatives to abortion in a warm, non-judgmental, and safe medical environment.

That, my friends, is Planned Parenthood and NARAL’s worst nightmare.

So before the paint was dry on the first "Choose Life" license plates that were made available this year, with revenue going to PRCs, our "choice" advocates immediately sought to eliminate that choice. Pro-abortion special interests set up an online petition to urge the General Assembly to cut off the funding stream from the license plates to PRCs. This is part of an overarching national strategy to shut down PRCs, ensuring that women have no place to go but abortion centers. In other states they’ve gone so far as to push legislation to simply outlaw PRCs!

Unfortunately, too few people understand the incredible role that PRCs are playing in the lives of women across America, and many fall for the lies of the abortion movement. The fact is, that PRCs are far safer and more woman-friendly than any abortion center.

According to a recent report entitled "A Passion to Serve, A Vision for Life," there are approximately 2,300 PRCs serving women in the United States, with most regulated by one of three organizations — Care Net, Heartbeat International and the National Institutes of Family and Life Advocates. The report states, "Every day in the United States PRCs assist an average of 5,500 Americans, female and male, young and old, with sexuality-and-pregnancy related concerns." Services include assisting women, counseling couples, providing goods and services, and offering free and confidential pregnancy care. Approximately 660 of these facilities are medical clinics, offering pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and more.

The medical clinics meet local, state and federal guidelines and where ultrasounds are offered they follow the strict guidelines issued by the American Institute in Ultrasound Medicine, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Radiology.

Most interesting is the fact that the annual income at these clinics is estimated at $200 million, with less than ten percent of that coming from government sources. Compare that to the $350 million in taxpayer subsidies that Planned Parenthood clinics received last year alone; that translates to more than one-third of their billion-dollar income.

The Family Foundation will fight with all of our energy and resources to protect the incredible services being provided by PRCs. From ensuring that the revenue from Choose Life plates continues going to these well-regulated and effective organizations, to educating Virginians on their positive impact, to exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood and NARAL, we won’t stop.

But we can all help in other ways as well. Purchase a Choose Life license plate. Click here to visit the DMV Web site where you can order your personal Choose Life license plate. Once 1,000 Choose Life license plate registrations are received, $15 of the $25 plate fees will be given to Virginia’s qualifying Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Additionally, find the PRC in your community and volunteer your time and treasure to them. They are on the frontlines, giving women in crisis a positive alternative to the detestation of abortion. They need your help.

Liberal Response To Tea Parties

It was inevitable, I suppose. Those of us who believe in limited, constitutional government as envisioned by the Founders and who see the free market as most conducive to individual and family financial success couldn't possibly be allowed to hold rallies in response to the new socialism coming from Washington without being labeled. After all, the postmodern liberal left lives for labels. So, what are all of us who simply want taxes to be reasonable? (Please, don't call us anti-tax . . . we really do believe in limited taxation for a limited government, just not oppressive taxation that has no end in sight.) Racist.

Yup, that's right. Get a decent education, get a good job, wait until you're married to have children, work endless hours, buy a house you can actually afford, make your mortgage payments on time, get frustrated over our government's exponential growth and bailouts for those who made poor economic decisions and failed businesses, decide to stand with your fellow Americans in protest and you, my friend, are a racist.

At least that's what our taxpayer supported friends at ACORN are telling the American people (using some of those tax dollars you greedy fringe wackos want to keep to feed your own children). 

As rumors spread that ACORN plans to crash Tea Parties planned tomorrow for over 250 locations nationwide, they are also putting the PR machine to work to try to stop the bleeding from Obama's increasing unpopular money grab plan. And what better plan than go to your friends in the MSM and get the labels out there.

So are you intimidated? Planning to cower at home tomorrow so you won't be seen on CNN under the banner "Racist Rally"? 

Somehow I doubt it. Then again, conservatives have seldom been intimidated by the label thing. 

Just don't call me anti-tax!

If Value Voters Vote

Today in Washington, D.C., there is a meeting of the vast right wing conspiracy. Big surprise, The Family Foundation is in the midst. Although the left might prefer we were the only ones in the room, we are not. The Values Voter Summit hosted by the Family Research Council Action has drawn more than 2,000 people to the historic Washington Hilton. Speaking to this energized crowd is quite a line up of thinkers and doers including CNN host Lou Dobbs, Joe Gibbs, Newt Gingrich, Michael Medved, Stephen Baldwin, Alveda King, Michael Steele, Star Parker, Dr. Bill Bennett, Laura Ingram, Ben Stein, Chuck Colson and many more. 

Casual conversations with folks indicate that they really wish Governor Sarah Palin was joining us but they respect the fact that she is in Alaska deploying her son and since she just drew 23,000 people in Farfax this week, they'll cut her some slack. Michael Steele told us what he has told the media this past week, "I know Sarah Palin and you don't want to mess with Sarah Palin. She shoots moose, what do you think she is going to do to a donkey?" 

The leadership of all of the family policy councils around the country have been here much of the week pow-wowing about marriage amendments on the ballots in Ariz., Calif., and Fla., and much more. A smaller segment of the group is discussing not just issues, but tactics. In particular, a conclusion has been reached by those of us that aren't 50+ year old white men (no offense to those that are) that our movement has not yet grabbed the tools and terminology needed to reach the ever important 18-29 year old voting block. While we don't have all the solutions, I've heard that the first step is acknolwledging the problem. 

Lou Dobbs encouraged conservatives in the room to diversity our issues. Although his comments were aimed at the fiscal issues, closed door meetings have discussed not allowing the left to claim the issues of poverty and social justice. Indeed the greatest efforts toward giving every citizen a shot at the American dream are those that go straight to the root problem — solutions that secure and stablize a nuclear family. A bunch of brainiacs shared some embargoed research with a small group of us yesterday and it continues to be clear that if we want men, women and children to succeed in any way (financial, education, etc.), we must stop the out of wedlock births, cohabitation and divorce. If we want our young men to grow up and not end up on the street or in our prison system, they need their dads! That's not a moral opinion, its a social science fact. Clearly, we need to be a part of making sure we love our neighbor by making sure they know where their next meal comes from, but working to solve poverty runs so much deeper than a bunch of government programs. 

Interestingly, Dobbs acknowledged that FRC President Tony Perkins has been instrumental in his "conversation" to believing that values voters matter and need to have a voice in the public square. Dobbs hasn't always believed that way and said he was used to pursuading people to his point of view, but Tony turned the tables on him.

One thing is for sure, the energy level among values voters has received a monumental shot of adreneline with Sarah Palin joining the Republican ticket. These people are ready to go home across the nation and go to work. That impact will no doubt be felt election day.