Can't Wait For The 2013 Statistics . . .

Below is an image provided by The Human Rights and Scientific Honesty Initiative at the University of Virginia that cites dramatic a drop in abortions in Virginia since the adoption of the ultrasound law — which is probably why Senator Mamie Locke (D-2, Hampton) asked the Senate to do this a couple of weeks ago, so that Virginia's abortion centers could resume operating in secrecy and mischief. Even more encouraging is that while the drop from 2011 to 2012 is significant and encouraging, the law was only in effect for half the that year. It means the 2013 statistics should be even better and more encouraging. Of course, the abortion industry will point to other factors, but there were no new variables in play during the time in question, and none of the pro-abortion side's tried-and-failed "solutions" to prevent pregnancies would have such an immediate affect.  The drop from 2010 to 2011 was good, but nothing like the subsequent differential. We can't wait to see what the 2013 statistics show.

Abortion stats since ultrasound

 Coincidence? Probably not. The numbers tell the story and that's why the pro-abortion side hates the ultrasound law.

Correcting The Left's Vocabulary: It's Really A War On Babies

The so-called "War On Women," as most contrivances from the Left, is more aversion to the truth than reality. That is to say, when it finds itself losing an issue among the public, it resorts to straw men, fallacy, fantasy, demonization and redefinition. As the great Walter Williams would say, let's look at. First, what war? Are women being killed, beaten or even imprisoned? To call a policy difference a war disrespects all those who wear the uniform, many of whom are women. Straw men, fallacy and demonization: Check.

Second, it degrades the very people they say they represent (as if all women think the same way): Fallacy: Double check; fantasy, check.

Third, and most important, it redefines the issue. Just as the Left has redefined the 6,000-year-old meaning of marriage, it has redefined war. War, of course, implies death. Yet, who dies during an abortion? The baby! Redefinition: Checkmate!

Surely, a bit of a woman's soul dies as well, as women who have come to regret their abortions universally testify. That is undeniable, but a different story, and one the abortion industry won't ever tell or address. Ignore rather than redefine. Ignore: add to the list.

How about irony? This really comes under fallacy, but let's be charitable. One statement you hear at pro-abortion rallies or during testimony at General Assembly committees is that "we need to follow the science," implying that conservatives are rubes who don't understand or believe in scientific evidence. Huh? Then why exactly is the Left against ultrasound bills? Oh . . . wait . . . oh! It's because the science proves that it is a living baby! Irony: Game, set and match.

Speaking of science, here's the truth about who this war is being waged on. To them — the unborn babies, some 16 million in the U.S. alone since the deplorable early 1970s Roe v Wade decision — there really is death and destruction, and the truth is spoken by a doctor of all people, someone who knows science:

BenCarson War On Babies


The real war is on babies. #WarOnBabies!


Wexton Prefers Demonizing Conservatives To Fighting Criminals Or Protecting Unborn

If you live in the parts of Loudon and Fairfax Counties that make up the 33rd Senate District, where a special election will be held this Tuesday to fill the seat of Attorney General Mark Herring and determine which party will control the Virginia Senate, take notice of this mailer Republican nominee John Whitbeck. It's in response to the over-the-top television ad Democrat Jennifer Wexton released last week in which she equated Tea Party activists to rapists (see it here).

As it turns out, Ms. Wexton, who prides herself as a no-nonsense, tough-on-crime prosecutor, may have set up a straw man to impugn because her record isn't exactly as she has advertised. As it turns out, in recent years, she's taken on four rape cases (notice the omission of the word "prosecuted") and plea bargained them, including one perp who was charged with four counts of rape and one count of abduction. Three of the four rape counts were dropped and the remaining charge was reduced to misdemeanor sexual battery. He was sentenced to time served and two months. He's now free.

Another man was charged with rape and abduction, but Wexton pleaded the case down to misdemeanor sexual battery and a sentence of about four months. Yet another case involved rape, abduction and intent to defile. That, too, was pleaded by Wexton — to a four month sentence. The list, as they say, goes on and on.

Apparently, Ms. Wexton, an ardent pro-abortion advocate, is tougher on limited government Tea Party activists and unborn babies than she is on rapists. In the so-called "War On Women," Ms. Wexton outranks any so-called "anti-woman" conservative legislator. I suppose that's why she had the need to build up a straw man to knock down — because she hasn't demonstrated the ability to take on real scoundrels.

That's anything but the qualities needed to fight the legislative battles in Richmond, where credibility, veracity and trust are essential to be an effective legislator. Maybe Ms. Wexton should spend her time conscientiously fighting criminals instead of demonizing people who simply have a different opinion. She would be much better served and serve her constituents much better.

WhitbeckFlyerJennifer Wexton has shown an incredible ability to be tougher on political opponents and the unborn than on rapists. Yet, she thinks she deserves to be a state senator.

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

When Does A Heartbeat Mean You Are NOT Living?

It's not a joke or a trick question. It's not a complicated medical diagnosis, either. Quite simply, it's an unborn baby. At least that's what the abortion industry and its sundry apologists in government, the courts, media, entertainment and the like would have us believe. Consider the paradox so simply, yet eloquently, depicted and phrased in the image below from our friends at Right Wing News: If you are pronounced dead when you're heart ceases to beat, why are you not considered alive when it commences beating? Why should one's location matter? If a person is trapped in a wrecked car, for example, and is severely injured, yet has a heartbeat, that person is alive. Every effort is made to maintain that person's life until he or she can be reached, taken to the hospital and completely treated.

Why should a baby, who's heart is beating, not be afforded the same rights because it is being sheltered in its natural developmental state — it's mother's womb? One might say the pro-abortion crowd could be given a nod for some level of consistency in that it thinks one is human only when it is living on its own, outside the womb — except that so many of them believe that late-term abortion and "post-birth abortion" should be legal.


Out of the mouths of babes . . . Who can dispute this logic (except the ardent, hard core abortion apologist)? 

Dems "Vandalize" E.W. Jackson's Home With McAuliffe Signs

Yesterday, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor E.W. Jackson released a statement and picture (below) documenting the removal of yard signs from his own property and replaced with numerous signs for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. Wrote Jackson:

Imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday morning to find every sign removed from my front yard and replaced with this: (Picture of McAuliffe yard signs).

I'm not alone. We're getting reports from across Virginia of yard signs and banners being stolen or defaced. Some people are going so far as to carve my face out of posters.

This isn't free speech. This is trespassing and vandalism. Ultimately, this is intimidation. And the Democratic Party of Virginia needs to put a stop to it today . . . .

We need to be able to work together if we're going to continue to make Virginia a place where people want to live and work. That starts by stopping these antics and by respecting the views of our neighbors. I would hope that the Democratic Party of Virginia would stand up for civil discourse.

As I've traveled the Commonwealth, people are sick of politics as usual. This toxic environment stifles conversations that need to happen to find common ground on the issues that matter the most.

This seems to be a par-for-the-course leftist tactic. Four years ago, liberal activists undertook a large scale steal-and-replace operation in Buena Vista in the run-up to that year's annual Labor Day Parade. Earlier this campaign, pro-abortion activists did this to pro-life Delegate Kathy Byron's yard. It's as if the Left has nothing better to do than to show up at conservative and Christian events to scream their point, as they did during our Gala.

If this type of activity is any type of sign — and it usually is — then we can expect a dizzying last 10 days to the campaign. Whether perceived to be behind or ahead, in campaigns, the legislative process, the courts, the media or culture in general, the Left's tactics remain the same: bully, intimidate, harass, menace, strong arm until they get what they want, no matter what they want, and then some, no matter how they get it.

Buena Vista revisited. Democrat activists invade E.W. Jackson's front yard and conduct a steal-and-replace-yard-sign operation. 

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


Look Who's Joined The Pro-Life Movement

Thanks to the Internet and the tools of the Digital Age, the Secular Left no longer controls messaging. The era of the 6:30 national network broadcast news and the New York Times and Washington Post framing the national discussion are over — in fact, has been for a while. That means the Secular Left's dishonesty, inconsistency and hypocrisy get exposed daily, and done so in ways more illustrative and vivid as to make the point 1,000 times more powerful than a 1,000 words ever could. It's provided the hall in which the pro-life message could resonate and educate, especially with America's youth, who are increasingly pro-life. Please see this as one shining example that demonstrates the Secular Left's love of trees more than unborn babies. Here, thanks to our friends at, is another clever and insightful play of how the Secular Left values "the environment" at the expense of innocent human life:

Photo: Look who else is pro-life!

Save who? This image must confuse the heck out of the pro-abortion side. 

If there's any doubt about the nature of nature, read how a dog befriended a toddler with Down Syndrome (LiveAction Blog). Maybe the Secular Left is on to something. Maybe the animals are smarter than the humans.

McAuliffe Opposes Abortion Center Safety Measures Supported By Gosnell's Lawyer!

Hand it to Terry McAuliffe. He won't back down. Not to the abortion industry. Not even to the point of being more pro-abortion than convicted baby murder Kermit Gosnell's lawyer. Even former President Bill Clinton, of whom McAuliffe is one of the biggest of FOBs (Friends of Bill) wants abortion "Safe, legal and rare." But McAuliffe has drawn a stark contrast between himself and a super majority of Virginians and Americans at large — even those who support abortion, but recognize the abomination it has become in abortion centers, such as the "Houses of Horrors" run by Gosnell and others. Last week, the Susan B. Anthony List released a statement describing the extreme position McAuliffe has taken on abortion center safety standards and how even Jack McMahon, the defense attorney for the recently convicted Gosnell, who said his client suffered from the "baby factor," supports oversight of abortion centers and certain restrictions on their procedures. Here is the entire news release:

Terry McAuliffe Opposes Abortion Clinic Regulations Supported by Gosnell Attorney

Jack McMahon Says He Supports Increased Regulation of Clinics, Late-Term Abortion Limit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week Jack McMahon, defense attorney for convicted murderer and late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, told FOX News' Megyn Kelly that he supports increased regulation of abortion clinics as well as a ban on abortion past 16-17 weeks in order to forestall crimes like those Gosnell committed. In light of McMahon's statements, Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) President Marjorie Dannenfelser blasted Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's opposition to increased health and safety standards for the Commonwealth's abortion facilities.

"Weeks of graphic testimony detailing the horrors and conditions inside Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia abortion clinic was enough to sway even Gosnell's own attorney,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “If McMahon can agree that women going into abortion facilities must be treated with basic dignity and respect, why can't Terry McAuliffe? Virginia women are increasingly disturbed that a politician who seeks to represent women would oppose such elementary efforts to protect our health and safety.

“Kermit Gosnell isn't alone. More than 80 violations were discovered inside Virginia abortion facilities last year. Unsafe, unsanitary conditions — not to mention barbaric abortion practices — continue to be exposed nationwide. Shame on McAuliffe for refusing to join the General Assembly and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in standing up for Virginia women. Women deserve better than his extreme abortion ideology.”

Last month, McAuliffe's campaign was asked by the Washington Post to confirm or deny that he supports “a platform of abortion on-demand at any time, for any reason, paid for by Virginia taxpayers,” including “sex-selective abortion, late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion, and abortions on teenage girls without parental consent — all paid for by Virginia taxpayers.” McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin declined to comment to the Post.

The SBA List has compiled an ever-expanding fact sheet on abortion industry negligence and brutality toward women and children occurring nationwide.

Terry McAuliffe: Too extreme for Bill Clinton; too extreme even for convicted killer Kermit Gosnell's attorney!

Our Message Vs. Their Message

It's no wonder Americans' attitudes toward abortion are changing. As a recent nationwide poll revealed, 53 percent of Americans oppose 99 percent of all abortions (see As the abortion industry and its radicalized supporters become more and more shrill and turn from persuasion to intimidation as their lies are found out, and as more and more states enact pro-life legislation, the contrast in messages is clear: Pro-life = love and caring for the most vulnerable among us. Pro-abortion = destruction, anger, vanity and selfishness. Could that be why they are terribly afraid of women seeing a simple video? Here's a classic example of the pro-life message. Someone needs to rerun this 30-year-old series, or create a new version of it:

Who's afraid of a short video? Life IS a beautiful choice! Now that the abortion lobby's misinformation has run its course and been found out, it has nothing to offer but vitriol. 

The ads may be old, but they are timeless. It summarizes the difference between the two visions. One affirms a culture of life and joy. The other, a culture of death and misery. Who can defend that? No one. The other side can't engage on the issue or the vision its ideology entails. So it resorts to attack and denigration. It's not very appealing. But, by definition, it's arguments cannot be appealing.  Life: What a beautiful choice, indeed. Even when we must endure the insults and hardships of the culture of death, Life is always worth it.

If You Missed The Virginia Stands For Life Gathering, You Missed Ryan Bomberger

One of the great moments of an immensely great day four weeks ago, on the first day of the 2013 Virginia General Assembly, was Ryan Bomberger's speech at the Virginia Stands for Life Gathering. If you missed it, you, unfortunately, missed him. If you ever get the chance to see or hear him, it is a must. His personal story is compelling and his rhetorical defense of the unborn is unparalleled (see the impact his organizations, The Radiance Foundation and, are having on changing the debate toward a pro-life culture in Virginia and nationally). For example, view this interview on msnbc the day after the national Walk For Life in Washington, D.C., last week. The pro-abortion interviewer thought he could stagger him, but he was no match for Bomberger.

msnbc claims to "lean forward" but Ryan Bomberger knocked it back a peg last week.


My Life Is Worth Living

I write this with mixed emotions. On one hand, I am pleased to announce that efforts to repeal the updated informed consent law that allows a mother to view the image of her unborn child prior to deciding to have an abortion; to overturn abortion center safety standards; and to redefine "birth control" to include abortifacients, were thwarted on 8-7 party line votes this morning in the Senate Education and Health Committee. Even earlier in the morning, a House sub-committee defeated an attempt to repeal the safety standards  on a unanimous, bipartisan vote. However, the Senate committee also killed SB 826, which would have eliminated state funding for abortions of children with disabilities, 8-7 as well. My heart grieves that the policy of the commonwealth will remain a policy that denies the intrinsic worth of every life, no matter the challenges they may or may not face.

First and foremost, The Family Foundation would like to extend its utmost gratitude to Senator Tom Garrett (R-22, Louisa) for his bravery and impeccable defense of life through his willingness to patron and actively advocate on behalf of SB 826. Make sure his courage and sacrifice do not go unnoticed. Please contact Senator Garrett ( to express your thanks for his principled stand despite dissuasion from those both outside and within his party.

Parents of children with disabilities, a perinatal nurse, representatives from pro-life organizations (including The Family Foundation), and a lobbyist for the Virginia Catholic Conference who, although diagnosed with cerebral palsy, defied all predictions and now lives life to the fullest, testified on behalf of SB 826. The Catholic Conference lobbyist boldly challenged members of the committee to tell him that his life is one not worth living! One father, who attended with his adopted daughter who was born without limbs, testified about his adopted son, George. Born without arms, George has become an accomplished guitar, cello and piano player, and has played for bands with national acclaim, including the Goo Goo Dolls.

George, who would qualify under current law to be aborted with taxpayer funds, proves that he is not "incompatible with life." Click here to view a moving video of George's family — many of whom would qualify to be aborted with taxpayer money under the current law. The perinatal nurse spoke to her experience of providing palliative care to the unborn and newly born, and the healing that even a few hours of life of a severely disabled newborn brings to a hurting family.

The opposition then stood up and made claims that abortion is the "compassionate choice." It was unconscionable on the heels of such moving, emotional testimony from disabled children, adoptive parents, and a perinatal nurse. In an unfortunate end to the debate, Senator Harry Blevins (R-14, Chesapeake), bowing to political pressure, joined all seven Democrats to defeat the bill.

The  committee then considered the bill to repeal the updated informed consent law. This legislation was passed last year to allow women the opportunity to see a picture of their unborn child prior to making a life-altering decision. While ultrasounds were protocol prior to the legislation (the abortion industry even admits it), abortionists were hiding the picture from women to prevent the possibility of women changing their minds, reducing profit. This window into the womb is powerful and, no matter the choice of a woman, it allows her a more informed choice and reduces regret. Ultimately, the ultrasound addition to informed consent is about requiring an abortionist to turn the screen. The Family Foundation testified to the importance of this law. Abortion activists, Planned Parenthood, the Virginia chapter of NOW, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, the ACLU, and the Medical Society of Virginia testified in favor of repealing the ultrasound law. However, the committee was not convinced and defeated it.

During the abortion center safety debate, the abortion industry lined up speakers praising abortion centers and the "good work" they do. One man, an OB-GYN, testified on behalf of the abortion industry and praised the safety of the abortion procedure and stated that he was unaware of any abortion complications — a fascinating proclamation since emergency responders have arrived to at least two abortion centers in Virginia in the very recent past, and abortion center licensure inspections report at least four complications during abortion procedures.

A woman who testified is an employee at A Capital Women's Health Clinic (an abortion center in Richmond). She wore a t-shirt that read, "Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been keeping an eye on your vagina, so we're keeping an eye on him." After she pleaded for repeal of the regulations (based on false claims), Senator Garrett questioned her about the specific deficiencies found at her center and whether or not she believed those deficiencies constituted "safety and health" for women. The deficiencies included that the sponge used to clean instruments is only changed once per week; and three of nine employees have access to controlled substances, yet are not licensed by the Board of Pharmacy.

The woman did not provide sufficient explanations , but instead diverted to another portion of the bill in an attempt to distract from the truth — abortion facilities are not focused on the health and safety of women. Chris Freund testified for The Family Foundation, reporting the results of the Virginia abortion center inspections: bloody procedure tables, unsterilized and blood splattered equipment, untrained staff and more — more than 100 violations in only 20 abortion centers, even though the inspections were announced in advance! He also noted that the same year the bill enabling the regulations passed, this same committee defeated a bill that only required an inspection, a license and emergency life saving equipment. He also noted the lack of credibility of pro-abortion advocates who now claim to support inspections when they so vigorously opposed them for years.

While we are disappointed by the failure of the committee to acknowledge the value of life and pass SB 826, The Family Foundation is encouraged by the common sense of the committee to block the repeal of the update to the informed consent law and abortion center safety regulations. The Family Foundation will continue to support life, no matter the worth others may place on that life. Again, please contact Senator Tom Garrett ( and express your sincere thanks for his courage today.

Pro-Lifers Rally, Board Adopts Regulations!

The Virginia Board of Health Friday voted to adopt strong abortion center safety standards after a long day of competing protests, debate and tension. An estimated crowd of 500 people lined up at the building where the board met, evenly divided between pro-life Virginians and abortion supporters. It was a stark contrast to the June meeting where more than 100 abortion protestors dominated the day and where the board voted to water down abortion center regulations to exempt existing centers from important building standards required by the Code of Virginia. Because Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli refused to certify those regulations — they didn't meet the demands of the code — the board had to revisit the issue Friday. For weeks both pro-life and pro-abortion groups encouraged people to attend, and hundreds did, in addition to several dozen uniformed and plain clothes police who where there to ensure security.

The day began early, as Family Foundation staff began lining up outside the building at 6 a.m. to ensure we would be in the meeting room to testify. Only 100 seats were available in the room, and only those in the room could testify. After going through security checks, including metal detectors, we settled into the room for a long day.

The difference between this meeting and the one in June was remarkable. That day, the room was dominated by radical pro-abortion protestors and, quite honestly, it was a very spiritually dark day. Friday was radically different. In the room were dozens of pro-life supporters, including several pastors. Those who attended both meetings could feel the difference in the atmosphere. A few pastors who attended our Pastors Summit in Richmond Thursday were there, as were several from the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists.

We could feel the prayers of pastors and pro-life Virginians! I cannot express enough of my gratitude for all of you who attended today's meeting, or who prayed for us. The support was incredible, and I have no doubt it made an impact on the results. During a year where elected officials and others have been viciously attacked by the abortion industry and media, and abortion supporters have mobilized in large numbers, pro-life Virginians needed to show up and prove again that we are the dominant voice in Virginia . . . and show up we did!

Public testimony was extended to one hour (normally 20 minutes) in an attempt to accommodate the crowd. In my testimony, I told the board that after the uncovering last week of more than 80 health and safety violations in nine abortion centers, the industry, which has claimed for years to be safe and in no need of oversight, was not in a position to be trusted and therefore should have no say in how it is regulated. Several other pro-life organizations also testified including the Virginia Catholic Conference, Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists, Family Research Council and the Rutherford Institute. Others attending included the Virginia Society for Human Life, Students For LifeAmericans United for Life and Concerned Women for America Virginia. Our special thanks to Alliance Defending Freedom, which sent a letter to members earlier this week to clarify the board's legal authority and to other groups who encouraged the turnout.

In addition, Delegate Kathy Byron (R-22, Lynchburg) testified that the General Assembly did not intend to exempt any abortion centers. In 2011, Delegate Byron amended SB 924 to include abortion centers. She said that during the legislative debate, the intent was clear and that the bill was passed by chambers controlled by different parties. Her testimony was crucial to clarify some misunderstanding on the board over whether the General Assembly wanted existing abortion centers to be "grandfathered in" without the building standards. We so appreciate Delegate Byron's willingness to once again stand up for life in a hostile atmosphere, as she did time and again during this year's General Assembly.

Representatives of the abortion industry continued their pattern of deception. Incredibly, one person testified that the industry “supports regulations” but just opposed the building standards. The same individual has testified several years in a row at the General Assembly against bills that would have required only licensing, inspections and emergency equipment!

They also attacked The Family Foundation's release this week of inspection records showing widespread health and safety violations, saying that the centers inspected had received their licenses anyway and that the violations were minor. We don't consider a bloody patient table minor. We don't consider a freezer two-thirds filled with fetal remains and blood minor! But they do. The fact is, however, that those centers were not licensed until after they submitted plans to correct the violations and those centers are now subject to unannounced inspections. For years, they fought against the very inspections they now say they support and that uncovered the problems listed.

But the primary target of the abortion industry was, and still is, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. They continued their assault because he made the decision to uphold the law of Virginia and not certify the regulations in June. Of course, I'm sure they'd rather pick on the AG and cry "politics" instead of having to answer to questions about bloody patient tables, frozen fetal remains and untrained staffs.

The board, however, was not fooled. By an overwhelming vote of 13-2 it rejected several more attempts by one board member to water down the regulations and then voted to adopt the standards by the same vote.

While a major victory, the process to finalize these standards is not finished. They must go through several more steps in the next several months, including two lengthy public comment periods. It is crucial that pro-life Virginians make their voice heard once again during that time. If you spoke or wanted to speak Friday, please write your comments down and hold on to them for submission during the public comment period. We will provide ample notice.

Thanks again to everyone who attended Friday's meeting, testified or prayed. A special thank you to those post-abortive women who attended, some speaking publicly for the first time. We are so grateful and encouraged by your support, and I know the Board of Health members were as well. To get a feel for what it was like at the meeting, please click here for a series of photos.

Pro-life Virginians were not out manned at the crucial Board of Health Meeting Friday. For more scenes from the historic vote, click here or the image above.

Board Of Health Adopts Abortion Center Safety Standards 13-2!

This afternoon the Virginia Board of Health adopted new, permanent abortion center safety standards that include important building codes for all abortion centers. In June, the Board voted to exclude existing abortion centers from building standards. But today, in a whopping 13-2  bipartisan vote, it reversed that decision. Four members appointed by former Governor Tim Kaine voted for the amendment, two voted no; all nine members appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell voted for it. Before the final vote on the amendment to the June version of the safety standards, the Board heard and debated three substitute amendments. Each was defeated 13-2. Predictably, after the final vote, several moments of chaos erupted when pro-abortion advocates stood up and screamed, chanted and harassed Board members. They were escorted out of the building by police, who were out in force. (The Washington Post documents some of the craziness, here.)

Pro-life Virginians turned out in great numbers at the meeting in western Henrico County. That made a huge difference in the outcome. We will send a complete report of today's events later. Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb released this statement:

We are pleased that the Board wasn't fooled by the abortion industry's distractions from the real issue of abortion centers in Virginia found with bloody patient tables, unsanitized conditions and untrained staffs. An industry that has such widespread failure to protect the health of women should have no say in how it is regulated. Virginia's women are better off after today's vote.

The hysterical claims of the abortion industry that today's vote denies access to health care are simply untrue. Today's decision simply requires the industry to clean up its act. These centers can continue to offer any other service they provide even it they can't meet these reasonable guidelines. They simply have to stop performing surgery unless they meet these standards.

One of our many great allies, the Virginia Catholic Conference, issued this statement, through its Executive Director Jeff Caruso:

Today’s debate and resounding vote once again affirms that it is a matter of common sense that the abortion industry be subject to reasonable regulations. Abortion is not health care because it ends lives rather than healing them, but the abortion industry must meet clear safety standards if it is allowed to operate under the guise of health care. Today’s vote is a huge step forward.

The Board-approved safety standards, which replace a temporary emergency version as part of a 2011 law, now proceed to executive branch review. After that, they will be open to another comment period before the Board takes a final vote next year.

Sign language: Police made sure people standing in line to get inside the Board of Health meeting behaved. While there was no verbal taunting, signs voiced people's opinions and clearly showed their disregard for life and creation.

Official Statement Of Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb On Today's Board Of Health Vote To Adopt Tougher Abortion Center Safety Standards

Statement from Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation of Virginia, regarding today's vote by the Virginia Board of Health

We are pleased that the Board wasn't fooled by the abortion industry's distractions from the real issue of abortion centers in Virginia found with bloody patient tables, unsanitized conditions and untrained staffs. An industry that has such widespread failure to protect the health of women should have no say in how it is regulated. Virginia's women are better off after today's vote.

The hysterical claims of the abortion industry that today's vote denies access to health care are simply untrue. Today's decision simply requires the industry to clean up its act. These centers can continue to offer any other service they provide even it they can't meet these reasonable guidelines. They simply have to stop performing surgery unless they meet these standards.

How Will You Answer? Abortion Survivor Contrasts Obama Position With Her Story In New SBA List Ad

The Susan B. Anthony List, a leading pro-life organization, earlier this week released a compelling one minute television ad featuring Melissa Ohden, who not only survived an abortion but also her subsequent abandonment. She describes her own life or death ordeal then juxtaposes it with the stated position, and legislative voting history, of President Barack Obama, which includes his opposition to bans on late-term and sex-selection abortions, and protections for abortion survivors (i.e., letting born alive babies die). It's a chilling contrast. While all three of those proposals enjoy consistent super majority approval in public opinion polls, pro-abortion activists turn logic on its head with their claim that defending life is somehow an extreme position. Ms. Ohden's testimony demonstrates which side truly is extreme.

According to a statement by SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser:

. . . it's important Americans know the President's best-kept secret: his extreme record on abortion. Melissa Ohden's powerful story draws a stark contrast to his unbending support of abortion and the abortion industry and reveals the human face to this debate. President Obama's appalling record on abortion is not just limited to his four votes to deny rights to abortion survivors but spans to his recent heartless refusal to support bans on sex-selection and late-term abortions. These actions fly in the face of mainstream American views and run counter to the President's first term pre-election talk of finding common ground. Recent polling reveals the majority of Americans support bans on these horrific practices.

How will you answer? President Obama's action, or rather inaction, speaks louder than his many words words about common ground.

Father Has A Say

Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood had a contest. It was in in response to the so-called "war on women." It asked people to make a video with the theme, "I have a say," supposedly to counter all those mean, old, white male legislators who were making the rules by which women must live by. But, we still live in a free country (for the time being) and so anyone could submit a video. Father John Hollowell, a Roman Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, decided to make his own video. He even created a pro-life blog called I Have A Say. You have to love poetic justice (or irony) . . . his video has more than 118,000 views, far outdistancing any of the pro-abortion pap Planned Parenthood intended to solicit. Here it is. Very much worth the viewing.

Hey Cecile! Father John Hollowell has a say and you're not going to like what it is: Father Hollowell calls out Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards on the truth about abortion.

Breaking: Board Of Health Strikes Construction Codes From Abortion Center Regs On 7-4 Vote

The Virginia Board of Health is voting right now, after hours of testimony beginning early this morning, to consider permanent regulations for abortion centers. This follows the emergency regulations that were put into place last September. In fact, it voted 7-4 a few minutes ago, to strike the construction codes from the previous, emergency regulations. Members of our staff, on hand to provide testimony in support of strong regulations, have described the scene as a circus, with dozens of signs, and protesters both inside and outside the meeting room, some yelling at security guards. The pro-abortion crowd appears to outnumber those standing up for the unborn and women who make the unfortunate choice of abortion by about a 7-to-1 margin. We had a "great cloud of witnesses," though, from several allied pro-life organizations testify on behalf of making the regulations permanent. We will have more details later on what exactly was adopted, what wasn't and what it all means.

Incredible Irony: Pro-Abortion Obama White House Considers Unborn Babies People For Security

Politicians and hypocrisy are no strangers. Big Government bureaucracy and red tape that creates procedures and jargon less understandable than Martian long ago became a begrudging fact of life when dealing with, and trying to comprehend, Washington (and even state an local officials of the government class). But the sheer absurdity of the latest from the Obama White House defies all comprehension. Apparently, the White House, under the management of the most pro-abortion-on- demand president ever — the same people who attempt to dehumanize unborn children by refusing to call them anything but a "fetus" or a "zygote" — requires pregnant women guests to register their unborn children as visitors! Last week it was disclosed that the Director of the White House Visitor's Office, Ellie Shafer, e-mailed members of Congress and others providing detailed instructions on how to register an unborn child during White House visits for security reasons. Never mind out of control Secret Service agents or White House state dinner party crashers; never mind Homeland Security two years ago stating that Tea Party members and Christian conservatives were potential security risks. The Obama administration is all over that massive threat the invasion of  unborn children pose to the White House.

Ms. Shafer's memo, in full:

We have received a number of calls regarding how to enter security information for a baby that has not yet been born.

Crazy as it may sound, you MUST include the baby in the overall count of guests in the tour. It’s an easy process.

LAST NAME: The family’s last name

FIRST NAME: "Baby" as a first name

MIDDLE NAME: NMN as in No Middle Name

DOB: Use the date you are submitting the request to us as their birthday

GENDER: if the parents know put that gender down if not, you can enter either M or F as we’ll ask you to update it at the time of birth

SOCIAL: As they will not have a SSN and are under 18, you will not need to enter this field. Again if the spreadsheet asked for a social enter 9 zero’s (not the word nine zeros but 000000000 and yes it happens!)

CITIZEN/CITY/STATE: The citizen, city and state should be entered the same as the parents

The White House not only wants the information requested, but follow up information after the baby is born! Of course, that's assuming the baby is born. Right there, in the District of Columbia, it is legal to abort an unborn child right up until the moment of birth (see

Douglas Johnson, the National Right to Life Committee's legislative director, told Steven Ertelt of

It is ironic that President Obama’s staff recognizes the existence of unborn babies for purposes of providing security within the White House — yet, there is no indication that President Obama has any problem with the fact that throughout the District of Columbia, abortion is now legal for any reason up to the moment of birth. Notably, the (e-mail) provides no guidance on what the staff should do if an unborn baby is first registered for security purposes, but then aborted.

Maybe the Obama White House, which doesn't seem to mind "sanctuary cities," is creating a sanctuary for unborn children — visit the White House, escape D.C. abortionists. Confirming its intention of counting the unborn child as a person, the form even considers the day of the visit request as the date of birth. (Imagine the president's headache, making phone call apologies to all the pro-abortion groups and allies in Congress.)

Another great irony, pointed out by founder and columnist Bobby Eberle, is that pro-abortion and left-wing groups oppose fetal rights and protections bills in the Congress and state legislatures, claim that it is impossible to give "a bunch of cells" rights, privileges and protections, and to do so would make contraception illegal, and contort the legal system by allowing a non-living being the right to sue, yada, yada, yada. Meanwhile, the man they thought could lower the level of the seas may not have accomplished that goal, but he has given life to the unborn, legitimized the pro-life argument and undercut his pro-abortion allies — all in one of those ironic, bureaucratic ways. That does give us hope for change.

Governor McDonnell Signs Ultrasound Bill!

Earlier today, Governor Bob McDonnell signed the ultrasound bill into law. After weeks of vicious rhetorical attacks by abortion industry apologists and multiple staged rallies at the capitol, a bill that simply updates the Commonwealth's popular informed consent law with modern medical practice and technology is set to become law on July 1.

Please click here to thank Governor McDonnell for signing the legislation.

Be prepared for what promises to be an extreme and hysterical reaction from those who have been instigated by the out-of-control rhetoric that has gripped the capitol recently. Knowing no boundaries, abortion apologists in the legislature and media have ridiculed law enforcement, mischaracterized the legislation, and stirred up frenzy among "Occupy Richmond" followers. The real embarrassment for Virginia is that people have actually believed what they've heard in the media and been influenced by ridiculous Saturday Night Live skits and pathetic so-called comedians posing as journalists.

As we said in our e-mail alert and documented on this blog yesterday, legislators are being attacked with hate-filled e-mails that are so vile and threatening, the Capitol Police have been notified. The "reasoned" and "thoughtful" veil has been torn off the abortion industry and its supporters.

In particular, Delegate Kathy Byron (R-22, Lynchburg), the patron of the ultrasound bill Governor McDonnell signed today, has been the focus of some of the most viscous attacks. We are particularly grateful for her perseverance and commitment to making sure this bill became law, despite the relentless attacks. She has stood strong during difficult floor speeches and questioning by abortion industry defenders, media attacks, hate mail and more.

Please click here to send an e-mail to Delegate Byron thanking her for her courageous stand for life! (If that link does not work, copy and paste her e-mail address into your own e-mail program:

More people are becoming pro-life every day because modern technology, such as ultrasounds, allow us to see what couldn't be seen 30 years ago when abortion was determined to be legal. The abortion industry fears that a woman might see the unborn for what they are and make a different choice, which means less money in the industry's coffers, and that is exactly what the opposition to this bill has always been about.

Today's action by Governor McDonnell is a victory for women's health and for the pro-life cause, which are not mutually exclusive. Protecting women from abortion "doctors" who take no time with their patients outside of doing the procedure, and who are more interested in the bottom line than the health of women, is pro-life! Providing women with all the information about their unborn child so they can make the most informed "choice" is pro-woman. We are pleased this important legislation now will become law.

More On The "Mild-Mannered" Abortion Protestor . . .

Remember Margaret Doyle? She catapulted into the national limelight two weeks ago as the face of the pro-abortion movement in Virginia when the Mainstream Media in a rare, candid instant, caught her in a rage over pro-life legislation, baring her fangs and trying to barrel through a Capitol Police officer to confront Delegate Bob Marshall (R-10, Prince William). The Richmond Times-Dispatch, whose photographer Bob Brown captured it, immediately posted it on its web site and we followed suit that morning. It went viral and the T-D, almost embarrassed that it exposed the true disposition of the pro-abortion faction, published a fluff piece on Ms. Doyle by the next morning's hard copy edition, explaining that she, well, you know, really isn't like that — that, in fact, she is a lovable, sweet, popular catering company owner who just happened to get caught up in the passion of the moment.

From the article:

Most mornings, mild-mannered Margaret Doyle, owner of Richmond's Espresso-A-Go-Go Coffee Catering, is in a chipper mood. ...


It seems that when Ms. Doyle is in the solitude and comfort of her own home, where she has an opportunity to pause and reflect, you know, just chill, she, uhhhhhh . . . is filled with perpetual rage! Here are the contents of an e-mail she sent a pro-life legislator:

What a disgusting, disgraceful and vile pig you are -- the women of Virginia(except for the Christians that drink your kool-aid) have been pushed back to the dark ages because of you and Bob Marshall -- shame on you for being a foot soldier in the war on women -- once you come up for air after giving the governor a b!@#-j0%, you will be able to see how dangerous you really are -- how does it feel to be an accessory to state-mandated molestation -- at least you're not an accessory to rape anymore -- go to hell you f!#$!^+ monster!

Intemperate and poor punctuation skills. Not the way to go through life, Margaret — and in case there is any doubt, she wrote that on February 20, three days before the committee vote that ignited her heat-of-the-moment, national-headline-stealing outburst at the General Assembly. "Mild-mannered"? You be the judge.

But there's more. You see, Ms. Mild-Mannered Doyle seems to have an abundance of venom, sending the same legislator this belated Valentine's greeting, with the subject line:  "F*#@ you!"

In a pose only the pro-abortion movement could call "thoughtful and rational," Ms. Doyle conveys to a lawmaker an internationally known gesture.  (Photo: courtesy, Margaret Doyle)

The fact of the matter is that the people who protested at Mr. Jefferson's Capitol the last two weeks are not the face of Virginia. They are not normally-calm-every-day-citizens who are upset about certain legislation. They have bombarded pro-life legislators and their staffs with vicious e-mails and phone calls throughout this session, many so threatening they had to be forwarded to Capitol Police. They are ferocious, abortion-at-all-costs, in-your-face, members of relentless pressure groups who worship at the altar of abortion. Finally, despite attempts to conceal their true behavior and attitude, by the slip of the Mainstream Media and their own lack of restraint, their face has been revealed for all to see — and more often than we can even document.

Remember me? The face the media would have you believe is mainstream: Ms. Doyle two weeks ago after she was really fired up!

Admin's note: The text and subject line of the note and picture to the legislator is verbatim, but we used symbols to obscure the indecent language. We also blurred over the obscene gesture.

What The Media Calls Mainstream . . .

The face of Planned Parenthood in Virginia: Today was its lobby day at the General Assembly and this was the reaction this morning of one of its activists (and several behind her, see the raised arm) after the Senate Education and Health Committee reported out two pro-life bills and one to make the HPV vaccine an opt-in. Several Planned Parenthood activists were escorted out of the General Assembly Building by Capitol Police in a scene more reminiscent of Chicago or Wisconsin, than Virginia.

A rare glimpse by the mainstream media at the pro-abortion lobby's fury. (Photo is from Bob Brown of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. See article here.)