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VIDEO: Pelosi Says Obamacare Is "Beautiful," Wants To Go To Single Payer, Public Option

It's rare when a politician candidly, even joyfully, admits his or her real intentions about a policy, especially when he or she wants to extend a massively unpopular policy. But U. S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is a bundle of unbridled joy when asked about Obamacare. She not only thinks the law that has forced millions out of their health insurance, to lose their doctors and/or pay drastically higher premiums is good, she thinks it's working, and that it's "beautiful." She adds that it needs to be improved. How? Go all the way with it! Single payer, public option, fully funded government provided socialized medicine! Hear it in her own words in these two brief videos from American Commitment.

First, she thinks it's a winning issue for Democrats, but that it needs to be "improved:"

Then, she calls it "Beautiful:"

The one good thing about this is that for those who refused to listen to the Left's intentions in 2008 and 2009, when some were just as forthcoming, there is no mistaking its true aims now. The American Left wants to own your health care and, therefore, your health care decisions, and ration your care. It seems the only time the Left cares about "choice" in "health care" is to allow for the abortion of unborn babies, although death is not "health care" (love how it controls the language, too). At least it is consistent. Rationing health care starts by rationing people.

Tell us what you think. Is Obamacare "beautiful"? Can it be fixed? If so, how? By a complete government takeover? Ms. Pelosi is known for saying outrageous things. Do you think Democrats really will campaign on Obamacare? If so, will they have more success than Republicans campaigning for its repeal, which she emphatically rules out?

Harry Reid Is One Of The 9 Percent

Shocking, I know, but here is more from the Left Wing Honesty File — as thin as that is. In fact, two in one day pretty much blows open the the file and spills the contents to the ground. But here is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) (see Sharron Angle ad) telling an audience of left-wing "NetRoots" bloggers last week that the health care bill didn't go far enough and that he will ram through a public option (i.e., absolute government control of health care). That makes Harry one of the 9 percent (see Rasmussen Reports poll), along with Pete Stark, who believe the federal government has no limits on its power. Still, I'm not giving Harry too much credit for honesty. He also says in the video below that the public now supports the health care law. Not true, as the Rasmussen poll vividly demonstrates. But when you think the government can do anything, liberties with the truth are a small casualty.

Harry Reid believes in total government control of health care. He believes the public agrees. He probably believes he's in for a good November.  

Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Campaign Gaffe, Uh, Moment

As Virginia's statewide campaign winds down, it's a time for reflection . . . what's been your favorite gaffe moment? There are many, to be sure. But we took the painstaking task of narrowing it down to seven. Creigh Deeds and Jody Wagner star in three each. All but one are below in video or audio form, and there's a link to our original report for the other. If you need a refresher, feel free to review them again — or watch/listen/read them again for old times sake and a good laugh. Or, if they are burned indelibly into your mind, vote straightaway. If you have another nominee, feel free to cast a write-in vote in our comments section. However, as tempting as it is, votes for the Deeds, Wagner or Shannon campaigns as a whole are not allowed. It's just not fair. Feel free to forward or share this link (especially to undecided voters).


The Deeds Dodge on taxes.

Marriage should be between a man and a woman except you shouldn't discriminate against same-sex couples.

I feel strongly both ways on the public option.

Steve Shannon's "Jeopardy!" moment. Where's Alex to make him answer?

Jody Wagner will have a lot of time to spend looking for the Lt. Governor's Mansion.

AUDIO CLIP (8:34): Jody Wagner's Rambling "Let's Be Clear" Interview With WRVA's Jimmy Barrett (click here).

BLOG POST: Jody Wagner Sticking With A VEA Accusation Against Bill Bolling That Even The VEA Retracted And Apologized For (read here).

More From Mike Rogers: "A 1,200 Page Bill Where Nobody's Read The Bill"

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) tells Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) what's in his bill, reading from the precise page, to prove the chairman did not know what's in his own legislation! Nothing like the federal government, without reason, yanking you from your private insurance plan — even entire employer benefit plans — and sticking you on the post office, errr, "public option" plan. 

This is reassuring! Congressman Mike Rogers had to give a remedial bill reading lesson to the committee chairman on what's in his own bill!

Believe What The Liberals Say!

It is perplexing that voters don't want to believe what the extreme left admits about their own policies. Of course, they will, when necessary, obfuscate what they believe to appear "moderate." But during the campaign last year, Barack Obama said he wanted "to spread the wealth around," yet no one wanted to believe that he wanted to "transform America" into a socialist economic model, even though those phrases are right of the socialist playbook. He even wrote in his autobiography that in college he chose as his friends Marxist students and professors. We all know about his adult friends in Chicago. But still, there were those who insisted he was a "moderate" who wanted to cut government spending.

Now, we have the ultra-left winger, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of one of the most powerful committees in Congress, telling a supporter of the single payer health care system — that is, government-run health care — he wants single payer but doesn't have the votes for it. Instead, he says, let's fool America with a "public option," let it grow, then go for single payer later.

Earlier this week we posted a statement from Rep. Frank, again, right from the extremists' redistributionist lexicon. Now we have the video of him speaking plain and clear. Warning: Believe what he says they will do!

First things first. Barney Frank elaborates on the virtues of incrementalism needed to achieve socialized medicine to a leftist zealot who wants it all now. Warning: Believe what these guys say they will do.