sewage treatment plants

When Leftist Worlds Collide: Feminists Vs. Enviros (Or, What's A Lib To Do?)

The birth control pill, from its conception — uhhhhhhhhhh, pardon the ironic word choice — has met with debate, with feminists claiming it as women's great liberator. However, it's taken near environmental catastrophe to one of America's most beloved marine friends (and gastronomical delights), the Largemouth Bass, and one of our most beautiful and historic waterways, the Potomac River, to re-ignite the debate. But the debate isn't between opposing interest groups or political factions. It's between liberals.

Not exactly all liberals. Just the environmentalist and feminist types.  

A column by Kathryn Jean Lopez at elaborates (to read it,click here). Her source for exposing this liberal predicament is Iain Murray's book The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't Want You to Know About — Because They Helped Cause Them. 

It appears that estrogen and hormone pollution, from birth control and abortion pills flushed into George Washington's favorite river by sewage treatment plants, has affected the male Largemouth Bass. Affected in the sense that many are found to have eggs in their organs and other gender bending characteristics that prematurely kill the males and make the re-population of the species in the Potomac impossible. Their numbers have dropped dramatically to the great dismay of environmentalists, fishing enthusiasts, seafood lovers and meatless eaters throughout the mid-Atlantic.

Now this may be considered a victory of sorts for some in the radical feminist and "GLBT" communities, but at least humans who change their sex do it of their own choice. Picking on fish who have no voice — or should we say "choice"? — in the matter is, how the liberals say, "meanspirited." Besides, woe be unto thou who makes mad an enviro. You may find one chained to your medicine cabinet — or toilet.