The Moral Superiority Of Capitalism: Daniel Hannan Debunks The "Occupy" Movement

Hearing about Margaret Thatcher's passing this morning got me thinking about this era's great British leader, Daniel Hannan, who is a Conservative Party Member to the European Parliament. I haven't heard much from him lately. You may remember how he burst on the international scene almost exactly four years ago with this dramatic and exquisite dressing down of then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his socialist policies that nearly bankrupted the UK. The video went viral and inspired conservatives the world over. Hannan became an instant hero and frequent guest on American media outlets and had a successful book tour here. As it turns out, MEP Hannan is as active as ever, and last January took on American socialist Cornell West at the Oxford Union in a debate about capitalism and the so-called "occupy" movement (see Anne Sorock at Actually, it's difficult to call something a movement that can't even find where it's going; Apparently, the protesters in London got lost on the way to the London Stock Exchange. Hannan was his usual, refreshing self: humorous, direct, minced no words while using apt and timeless parables, and spoke with a passionate combination of commonsense and detail. In short, he outlines the moral superiority of capitalism while debunking the prevailing notions in the media, pop culture and academia that somehow socialism is "fair."

Much like the Florida legislators who couldn't believe they had to ask a Planned Parenthood lobbyist such a rudimentary moral question concerning saving a life, Hannan finds it absurd that capitalism's ability to provide the greatest measure of prosperity to the greatest number of people is in dispute, as well as the incredulous notion that the bank bailouts the "occupy" movement protested were capitalist measures! In fact, the left, in its critique of the bailouts, was criticizing its own practice of state intervention — but, as is its tactic, ascribed the failed policy to its free market opponents for political gain.

Daniel Hannan: The thinker and orator of our times, eloquently debunking the so-called "occupy" movement.

The one aspect of free market capitalism that inexplicably escapes its advocacy by conservatives is its moral superiority to any other economic system. This is perhaps the single most important facet in educating people about capitalism. It's inherent freedom, instinctive provisions for every need, and ability to foster the innovation that enriches not only the inventor, but the user as well, is unparalleled. Daniel Hannan may be one of the few prominent voices currently extolling these virtues internationally (and we need many more). But its is one strong, powerful and effective voice at that . . . unparalleled in its own way.

We're All Socialists Now Part 2: Video Of Perriello Supporters Proclaiming "Socialism Is Cool!"

Earlier this month there was a "social justice" rally at the Mall in Washington, D.C., meant to counter the Glenn Beck rally in August. (The attendance wasn't within a fraction of the Beck event and yet the attendees thoroughly trashed and littered the Mall, whereas, by all news accounts, the conservative event left nary a hot dog wrapper.) While that comparison chewed up minutes on talk radio, space on Web sites and column inches in newspapers, the most important revelation to come out of the second event was the makeup of the crowd. It was populated by proud socialists and communists. We posted the shocking video from that rally (click here), complete with signs and shirts bearing  socialist slogans, book stands selling communist classics and groups chanting extremist sentiments. No attempt was made to hide their true philosophy and intentions for America.

While a bunch of radicals descending on D.C. may seem pretty far removed from what we must contend with in Virginia, that extremism is closer to home than one might suspect. Sure, we know there are very deep pockets of blue in Virginia, but this hard core? This radically left wing?  

Yes, and it is shocking! Just as with the D.C. march, Americans For Prosperity showed up at the Obama-Perriello rally Friday in Charlottesville(as well as the counter rally) and politely attempted to hand out, for free, the organization's "Socialism Isn't Cool" bumper stickers. As Virginia AFP Director Ben Marchi tells a Perriello supporter in the video below, even the president says he isn't a socialist. But the contentious radicals proudly proclaim socialism (and Perrielloism and Obamaism)! 

Okay, maybe it isn't that shocking that they're socialists. However, their blatant nature and the guy wearing the hammer and sickle is a bit over the top. Who you calling socialist? Why, they're calling themselves that — and dumbfounded as to why Americans reject them. As for the candidate these people support for Congress — Mr. Perriello — remember the adage about the friends one keeps when judging the person in question.

As with the original video, this speaks for itself:

To Perriello supporters, socialism is VERY COOL, indeed!

Pelosi: Socialism Is The New Entrepreneurism

Well, how else to describe it? The Embarrassment Speaker of the House basically said now it's okay to quit your job and do whatever you want because the government's got your back — and your stomach, your lungs, your kidneys and everything else under the "health care bill." No worries. Want to become a rock 'n roll star at 40? Excellent! Just buy a guitar (sorry, government doesn't pay for that — yet — or maybe it does somewhere in the stimulus bill), take some lessons and become the next Eric Clapton. Take your time, too, because if you get sick, we have health care! It is, believe it or not, the new entrepreneurism. The Embarrassment Speaker said so herself. Via and YouTube:

Nancy Pelosi: "Pick up your guitar and play, just like yesterday." But you know, Nance, this time, "we won't be fooled again."

What They Said: Liberals Gladly Admit To Redistributionist Agenda After The Fact

We wanted you to hear it for yourselves in case you haven't already, but over the last several days, the emboldened liberals have felt safe spilling the beans and being forthright. Finally, they're calling the government takeover of health care what it is: redistribution of income and wealth; control over individuals and companies; and even outright socialism. It started last week whenU.S. Representative John Dingell (D-Mich.), the most senior member of the House, told a radio show the bill was about "control" of "the people" (see previous post here). It's refreshing that they are so honest now, but we wish they would have been so during their town hall meetings last summer and throughout the entire debate and process on the bill. Instead, they acted undecided about it, flat out said the opposite of what's being said now — or hid. It reveals their disingenuousness.

Still, this wasn't without proper warning. There certainly were glimpses and peeps about their intentions in 2008 (see below). But, just so you will see and hear it for yourselves, as seeing is believing, here is a sample of recent frank admissions by prominent liberals: We start with U.S. Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee; former Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean; Al Sharpton; Vice President Joe Biden; and, we cap it off with a classic by the head man himself.

All are only seconds long, except the Dean interview which is about three minutes. It's instructive and worth it to hear all of them as well as the Dingell interview, especially for people who still think the takeover was altruistic. But, just for good measure, here's a recent endorsement of the health care takeover by Fidel Castro. Nice. Hard to keep your cover when he's exposing you (David Horowitz's

Senator Baucus: make no mistake about it — this IS "income redistribution."

Howard Dean: He admits it's all about confiscation and redistribution, and only the governing elites decide what the "right balance" is; and the U.S. is way "out of balance."


Al Sharpton: We're all socialists now because socialism is what we voted for.

The Veep: Dingell is only part right. We're controlling the insurance companies, too! (Why not, government controls the banks, GM, AIG,  . . . .)

The Redistributor-In-Chief where it all started: Let's "spread the wealth around!"

Same As It Ever Was: Cold War Cartoon Just As Applicable Today

This is a must see video. It's an entertaining cartoon, but don't let the kitsch of it underwhelm you. It's powerful. Created in 1948 to dispel the notion that socialism (communism) was the emerging modernity's panacea to prosperity and equality, it has uncanny relevance today. They shame of it all is that the contemporary comparison is not to a foreign power or movement, but to our own government! (Or at least those currently running it.) Read The Daily Capitalist blog for a bit more on it.

 Leave it to a cartoon to break it down for us, and well before "I'm just a bill" was made.

Liberal Response To Tea Parties

It was inevitable, I suppose. Those of us who believe in limited, constitutional government as envisioned by the Founders and who see the free market as most conducive to individual and family financial success couldn't possibly be allowed to hold rallies in response to the new socialism coming from Washington without being labeled. After all, the postmodern liberal left lives for labels. So, what are all of us who simply want taxes to be reasonable? (Please, don't call us anti-tax . . . we really do believe in limited taxation for a limited government, just not oppressive taxation that has no end in sight.) Racist.

Yup, that's right. Get a decent education, get a good job, wait until you're married to have children, work endless hours, buy a house you can actually afford, make your mortgage payments on time, get frustrated over our government's exponential growth and bailouts for those who made poor economic decisions and failed businesses, decide to stand with your fellow Americans in protest and you, my friend, are a racist.

At least that's what our taxpayer supported friends at ACORN are telling the American people (using some of those tax dollars you greedy fringe wackos want to keep to feed your own children). 

As rumors spread that ACORN plans to crash Tea Parties planned tomorrow for over 250 locations nationwide, they are also putting the PR machine to work to try to stop the bleeding from Obama's increasing unpopular money grab plan. And what better plan than go to your friends in the MSM and get the labels out there.

So are you intimidated? Planning to cower at home tomorrow so you won't be seen on CNN under the banner "Racist Rally"? 

Somehow I doubt it. Then again, conservatives have seldom been intimidated by the label thing. 

Just don't call me anti-tax!

Virginia News Stand: March 25, 2009

Let's skip over the state news . . . there's a lot going on in the country and elsewhere. The opposition over Catholic Notre Dame conferring an honorary doctorate on pro-abortion President Obama continues to grow, as the local bishop will boycott the commencement for the first time. (The irony of the "messiah" getting boycotted at Notre Dame; the irony of him invited to Notre Dame in the first place.) In another headline grabber, Planned Parenthood has changed its abortion tactics. Also, parents in California assert their rights over their children's public education, while teenagers across the country now have a conservative radio program of their own, co-hosted by Christian actor Stephen Baldwin and author and Fox News contributor Kevin McCullough.

But, most importantly, because it's just so good, a reprise of the previous post — our first-ever World News item with accompanying video: European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan blisters British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his shambolic socialism run amok in the U.K. The phrasing of this short speech ("Brezhnev-era apparatchik," "devalued prime minister") gives it more punch than anything twice or three times as long, and certainly more so than anything the "messiah" has ever said for all his rhetorical praises. Has a new Reagan been born? 


Job-Related Stimulus Funds Fuel Debate (Washington Post

McAuliffe, Wagner will top their spots on Democratic primary ballot  (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell speaks to E.C. Glass students (Lynchburg News & Advance

2 Republicans join race to be delegate (Roanoke Times

National News:

Catholics outraged over Notre Dame hosting Obama (

Planned Parenthood 'changing focus' to medical abortions(

Parents' rights paramount in Calif. school district (

Tossing out moral 'snowballs' for the younger set (

World News:

So I said to Gordon Brown, I said . . . (

Video: (

Bishop Biden Not Too Pastoral When Finally Asked Legit Questions By A Journalist

Finally. With only a little more than a week to go before America elects its next president and vice president, after two years of nonstop campaigning, one of the two on the Democrat ticket got some tough, but very fair, questions. Joe Biden, to whom the questions were asked, became unhinged, masqueraded the truth, attacked the messenger and changed the subject — as per the usual liberal attack M.O. (A good, short commentary on the incident, ironically, is the Canada Free Press, here, by American writer and "recovering liberal" Joe Lillpop.) If you haven't heard, the Internet, and even some of the Mainstream Media, is buzzing over a satellite television interview between Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and Orlando, Fla., WFTV news anchor Barbara West. It was conducted last week but only now is getting recognized outside that market. Ms. West asked, among other things, how can Barack Obama not be called a socialist when he wants "to spread the wealth around." Biden scoffed at the socialist suggestion and attacked Ms. West personally.

Ms. West, who once worked for the late ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings and had the typically normal credentials liberals love about the MSM. "Had" because not anymore. Not after she asked the hard, legitimate questions so many have for the most liberal national ticket ever assembled, but which have gone begging for months.

In fact, after the interview, the gruff Senator Biden, not at all acting as the compassionate and pastoral type as he did when he redefined the faith on Meet The Press several weeks ago, must have whined about his treatment to the "messiah" himself (not sure whether he whined that the "messiah" put him in such a untenable position with his policy pronouncements or whether he whined about getting beat up by someone seeking the truth) because the Obama-Biden campaign immediately cancelled all interviews with WFTV, including one already scheduled with Mrs. Biden.

If Senator Biden thinks these questions were tough, there are several more we'd like to hear asked of him. For example, when he sarcastically asks Ms. West "Who is writing your questions?" in response to her "socialist" question, we would have replied to the caught and admitted plagiarizer, "Senator, who is writing your answers?" Look at this old NBC News report from Biden's first run for president in 1987. Oh yeah, one of the men mentioned in the report, then-British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock, whose speeched Biden plagerized . . . is a socialist!

When he completely contorted his remark from last week that Barack Obama is not ready to be Commander-In-Chief to somehow mean he was saying John McCain wasn't ready because, as Biden put it, Senator McCain had been wrong on some foreign policy issues, we would have asked him about how many times his views were disasterously wrong. Never mind that Senator Biden's charges are false, let's look at "wrong" by the man chosen by Senator Obama because of his so-called foreign policy expertise:

Wrong on the nuclear freeze.

Wrong on aiding freedom fighters in Central America.

Wrong on deploying missles to NATO countries.

Wrong on giving in to the demands of the Soviet Union.

Wrong on missile defense.

Wrong on the Gulf War.

Wrong on the troop surge in Iraq.

Wrong on partitioning Iraq.

Wrong on drilling offshore.

Wrong on the initial phase of Operation Enduring Freedom.

How much more wrong can one be and still run for vice president?

But that's just us. Ms. West more than held her own. Now, the Obama-Biden campaign, the epitome of tolerance, won't give any more interviews to this WFTV. That's the way to take your ball and go home!

Here's the interview in its entirety. It's about 4:30 minutes long.