"Tebow Bill," Charter School Bill Face Vital House Floor Votes Tomorrow

One of The Family Foundation's highest priorities this year will be voted on in the House of Delegates tomorrow. HB 63, often called the "Tebow Bill," is legislation that would assist home school students in participating in public school sports (see the video of the House Education Sub-Committee debate here). The home school sports bill, once again this year patroned by Delegate Rob Bell (R-58, Charlottesville), would break down barriers that prevent home school students from playing public high school sports by prohibiting localities from joining the Virginia High School League, a pseudo-state/private entity that regulates public school sports (and which lobbies the legislature contrary to its own bylaws). Under the provisions of the measure, localities would not be able to contract with VHSL if they don't allow home school students to participate. Half the states in the nation have some type of measure that provides opportunities to home school students to try out for public school sports. Polling indicates that nearly two-thirds of Virginians support fairness for home schoolers.

No home school student is guaranteed an opportunity on a team. They are simply given the opportunity to try out. After years of angst over the proposal in other states, once passed, the fears of the education establishment have gone unproven. In Florida, the executive director of that state's high school sports league said:

There was great opposition; principals felt like if my school is not good enough for you, why should my athletics be good enough? Now everybody's pretty much accepting of it. We had a big fuss over not much.

The children of families who pay taxes that support the local public schools and are part of our communities, continue to be denied the ability to try out for an activity that they are funding for the simple reason that they are home schooled. This discriminatory practice must end.

Also on the House floor tomorrow, delegates will vote on HB 388, a bill that makes the charter school option more accessible to special needs children. Patroned by freshman Delegate Glenn Davis (R-84, Virginia Beach), HB 388 levels the charter school funding playing field for special needs students. The already allocated money will follow the student if this bill becomes law, preventing school districts from using it for their conventional public schools. It has no fiscal impact to the state or school districts and is another incremental step toward more school choice and education competition.

Critics unsuccessfully tried to paint this bill as an unfunded mandate. But, in fact, it ensures existing money is passed through the school system properly. It protects charter school funding — and therefore school choice for special needs students — from being used by school districts for other purposes. The already allocated money would then be applied to fixed costs, such as hiring teachers, purchasing equipment and other essentials, so that charter schools and disabled students have the same opportunity students at other public schools have.

Both bills faced tough roads in the Republican dominated Education Committee. HB 63 got by on a 13-8 vote, while HB 388 reported only by a 12-10 vote. In short, there are enough potential votes to derail either or both bills. Please contact your delegate and ask him or her to vote for both HB 63 and HB 388.

ACTION: Please click here to contact your delegate today and urge them to vote in favor HB 63 (the "Tebow Bill") and HB 388, to help further school choice in public education for special needs children!

Olympic Failure! "Anointed One" Not So Miraculous After All!

He was supposed to create healing among the nations, cease the riffs among his countrymen and heal all wounds real and imagined. Instead, he's made each worse.  Now, today, in one of the most miscalculated political missteps in history, the "anointed one," Barack Obama, went to his base in Europe to triumphantly receive the 2016 Summer Olympics bid from the International Olympic Committee for the Daley Machine as payback to his hometown political cronies. He failed. But he succeeded in diminishing the Office of the Presidency. Simply humiliating.

In fact, Chicago finished last, the first city eliminated in the round-by-round voting. How could his political advisers let him go not knowing the outcome?

So, here's the president who can't negotiate the Olympics for Chicago, but he can negotiate the Iranians into giving up their nukes? Ha!

Meanwhile, in case you didn't hear, unemployment rose to 9.8 percent this morning. But Barack Obama has more important things to do, like be in Europe for sports. Wait! Maybe the jobless rate is why he wanted to be in Europe for sports.

How Political Correctness May Cost Us $700 Billion

Many years ago, when the first musings of something called "political correctness" starting popping up on campuses and the culture at large — an attempt, ostensibly, to use words not to offend people and to paper over the truth about anything in an attempt at hyper politeness, but whose real aim was to suppress opinion contrary to liberalism — it was paid little notice. When it was talked about, it was in the vein of the little oddity that would run its course into fad history. Nothing to be taken seriously. Except that it got to full march, permeating more than the academy, spreading to entertainment, journalism and media, art, sports, the workplace, anything and anywhere you could think, including (and especially) government at all levels, even to the point of possibly permanently altering the practice and course of our mostly-capitalist-economy that has created the greatest standard of living ever know to man. This really is the chickens coming home to roost.  As "political correctness" morphed into a speech code that discredits anything opposite liberalism as "hate speech" or ignorance or hayseed stupidity, and arrogantly talks down to everyone else, its government proponents encoded it not just in employment practices or protections, but in regulations affecting how financial institutions conduct business by mandating loans to people (out of "fairness" no doubt) regardless of their means to make good on the payments. Even though the House of Representatives voted down the latest government takeover of an industry earlier today, one may still come. The price tag is in the range of $700 billion of our money, threatening our economic well being.

A more detailed look at this phenomena comes from Ann Coulter (click here). It is worth the read to understand the nexus of the culture war and how its political outcome affects everything else, including our economy's capability to function. Coincidentally, a friend brought to my attention a YouTube video that is doubly worth the look (click here). Although a bit long, it documents, albeit in an entertaining way, the cold hard facts, with statements of those in Congress responsible and actual legislative language authored by said incompetents. Or, as this concise news report from Fox News Channel's Brett Baier provides more background (click here), documents, one of the presidential candidates, at least figuratively, voted "present," again.

But here is the best one of all . . . the politically correct (and powerful) crowd in House committee defending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when they were being warned of their impending peril! This is a must see video, not long, and in their own words (click here). When will the left be held accountable for what they say and do?

Hurricane Victims And Brave Military Still Need Our Prayers

As the political silly season progresses (as we will document in the next few posts) it is time to make time to remember to keep in our prayers our countrymen in Texas, Louisiana and other affected areas of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. Just because evacuations went well isn't a reason to put people in serious distress out of our minds. There is a lot of work to be done to restore the millions of people in those areas to their normal lives. Let's not forget them while the rest of the country can bask in beautiful late summer weather, sports in high gear and the ongoing political, never-ending political season. While we're at it, as the media spotlight dims over their missions, also keep in your prayers our brave military in Iraq, Afghanistan, in the Balkans and elsewhere worldwide and stateside, who liberate the oppressed and secure our freedoms and liberty.