In His Own Words: The Supreme Court Should Redistribute The Wealth And Restrain Our Freedoms

A lot has been said about socialism and redistribution of wealth during this presidential campaign, although perhaps not enough. In a previous post, we saw a reporter finally ask the tough, legitimate questions of a national ticket that, for the first time in American history, openly uses phrases such as, "spread the wealth" and that it's "patriotic to pay more taxes." (Click here.) If those on the left are upset about this discussion, it's only because they finally are honest enough to talk openly about a philosophy they've tried to impose on America for years through stealth — except when they back off the comments to cover their political tracks. There's just one problem: More and more evidence pops up that Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama has not just "misspoken" or had his words taken out of context. An audio tape found last week from a 2001 radio interview (when he was a state senator in Illinois) emerged where he speaks of redistributing the wealth and that the courts have not been "radical enough;" that the courts need to reign in our constitutional freedoms among other radical suggestions (see AFP article here).


So, let's recap: Barack Obama repeatedly uses socialist rhetoric. We find out it's in his DNA because he's been using it since at least 2001. He is more to the left than the Senate's only avowed socialist (see here). His running mate Joe Biden plaigerized from the leading British socialist from the 1980s. But you better not accuse them of being socialists.

But it's more than that. As you heard, he thinks the constitution grants us too much freedom and needs to have checks placed on it to reign in those freedoms. So it's more than just that: It's an ideology of not just pursuing what he thinks is fairness, it's enforcing it and not tolerating dissent (as when his campaign last week kicked off from its press plane three reporters whose newspapers endorsed Republican nominee John McCain.)

We hope whoever released this audio first received protection by federal marshalls and is in the witness protection program. If the personal attacks unleashed on Joe the Plumber (where political appointees in Ohio government went into his tax and voting records just for asking a question) and Barbara West of WFTV are any indication, there's no wonder The L.A. Times doesn't want to give up its video of Obama at a party for a PLO terrorist and former hack for Yassir Arafat. You never know when freedom of the press may be considered too "unrestrained."

Alan Colmes: Exemplar Of Leftist Idiocy

I don't watch shoutfests such as the Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes much for several reasons. The shouting is one. The repetitious guests and their talking points and transient subjects are yet more. (Shouldn't that show be called "Hannity, Colmes & Morris"?) But channel surfing just now as I wind down for the night was Exhibit A for the primary reason I can't stomach those type of shows. Liberal co-host Alan Colmes told Dick Morris that the Bush tax cuts redistributed the wealth "because it gave money to the rich."

Brilliant. People keeping their own wages (see YouTube video) now is "the government giving people money" — the latest purposeful redefinition for politically demagogic purposes (hear Senator Obama's ideas on courts redistributing wealth). Never mind that Morris previously explained the tax cuts increased the percentage of federal taxes the wealthy paid from 33 percent to 40 percent between 2003-2007. Liberal, spread-the-wealth idiocy — uhhh, logic — indeed.