Pelosi's Pronouncements In The Age Of Obama

The video below comes from a friend of mine and it's not bad. The focus is on President Obama, but there are slivers of other guest appearances. Note House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's cameo. She says health care "reform" is the best way to provide jobs. But a quick check of her pronouncements shows that we should have near full employment by now, not the chronically high 9.6 percent unemployment that stagnant Euro-statist-welfare-states tolerate. For example:

» She said over the summer that extending unemployment benefits is the best method for immediate job creation (see American Thinker).

» She told the country in May that guaranteeing health care allows people to quit their jobs to pursue the arts because artists typically can't afford insurance.

» Way back when she said the best way to create jobs was to pass the "stimulus."

Meanwhile, we're spending into oblivion in a debt-and-spend cycle of cataclysmic proportions, worthy of a third world country, with results that aren't much better. The video sums it up well:

Fiddling while America burns.

Quote Of The Day

In a fire-charged day in Senate Finance (see Part 3), a day of which we have barely scratched the surface, there were many memorable quotes. However, we have chosen Senator Walter Stosch (R-12, Henrico), whose pithiness underlined a severe truth during the debate on education freedom in Virginia. Responding to committee statists, who want to preserve the failing government-run school system and block, at all costs, competition and access to better schools for lower-income families by claiming the privately funded scholarship bill was a backdoor voucher program, Senator Stosch said the statements were nothing more than . . .

inappropriate arguments because they don't make sense any more so than a tax credit for a "green job" is a voucher. ...

Ouch! That had to hit committee statists right, smack in between their liberal sensibilities.

Deeds: New Job = New Taxpayer

For perhaps the first time in this entire campaign, Creigh Deeds today stated very succinctly the primary difference in economic philosophy between statists (sometimes referred to as "liberals") and conservatives. At a meeting with business leaders in Richmond, Deeds said, "When you create a job, you create a taxpayer." Note that the first thing Deeds sees when someone gets a new job is an opportunity to TAX them! One can almost see him salivating at the potential for more money in the state coffers to spend to keep the unions and to the VEA neutralized. 

Conservatives, on the other hand, see a new job as an opportunity for someone to feed and take care of their families, a chance to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones, a step toward the American dream, a place to learn and develop a skill to be able to advance to even better employment opportunity, and a means to give philanthropically to their church and favorite charities to better society.

Finally, a clear statement from Mr. Deeds. Too bad for him that it reveals his true philosophy.

Slaying Leviathan And Its Immoral Tax System

How does one slay the oppressive and rapidly expanding behemoth known as our federal government? Is it even possible? What role does tax policy have to do with the federal government's growth and even our collective, societal behavior? Fascinating questions that author, blogger, Virginian, former Family Research Council tax policy director, speech writer for former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and all-round brilliant thinker Leslie Carbone addresses in her new book, Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform (Potomac Books). Ms. Carbone spoke to the Tuesday Morning Group Coalition this morning in downtown Richmond. Ms. Carbone comes at her perspective with a Christian point of view and a federalism philosophy. She pointedly dissected the counter productive — and immoral — nature of our tax system and argued for the moral superiority of a simple and fair overhaul that does not discriminate. As she writes in the introduction to Slaying Leviathan:

In a republican society, seemingly large fortunes make easy targets. While the hard work, risk-taking, and discipline required to create them often go unnoticed, the fortunes themselves provoke great interest. Estate homes offer tours to middle-class travelers; magazines feature glowing articles and glossy photographs extolling the priceless possessions, lavish parties, and rare license of the privileged class. A popular television series glorified the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It requires no gift of uncommon insight to grasp how such exaltation would provoke resentment among the less privileged. Regrettably, rarer is the recognition that such resentment is corrosive to the individual whose character is marred by it, and not the sort of thing that public policy should reward.

Owing to this lack of understanding, progressive taxation has grown throughout the past century fed by such envy, which the great American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called “the vice of republics.” Demagogues turn the law, which should protect the virtuous, into a tool for rewarding evil. To do so is to use the law to undermine its own purpose. Law is rightly an instrument of justice. Because the law is a teacher, using it to take from some simply because they have more than others inevitably sanctions this injustice. Such injustice has natural moral consequences.

Ms. Carbone advocates for a "tax policy rooted in natural justice." She weaves together a history of U.S. tax policy (from the Stamp Act to the Bush tax cuts), as well as federal government spending and the expectations it has created, along with an assessment of our tax burden and the fundamental problems with U.S. tax policy. 

Interestingly, however, she doesn't advocate for either a flat tax or a fair tax. Instead, she is more interested in getting the debate to where Americans demand something different, at which point the flat and fair tax debate can begin. To the extent that there is a debate now between those two options, those discussions derail the waking of America to the horrors of the current system and fail to create the critical mass that can bring true reform.

The moral component of taxation is rarely discussed, but it should be. Nothing corrodes our economic thinking and breeds corruption (by those hoping to avoid taxes and by those who create the loopholes to benefit outcomes they prefer to see at the expense of other results) than a tax code designed by statists who think governmental piety can solve all problems. In fact, they have made problems worse (illegitimacy, poverty, dependency, you name it) in the spending of other people's money. Taxing it in particular ways is the other half of that equation.

In an age when America faces numerous assaults on its fabric by policies that will further increase expectations of entitlement to the detriment of the endeavor that creates broader prosperity and less hand wringing over other people, Ms. Carbone's Slaying Leviathan is one book I look forward to reading (reviews, more info here). With more voices such as hers, maybe politicians and their enablers will learn that government cannot manipulate the economy to achieve biased outcomes without generating the resentment and class warfare they profess to distaste.

National Education Association's Top Lawyer Touts Its Real Purpose

The founder and chairman of the American Family Association, Don Wildmon, today released this open letter to teachers who belong to the NEA. There's some good advice here. Most tellingly, however, is the utter contempt and vile that hyper liberal statists, such as those who represent the NEA leadership, have for every day, hard working people who believe in traditional family values. Please read on:

The National Education Association's top lawyer, Bob Chanin, recently made clear the goal of the NEA. He called those who believe in and work for traditional family values "b****rds." He also praised the NEA because the organization has "power" and "hundreds of millions" of dollars from dues to spend in promoting their agenda and political candidates. I have included an article which shows, in their own words, what the NEA is doing. It is time for Christians who are members of the NEA to get out. We are funding the demise of Western Civilization. Please read this article! (Click here.)

Chanin's volley left no doubt where the NEA wants to take the public education system, and our children. It also served as a wake-up call for those who might be considering taking their children out of public schools.

If you are a member of NEA, I suggest you contact some more teacher friends and discuss this matter with them.

If you need legal help, I suggest you contact one of the two organizations listed below:

Liberty Council (click here)

Alliance Defense Fund (click here)



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman American Family Association

P.S. Many members of the NEA are not aware how the NEA is using their dues to promote leftwing politics. They can drop their membership in the NEA and secure many of the same benefits by joining other professional organizations which offer the same benefits.

The Association of American Educators is one (click here).

Also, Christian Educators offers many of the same benefits (click here).

In addition to Mr. Wildmon's suggestions, in this commentary two weeks ago, which stirred the wrath of Virginia Education Association President Kitty Boitnott, we encouraged teachers in Virginia to look into joining Virginia Professional Educators (click here).