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Virginia News Stand: March 24, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations It's Up To Ken

It's official as of about 3:00 today: Virginia law prohibits the federal government from imposing an individual mandate on Virginians to buy health insurance. That's when Governor Bob McDonnell signed the Virginia Health Care Freedom legislation into law. Now, it's up to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to defend the feds' assault on us.

Here are some highlights of today's News Stand: It's not a day old and already there are problems with the children's portion of the takeover — that portion doesn't start until 2014. Hmm. Perhaps read the bill next time. So much for all the "good things" that begin immediately, Mr. President. Also, if health care, AIG, GM, the banking and insurance industries, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are enough, pretty soon the federal government will be the sole proprietor of student loans. Isn't that great? While they're at it, the White House says Joe Biden dropping the F-word yesterday was a good thing. Pure class, this bunch.

In Commentary and Analysis: It's always a good day when we feature Walter Williams. Today, we have him twice, along with the great Thomas Sowell. Tony Blankley chimes in, as well, mincing no words: they're socialists. 


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Keeping Score

Ever watched one of those sporting events when one team completely crushes the other? You know, the score is so lopsided that by halftime you're already flipping through the channels? Welcome to the battle between adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research. Only this isn't a game — it involves human beings.

Yet another report is in the news today of progress being made with adult stem cell research, this time in the area of cardiac medicine. (Note the CNN report just says "stem cells" and doesn't differentiate until well into the article.) But this little note is interesting:

Embryonic stem cells are advantageous in research because they can be grown more easily than adult stem cells in a culture, and are pluripotent, meaning they can develop into any of the various cell types of the body, according to the National Institutes of Health. But it is not yet known whether tissues derived from embryonic stem cells would cause transplant rejection, whereas this does not seem to be a problem with adult stem cells.

Interesting phrase, "advantageous in research," but clearly not advantageous in actual treatments and cures. I thought curing disease was the bottom line?

Quite frankly, the score between ASC and ESC is so lopsided at this point its a wonder anyone is watching. Dozens of treatments using ASCs are being used as we speak, while there are no approved treatments using ESCs. Only while the secular-leftists in this country continue to politicize science will this issue still be debatable. In the hospital rooms where patients are receiving life-saving treatments, the game is already decided.