summer recess

Number To Know

As the vote to nationalize the health care industry (and one-sixth of the U.S. economy) nears a potential August deadline, or certainly sometime in the fall after the summer recess, we thought you'd like to have a phone number at the ready — the U.S. Capitol switchboard number. Here it is:


Keep it handy. Better yet, use it now to call your representative and Virginia's two senators. Let them know what you think of the proposals that will raise your taxes, ration health care, lower medical standards and quality, involve government bureaucrats in your medical decisions, lead to premature deaths of our older citizens, use your hard-earned tax dollars for taxpayer funded abortions, drive out of the profession doctors and nurses who will be stripped of their conscience protections, and take away your health care freedoms.

Here's a tip: When calling, first look up the name of the lawmaker's legislative affairs director and ask for that person. The more they hear it, the better the reporting to the lawmaker, and the better the elected official will understand the grassroots.

Another tip: Don't only use this number for the government takeover of health care and the restrictions on your freedom. Use it to express your constitutionally protected right to petition the government — and your duty as one of faith to make known Godly principles — to contact Virginia's Washington representatives to oppose all of the administration's freedom-limiting and government control bills now under consideration in Congress.

If you prefer e-mail, click here for the link to the Web site Contacting The Congress, which will direct you to the appropriate e-mail addresses for your representative and senators.