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A Picture And 140 Characters Are Worth More Than A Thousand Words (Part 2)

Another "Earth Day" uneventfully came and passed a couple of weeks ago, which got me thinking about the age old question: Why is it the Left cares more about trees and flowers than it does about babies? In fact and in deed, the Left means protect everything but the unborn (see Mark Steyn on the Gosnell trial). It professes to adhere to and protect nature, but what's more wondrous sign of nature is there than a mother giving birth to a new human being? Somehow, sadly, that's taken for granted by the Left and doesn't compare to your run-of-the-mill pine tree. Leave it to The Young Cons, fast becoming one of my favorite, and most pithy of cultural and political commentators (see Part 1 of this post), to fully convey the Left's philosophy on this matter and unveil its hypocrisy. Below is one of its recent tweets:

Pretend I'm a tree

If trees could give birth, maybe we'd have consensus on abortion.



White House Double Standard Proves Liberals Reserve Unto Themselves The Right To Play Nasty

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's inarticulate "kabuki dance" with Jake Tapper of ABC News Tuesday actually spoke volumes (see Dana Loesch at Tapper, who leans left, but is one of the few fair Mainstream Media types, cornered Carney with two instances of President Barack Obama's "You-play-nice-while-we-slam-your-face-against-a-car-hood" double standard. Carney had no escape and simply embarrassed himself. The dialogue exposed the Left's bullying tactics: "We will call you every name in the book when you legitimately question our failed policies. We will tar you as racists, bigots, rednecks, terrorists, barbarians — even SOBs. But if your respond, we alone cry foul and demand you stop the extreme rhetoric for the good of the country." It's a poisoned political rhetoric, but the play they choose to run to obscure their failed stewardship of the country. It's a disgrace and beneath the dignity of the office of President.

Carney and President Obama cannot bring themselves to condemn the vile language used by Teamsters Boss James P. Hoffa against conservatives and the Tea Party.

Cut, Cap And Balance; Or, How Come Crazy Spending Is Never Called "Draconian"?

Earlier tonight I saw U.S. Representative Janice Schakowsky (D-Ill.), one of the biggest and most far-reaching leftists in Congress, on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. (She's so far to the left that she doesn't think ObamaCare went far enough and supports the government-run single-payer system — click here to see her gleefully expound on the end of private insurance.) Mr. Blitzer asked Representative Schakowsky about the proposal known as "Cut, Cap and Balance" (see Tom McClusky at FRCAction's The Cloakroom Blog) to solve the impending debt ceiling crisis. Cut, Cap and Balance is the plan put forth by a coalition of members of Congress and conservative, free market and limited government think tanks and action groups that would cut federal spending, cap those levels, and pass to the states for ratification a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. (Click here to see an archived webcast on "Cut, Cap and Balance" featuring U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C., among other leading limited government proponents.) Ms. Schakowsky's predictable response perfectly illustrated the vacuousness and illegitimacy of The Left. First, she called it a joke (probably knowing her solution can't be called a joke, because it's more like a horror movie). But the real laugh came when she said "Cut, Cap and Balance" would force "Draconian cuts."

That got me thinking . . . how come the term "Draconian spending" or "Draconian increases" is never used? Or is a $1.5 trillion increase in one year not scary? How bad off were we two years ago when the annual federal budget was "only" $2.25 trillion? Where was the suffering then that The Left says we'll have tomorrow if we adopt "Cut, Cap and Balance"? Could it get worse than 9.2 percent unemployment? These Draconian spending increases don't even take into account the unimaginable sums ObamaCare will cost in future years (see ObamaCare Lies). The amount of printing, borrowing and spending in Washington, D.C., is literally crazy, because no one in a proper frame of mind would put their future or their children's and grandchildren's future at such risk.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on the "Cut, Cap and Balance" package (see Andrew Stiles at NRO's The Corner Blog). It will pass. But what of its future in the Senate? Will it even get a vote? Or will it vote for what Representative Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) calls, "Cut, Run and Hide," also known as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's pass-the-buck plan (see Alexander Bolton at

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins offers his thoughts here and encourages people to contact their senators to vote for the former and to defeat the latter (click here to contact Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner):

Unfortunately, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) offered last week a plan to surrender. It would allow the President to lift the debt ceiling and only allow Congress a vote to stop it if it could garner a super majority. No cuts, no reforms, the McConnell plan is supposedly aimed at laying the political blame on the President. But when Senator Harry Reid immediately calls McConnell's plan "serious," one should question its wisdom.

With President Obama cynically leading from behind on this grave issue (read Senator DeMint's statement issued earlier this evening and that issued by House Speaker John Boehner), which has the potential to send the nation into a Greece-like morass, further debilitating our ability to lead the world and relegating America to also-ran status, it is time to take sound, firm and lasting action. "Cut, Cap and Balance" is the way to do it (see Brian Darling at The Heritage Foundation's The Foundry Blog). The Left may caricature it while making the nonchalant spending of trillions seem normal. But we all know the definition of doing the same failed thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

"Cut, Cap and Balance" is gaining momentum: 178 organizations and more than 190,000 citizens have signed the pledge.

Even Amidst Vile Arizona Text Book, Liberals Insist Nothing Wrong With Public Education

Wow! The video below is about the most shocking thing — which is saying landfills — I've ever seen or heard regarding public education. It will floor you. If you haven't heard the audio or seen the video yet, or heard media outlets reporting or discussing (debating) it yet, you soon will. It's a case of The Left taking offense at being called extreme and anti-American when its their own words at work. Not much can be added to what you will see. (See The for more on this story.) Here's the background: The Tuscon (Arizona) Unified School District is using a text book for students as early as the 3rd grade, in a course of study called the Ethnic Studies Curriculum, which contains content that not only disparages and lies about America and certain groups of Americans (whites, Christians), but does it in a vile way, including several four-letter words! "Blood sucking capitalists" is about as mild as it gets in this leftist propaganda "text book."

Parents finally confronted the district school board about this recently, a portion of which is on the video. The school board members act as if this is news to them and one doesn't even recognize the irony when he asks a parent to stop reading the offending words at the meeting even though children in school are being subjected to them! Still, liberals and teacher union bosses and political hacks, and their liberal legislative allies at all levels of government throughout the country insist nothing is wrong with public education  . . . except a lack of money (which pays for this trash). Amazing!

Warning: The video below contains coarse and vile language.

Oh, wait. Maybe the public schools  just need more money! That's the answer  . . . it always is!

Spitzer Out Of His League Debating Cuccinelli

Last night, Client No.9, the former New York attorney general and governor, Eliot Spitzer, tried a typical elitist tactic when debating Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on the CNN program Parker Spitzer. Not having any constitutional basis on which to debate Mr. Cuccinelli, he relied on the patently immature "virtually every constitutional scholar says you don't have a case" assertion. First, it's not true. Second saying it over and over won't ever make it true. Not that Client No.9 didn't try a legal argument. He did, but it was mission aborted from twin malfunctions of indecipherable run-arounds and a simple thing called the constitution (not to mention an incredible misunderstanding of the bill's provisions). Attorney General Cuccinelli simply cited reason, history, the law, precedent and the constitution. Which is why he filed the lawsuit against the federal government's health care law — it is so brazenly beyond the widest stretches ever imagined of the constitution (see Cuccinelli news conference).

Then it was time for Spitzer's sophomoric, "well, my dad said," exclamation. What the Left means when they say that is: We know more than you, so just go home and mind your business. You're an idiot for wasting your time. Arrogance is the one thing they are good at.

So, who are these constitutional scholars? They are never named. Maybe the line should be modified to "every liberal constitutional scholar." The fact is, there are plenty of constitutional scholars who say Virginia's case against Obamacare is sound. Here's eight, in one quick search, courtesy of Hadley Heath at Besides, we'll take Madison, Hamilton and Jayover any liberal law school dean any day of the week.  

While Mr. Spitzer wasn't as obnoxious as he was to Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.), he was condescending. That said, what else does he have to go on? Since more people saw Client No.9 during his legal troubles ( than watch his show ( — and only slightly more than 100 have viewed the video on YouTube as of this posting — we thought we'd bring it to you.

Spitzer's legal incoherence was easy for Cuccinelli to take apart. Client No.9 amazingly thinks there are no checks on Congress.

Left Wing Economist Guru Krugman Admits To Death Panels In Obamacare; Amanpour's Reaction Sustains His Truth!

When conservatives, such as Sarah Palin, first brought up the fact that the health care legislation in Congress at the time, and eventually passed, included death panels, the Left threw a hissy fit (see Saul Relative at Yahoo! as an example). Her statement was called, "Lie of the Year," among many other unflattering things. So, where's the Left's outrage at economist Paul Krugman?  Mr. Krugman is the leading voice in America for government intervention in the economy. Liberals revere him and has won a Nobel Prize for economics. He writes frequently in the New York Times, where he deviates from economics to thrash conservatives, adding to his prominence among the ruling class elites who think they know everything and that they must control your decisions through an increasingly larger government. We he speaks and writes, the Left — activists and those in government — take heed.

Last weekend, on ABC's This Week, Mr. Krugman went well beyond what Governor Palin said about Obamacare — and it wasn't the first time either. Not only did he adamantly claim there were death panels, he was proud of it! He said the "death panels" — his term — will save the government money (see by denying and choosing which treatments will be funded (not to mention his call for a behemoth new national sales, or "VAT," tax). So, the hyper left should be furious at Mr. Krugman. Either he let the cat out of the bag, exposing Obamacare advocates as the real liars, or, if they truly believe there are no death panels, they should impale his intelligence as they did (and still do) to Governor Palin (see Ethel Fenig at American Thinker). 

Hear it all for yourself. The first video is from last weekend. But, remarkably, without much notice, he said the same thing in the spring without much attention paid to it. But don't believe me: Check the shock on liberal host Christiane Amanpour's face in the first video. A facial expression is worth more than a 1,000 blog posts.

 Krugman: Endorse the "Death Panels!" Amanpour: Darn it Paul, you're giving it away!

 Krugman: "Death Panels" will save money and make "binding judgements" on treatment!

Simply Astounding: Obama Administration And Left Blast Americans, But Can't Condemn Our Enemies!

This simply is astounding. The same haughty, know-it-all elites who blast Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for doing what he is sworn to do (uphold Virginia law, see Richmond Times-Dispatch), who say he is less than intelligent and "wasting taxpayer dollars by filing frivolous lawsuits he can't possibly win," at the same time hold up as an intelligent sophisticate  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who not only can't utter the words "Islamic radical" (much less "terrorist"), but then takes aim at his fellow Americans (see Washington Post's Greg Sargent)! What does that tell you? In his own words, yesterday in a House committee hearing, stumbling and bumbling to a simple question from U.S. Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas):

The pride of the Left: Eric Holder. Enemies? What enemies?

But why identify enemies now when you've already pegged them? Earlier in his term he called Americans "cowards." Nothing like hammering the people you represent.

Holder: Our only enemies are Americans.

Then there's this: Remember Madam Speaker's onslaught against Tea Partiers? Anyone who disagrees with Pelosi, who has a different opinion, is demonized and lied about (the "swastika" comment). Agree or be damned! 

If you don't like her Pelosi's policies, you're a NAZI.

Virginia News Stand: December 2, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations The Hunt Is On

Stephen Hunt won the three-way Republican "fire house" primary last night to secure the 37th Senate District nomination in the January 12 special election to fill the term of Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. Hunt, a former member of the Fairfax County School Board, won the heavy turnout primary handily over his two opponents. He now takes on Delegate Dave Marsden (D-41, Fairfax) who, until several days ago, didn't live in the district. He is renting a room from a friend who does in order to be eligible. Meanwhile, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell continues his PR offensive. Following up his meeting with House Democrats, he now will meet with leaders of the Senate. More substantively, he's asked for detailed reports from all state agencies in order to find efficiencies in a deficit-ridden budget. A good start. But ideas, if not money, are in large supply, and the governor-elect is getting them from everyone, from within and outside of his cadre. We post two, from Pat Nolan and Mike Thompson, both of Bacon's Rebellion

Nationally, the left is losing it, and it doesn't get any better than that as far exposing who they are. Chris Matthews calls West Point cadets the "enemy" and the liberal mayor of Baltimore won't resign despite a theft conviction. Polls show independents fleeing the Obama/liberal camp, including young voters (ask soon-to-be-former Delegate Shannon Valentine) as Matt Friedeman of Rightly Concerned Blog notes.

But it's ClimateGate that continues to expose the left, particularly for putting ideology over science. Hmmm. Where have we heard that before? Now, look, it really is true, but it's the left that's been doing it all along. Just goes to show you . . . when the other side screams loud accusations at your side, it normally means it is they who are doing that which they accuse you. In other words, they're cracking up.


McDonnell asks for detailed reports from state agencies (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell to meet with Senate leaders (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Republicans nominate Hunt in 37th senate district (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

'Firehouse primary' gets busy turnout (Washington Times)

Houck says localities will feel pinch (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)


Common Sense Prison Reforms Will Help McDonnell Close Budget Gap (Pat Nolan/Bacon's Rebellion)

Huge Opportunities for our Incoming Governor (Mike Thompson/Bacon's Rebellion)

National News:

'ClimateGate' deception continues to unfold (

Global warming e-mail scandal prompts resignation (AP/

Tempers flare as Senate debates healh care (AP/

After police killings, Huckabee defends clemency for suspect (Washington Post)

In D.C., a rift over plights for civil rights, gay rights (Washington Post)

Baltimore Mayor found guilty of stealing vows to stay on (AP/


All the president's Climategate deniers (Michelle Malkin/

Chris Matthews Calls West Point 'Enemy Camp' (Elijah Friedeman/The Millennial Perspective, Rightly Concerned Blog)

Young People Waking Up, Turning on Democrats (Matt Friedeman/Rightly Concerned Blog)

Polls Show Democrats Are in Trouble (Elijah Friedeman/The Millennial Perspective, Rightly Concerned Blog)

Interview With Rich Galen

Mr. Galen, thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview at It is quite a privilege to have such a noteworthy figure in the national conservative movement join us, especially with what must be a busy transition time in your life. You are the first national figure to do an interview with us. Congratulations! Although I suspect that accomplishment won't exactly move to the top of your curriculum vitae. ; - ) You have been in the news lately. You have accepted a new job with U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas). What will you do in your capacity as her senior counselor?

Rich Galen: My portfolio includes oversight of the communications and speech-writing functions; but I also have license to look at other areas of the Senator's office operations. Can you describe what it is like to work for such high-profile leaders as former Vice President Dan Quayle and former Speaker Newt Gingrich and the opportunities it affords to positively affect policy?

Rich Galen: You must always remember it is the Vice President or the Speaker or the Senator who is the elected individual, not the advisor or the press secretary. Too often in Washington staff begins to believe it is the surrogate for, not the supporter of, the principal.

With that in mind, however, if you can establish a level of mutual trust, then in the confines of the office you may have the opportunity to shape policy. However, again, it is the principal's policy which comes out the door; not the staff's. How did you get recruited to speak at the Republican Party of Virginia Convention last week? Would you mind giving a synopsis of your keynote address and why you chose your theme?

Rich Galen: You'd have to ask Charlie Judd why he picked me, but I was honored that he did. My remarks were specifically aimed at reminding the delegates that even in a year when U.S. Senate and the President will be on the ballot, it all starts at the precinct.

I asked the delegates to keep in mind that a state-wide election is not won from Richmond, it is won by building a good precinct organization and then expanding that into a good neighborhood organization to good county organization.

If the GOP does that better than the Democrats, we will win in November. We are a conservative Christian grassroots public policy organization concerned about the direction of Virginia and the entire country on numerous issues. However, the pro-life, pro-family, traditional marriage and traditional family values issues are of particular concern. What advice can you give organizations like ours, our grassroots chapters and individuals to take up the challenges of affecting public policy, especially during times when the political winds seem to be coming from the other direction? Why is it important to stay engaged and how can single individuals or small groups get involved and make a difference?

Rich Galen: You must never lose sight of the effect letters-to-the editor, op-ed pieces,  letters to the offices of elected officials, and appearing at public meetings — from school board to city council to county commission meetings — and make your voices heard. 

Elected officials WANT to hear from you because they want to be certain they are keeping on top of the pulse of the community. Not every community has the same pulse, so don't take it for granted that a group with similar principles will be speaking for you. With its recent past election results, pundits now are calling Virginia a battleground state. Is Virginia helplessly moving left because of demographic change or does the conservative message resonate less with people looking for solutions to everyday problems, such as transportation, education and rising prices for food and gas?

Rich Galen: They are not mutually exclusive. Conservative principles, applied properly, will yield solutions to transportation, education, gas and food. We hear and read so much about change, yet that is vague. What is your sense of the electorate right now and how does that affect conservative candidates and what they stand for?

Rich Galen: "Change" as defined by the Left is not a new way forward, it is an about face to the policies which obtained for a half century until Ronald Reagan led America out of its Depression-era thinking and into a new era of less government, and greater personal opportunities. You started a very popular blog, What did you see at the time that made you think that blogs were going to be an important aspect of political communications? 

Rich Galen: No. Had I known how important what has become known as the blogosphere was going to become, I would have been much more serious about it. As it is, Mullings recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and has been a joy to write through all years. What advice do you have for bloggers?

Rich Galen: First you have to have something to say. Second you have to write it in a voice which people want to read. Third — and perhaps most important — you have to write with a regularity and a frequency so that people who want to read what you have written don't drift away because there is no new material when they go looking at your blog.