turning Virginia blue

Does Warner Suck The Life Out Of Kaine's Veep Ambitions?

Now that Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama has chosen one Virginia Democrat, former Governor Mark Warner, to give the keynote address at his party's national convention, surely it's a good sign that the other Virginia Democrat, Governor Tim Kaine, will get his long coveted Veep spot on the ticket — NOT! Although anything's possible, and the Dems' obsession with turning Virginia blue appears to preclude nothing short of nationalizing Colonial Williamsburg, giving two Virginians such prominent roles in the national party seems a bit much. Plus, given his silly simply-being-Obama-would've-stopped-the-Russian-invasion-of- Georgia comment on CBS' Face The Nation Sunday, Kaine's gushing hype — exposing his foreign policy ignorance — probably was too embarassing, even for the novice Obama.

Come January, Governor Kaine will be back to the less sexy issues of roads, more government pre-K, "greening" state office buildings, and demonizing legislators who don't agree with his thirst for tax increases on Virginia families.  

By the way, speaking of Warner, now that he firmly is locked into the 97-percent-liberal-rated Obama (per the highly respected, non-partisan National Journal), does he continue to deny that he's a "national Democrat" and, if he's no liberal, will he finally enumerate the exact issues on which he disagrees with the fiscally and socially liberal Obama?