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Virginia News Stand: October 20, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations  Polls, Debates And Third Party Ads

It's all about the race to Richmond now (except for a new twist on the Senator Norment situation). Even CBS News is jumping into the coverage. With two weeks left there's a bombardment of polls by every pollster this side of Minsk who wants to play Kreskin. Today, two more were released: One from Christopher Newport University and one from Clarus Research Group. In the campaign for governor, CNU has Republican Bob McDonnell up by 14 (not likely) but his running mate, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, up by just a few (even less likely), while Republican attorney general candidate, Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax), up by something more than a handful (we'll buy that; it's consistent with other polls). Clarus is more in line with the Mason-Dixon and the Washington Post polls: McDonnell up eight, Bolling up seven (still seems light) and Cuccinelli up eight, but with many more undecideds in the latter two races.

If there aren't enough polls for you, the third party ads are in high gear now: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the NRA have jumped in on McDonnell's behalf, though not likely offsetting the big labor putsch for Democrat Creigh Deeds. Debates are also in high gear as tonight's last gubernatorial version should be fun, especially since it is not on statewide television (embarrassing). Democrat Jody Wagner and Lt. Governor Bolling got into it last night. A math test for Ms. Wagner would've been more fun, though.

But will any of this matter? The Dems don't think so. Virginia Democrat Party Chairman Dickie Cranwell says his side's get-out-the-vote machinery will do the trick. That's why President Obama is coming in for Senator Deeds. Of course, the last three elections the Republicans bragged about their turnout operation as well. Ask Governor Kilgore. But if the Dems can confound the pollsters, it'll be because of their newfound and robust voter rolls and sheer force of numbers. Right now, it's their only chance. 


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What Took Them So Long? Equality Virginia (Surprise!) Endorses Deeds

Not exactly a news flash, but the commonwealth's leading homosexual lobby, Equality Virginia, yesterday announced its endorsement of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds. Here's the link to its Web site's media page, where its only media is its own news release endorsing Deeds. The release also is below. We can't say we can feel the momentum swinging to Senator Deeds over this, so don't expect its endorsement to be a game changer. To the contrary, proudly accepting it pretty much blows off what little cover Senator Deeds of a "moderate" image.   


OCTOBER 15, 2009

Equality Virginia PAC Endorses Deeds for Governor

RICHMOND - Equality Virginia PAC announced today its support for Creigh Deeds for Governor. “There is no question that for the GLBT community and Virginians who believe in equality for all, there is only one sensible choice for Governor, and that choice is Creigh Deeds,” stated Jon Blair, Equality Virginia PAC’s CEO. “While no candidate is perfect, including Senator Deeds, Virginians must support the one candidate who truly understands that discrimination hurts our economy and our families.”

Blair drew the following contrasts in explaining EV PAC’s decision to support Deeds:

• Deeds co-patroned legislation to ensure that all public employees will be protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and pledges that he will sign an executive order to that effect; as Attorney General, McDonnell ruled that such an executive order would be illegal, stated he would not sign one as governor, and has refused to support a change in the law to ban discrimination. To attract the best public and private employees, Virginia must be welcoming of diversity and avoid discriminatory practices. Anything else hurts employers and employees, stifles economic growth, and limits Virginia’s competitiveness.

• Deeds ultimately opposed the Marshall-Newman marriage amendment; his opponent, Bob McDonnell wholeheartedly endorsed it.

• Deeds says he will support opening up state health benefits to otherwise qualified adults living in the same household as GLBT employees; McDonnell says that’s for the legislature to decide.

"The number one job of the next governor will be to restore confidence in our economy and keep Virginia the best managed state in the country. I plan to make sure that every citizen of the commonwealth can contribute to the economy and to government to the fullest extent possible without fear of discrimination. I’ve had a lifetime of working against discrimination in the workplace and I’ll continue that work when I’m Governor,” Deeds responded in his acceptance of Equality Virginia’s endorsement.

Virginia News Stand: August 21, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations The Budget Blues

Upon our communications department's return today, we offer a lengthy News Stand. Most of the news is dominated by the commonwealth's budget situation, to wit, too much money was designated to be spent, while not enough of it is actually coming in. Ergo, deficits . . . and more major cuts. The Kaine administration has made a habit of this — optimistically over estimating revenues in order to pay for its grandiose spending, such as the unwanted pre-K program.

The governor says the cuts will be painful. Perhaps so, but so has been witnessing his administration's budget crafting process. He could have saved everyone a lot of time and pain by being honest from the get-go instead of trying to pull one over on the entire state. Instead, we get deficit after deficit and mid-course budget cuts after mid-course budget cuts — except this time, the cuts are for a budget not even two months old.


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National News:

Medical Groups Promoted HPV Vaccine Using Drug Company Money(Washington Post)

Law Requiring Ultrasounds for Abortions Is Struck Down (Washington Post)

Update: Capitol Christmas Tree, As With Virginia In November, Goes Blue

Just so you won't think we're making this up (or in case you did not check out the link in the comment from Citizen Tom to our original post on this subject), here's the pictorial evidence of the blue lighted capitol Christmas Tree — and we thought the governor wanted a "green" state government.

Hope and change at the capitol: Virginia Dems turn the commonwealth's Christmas Tree blue as well!