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You may have noticed a new little gadget to the bottom and left of each post, right above the tags. It's a share program we installed the other day as part of our ongoing upgrades which, most noticeably, include our new design (or, "theme" in blogspeak). The share plug-in is another way we hope to make this site more functional for you, so as to better enjoy our site. While we may not have all the technological wizardry of the big boys, we hold our own and continue to improve that part of it. But our content never lacks for anything or to anyone. So help us — all of us: By using the share program to more easily circulate our posts  throughout the Internet — to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, to  bookmarking or search sites or other blogs, or to e-mail them (or by using the 150 other tools it has) — we reach more people. The more we reach the more impact we have in advancing issues which reflect traditional values and limited government. (Sign up for our RSS feed as well, in the top right corner, so you won't miss a post.) As ever, thank you for already making us one of Virginia's most read political blogs. (Our numbers have been huge the last few months!)

Now, what are you waiting for? Forward a post. Maybe the last one. Remember, it's nice to share.

Belated Congrats To TQ

Speaking of Norm Leahy and the folks at Tertium Quids, congrats on their somewhat recent accolade by the Washington Post, which named its blog one of the best political blogs in Virginia. So much for friendship stopping at the Internet's edge . . . it's a worthy selection and one blog we check on regularly. Shamelessy self-promote all you want, guys!