We all have our fears.  Some are afraid to fly.  For some, its public speaking.  Others, maybe a first date.  There certainly are a lot of things in this world that make us fearful, despite God’s admonition that fear is not of Him. 

Then there are those things that terrify us.  Terrify is a pretty strong term.  It isn’t simple fear; it’s far more than that.  Terror can be immobilizing, debilitating. 

One may be fearful of dying, but terrified of drowning. 

Terror brings with it images of horror, pain, misery. 

For LG and Democrat candidate for Governor Ralph Northam, it’s the possibility of a Republican becoming Governor that’s terrifying. 


More specifically, he’s terrified of Republicans defunding Planned Parenthood.

Fearful?  Nope? 


Republicans working to ensure our God-given, inalienable, constitutionally protected right to exercise our faith in the public square without fear of retribution? 

Afraid?  Not quite.


From a recent Northam for Governor email:

Imagining what Virginia would look like with a Republican in the Governor’s Mansion is terrifying:

-- Obstructing the Clean Power Plan
-- Planned Parenthood DEFUNDED and the right to choose restricted
-- Legal discrimination against the LGBT community

Now, we all recognize that hyperbole and political fundraising/mobilization go hand in hand.  These days, sadly, if there’s no outrage, there’s no action.  Yet somehow, in post 9-11 America, the idea of labeling the election of the opposition party “terrifying” takes on a whole new meaning.  But then again, the secular left has long labeled people of faith who oppose their agenda as “terrorists,” so Northam’s rhetoric should be surprising.

Certainly not terrifying.