The "Fix" Is In

This morning, the Virginia Board of Health decided to delay voting on amendments to the abortion center health and safety standards, much to the dismay of the abortion industry!  This came after The Family Foundation urged the General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (JCAR) to intervene after we discovered several violations of state law by the Department of Health, as I told you about last night.

But while the Board’s decision to delay their vote may give time for the Department and Board of Health to correct paperwork, the violations of state law and the damage to the integrity of the process cannot be fixed.  Unfortunately, this entire episode has provided more evidence that the McAuliffe administration is simply incapable or unwilling to follow the law.  Singling out citizens who oppose his agenda for censorship from the regulatory process is not just illegal it’s outrageous and cannot be corrected with a simple delay.  The actions by the Department and Board make it clear that the entire process is a predetermined sham.

As Delegate Scott Lingamfelter said yesterday during the JCAR meeting, “The fix is in.”  Today’s decision by the Board to postpone a vote on watering down abortion center safety standards doesn't change that fact.  VDH may "fix" the documents they created that told Virginians a vote in the future had already happened and censored hundreds of pro-life Virginians, but the damage to the law and to the credibility of the process can't be fixed. 

And that doesn’t even get to the other violations of state law that the Board didn’t address, specifically adding amendments to the original list that is in violation of the state’s Administrative Process Act, and even violates Governor McAuliffe’s own Executive Order regarding regulatory review.  Remarkably, this Governor can’t even follow his own instructions when he’s so bent on paying back the abortion industry!

As House Majority Leader Kirk Cox said today in a press statement, “Unfortunately, this process has been rigged from the start.”

After deciding to delay the vote, pro-abortion members of the Board pushed for a “special meeting” prior to the next scheduled meeting during a tense debate between members.  Several members were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to fit an extra meeting into their scheduled this late in the year.  The stand-off reached no conclusion, other than the Department being tasked with trying to find a date in the next two months for an additional meeting.  This despite the Commissioner of Health informing the Board that the Department of Health is facing significant budget cuts to the point they can’t even provide decent education material regarding alternatives to expensive EpiPens.  Yet, they can have a special, unnecessary, rushed meeting that may end up costing thousands of dollars. 

That’s the power of the $1 billion abortion industry – abortion comes before children and at any cost.

Should a special meeting be scheduled, we will need as many pro-life Virginians as possible to be there!  Pro-abortion forces are well-funded and can turn out large numbers of college students to fill the rooms. We’ll keep you informed!

We are grateful to JCAR, its chairman Frank Wagner and the members who spoke so forcefully yesterday, and to the Board of Health members who continue to fight this sham process.  We will continue to fight as well and will keep you updated as developments occur.