"...the schools people go to..."

If I hadn’t been reading carefully, I might have missed it.  After all, reading anything the Washington Post prints is painful enough, and the temptation is to skim.  But in an article today about how Democrats plan to rebuild a party that faces minority status at every level of government – including many state legislatures – came an extraordinary admission. 

In the article, Jessica Post, executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, argues that if the party wants to take back power, it first must focus on winning back state legislatures, because:

State legislatures determine voting rights, congressional districts, things like collective bargaining, the schools people go to — the everyday things in people’s lives.

Did you catch it? 

In a list of priorities that Democrats believe they must control to gain back power that includes obvious mechanics like “voting rights” and “congressional districts,” Post adds “the schools people go to.”

Say what? 

Anyone who has been around the General Assembly long enough knows that if there is one thing progressive liberals fear perhaps even more than losing the “right” to kill their unborn children it’s this – losing the power to control where your children go to school.  You see, right now, for the overwhelming majority of families the state (state and local governments) determines where kids go to school, by zip code.  Few have the resources to escape.  Progressive liberals know that if they can keep your children confined to their schools with their agenda and their ideology, many will fall prey. 

That’s why they are so adamantly opposed to any and all forms of education freedom.  While they argue that school choice will “cost public schools resources,” etc., the truth is they fear losing control over your children.  Ms. Post’s statement shows that the Democrat party has made the connection – whoever controls the education of our children eventually controls the halls of power. 

It’s fitting that such an admission took place at the start of National School Choice Week.  The battle to free our children from a government controlled, zip code based, antiquated education system is perhaps one of the most important of our generation.  From tax credits for donations to scholarship programs for low and middle-income families to virtual schools to education savings accounts, whatever the mechanism, school choice is the battle for the future.