Last Friday, a Henrico County judge heard arguments in our case against former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Board of Health for its disregard of the law when it eviscerated Virginia’s abortion center health and safety standards.

Now, one would think that someone in the media might be just a little bit interested when the government is put on trial but, alas, none of Richmond’s major media outlets deemed it worthy.  Now, some reported when we filed the lawsuit last year, but on Friday, no reporters were to be found when actual arguments against the McAuliffe administration were heard.

So, when I checked the NBC 12 (Richmond) website that evening to see if there was just by chance any mention of our case, call me surprised to see a link to an abortion story – out of Alabama. 

The issue scandalous enough for the local network to cover involves the discovery that an abortion center in Alabama had “failed to report a patient who was 13 years old to the Department of Human Resources, according to a report from the Alabama Department of Public Health.  Abortion clinics are required to report the pregnancy of a child under the age of 14 to DHR.”

Admittedly, that’s a scandal worthy of reporting.  And it should be covered no matter what state it might happen in.

Except when we discovered the exact same thing here in Virginia a few years ago – thanks to inspections of abortion facilities required by abortion center health and safety standards gutted by Terry McAuliffe – the local Virginia media ignored it.

That’s right.  In 2013, inspection reports found that an abortion center in Roanoke had multiple examples of children under the age of 14 receiving abortions without parental consent and without any record that any of the “health care workers” at the facilities – i.e. mandatory reporters – reported the possible incidents of sex trafficking, child sex abuse, or a litany of other possible horrors.  To our knowledge, those cases were never investigated.  No one knows if those little girls were victims of unimaginable horrors – but clearly no one in the Virginia media or state government cared.

Oh no, when it involved a Virginia abortion center, there was silence.

Could it be that such a story would have harmed the narrative the media has so carefully crafted here in Virginia that our abortion centers are “safe” and require no oversight?  Could it be that the possible sexual molestation of 12 and 13-year-old girls isn’t worth talking about if it might harm the reputation of an abortion industry that pours millions into the election of media favorites like Terry McAuliffe? 

I’ll let you decide.