I try, really try, to understand the issues we deal with from the perspective of those on the “other side.”  Sometimes, some have valid, logical arguments, with which I simply disagree.  Other times, I find it impossible to even comprehend their position.

Now and then, I find their position not just incomprehensible, but unconscionable.

Recently, it was revealed that a woman in Chesterfield county “self-aborted” her unborn baby in the later stages of her pregnancy – the third trimester.  She then buried the child in her back yard.  The autopsy found that the woman had used a combination of drugs and “penetrating injuries to the head” of that nearly fully developed baby to kill them. 

The ACLU’s response?  Anger that the police would dare charge the woman with a crime.

“No woman should fear arrest or jail for ending her own pregnancy…it appears that this is another example of overreach…in an attempt to shame and punish [the woman] for her circumstances.”

It’s bad enough that groups like the ACLU and their friends in the abortion industry are perfectly comfortable with fully developed unborn babies being killed days or even hours before birth, a position with which a large majority of Americans disagrees.  Americans object to abortion after the mid-point of pregnancy when they believe it’s being “performed” in something at least resembling a medical facility.  Oh, and it’s downright barbaric.  In Virginia, abortions after the first trimester must be done in a hospital because killing a baby that is nearly fully developed is complicated and somewhat dangerous – for the mother that is.  It’s downright deadly for the baby. 

The medical examiner in this case couldn't determine what the woman used to “penetrate” the head of her unborn child enough to kill it.  I wonder, was the child kicking when she did it?  Could she feel her child moving around as she killed them?  Had she never heard of adoption?  If her circumstances were so dire, why wait until the last days or weeks of the pregnancy?  For a few hundred bucks Planned Parenthood would have gladly taken the baby’s life months earlier.  

If you’ve seen a sonogram of a baby in the third trimester you know.  You see the humanity.  You recognize the dignity and the worth.  As a pro-life community, we believe that dignity and worth don’t suddenly materialize at some random point on the continuum of life that is undeterminable.  It’s there from the moment of conception because it comes from our Creator, not from our judgment.  But while some may not believe that, many become uncomfortable with taking the life of unborn children at some random point during pregnancy when through sonogram you can see the child’s face, see their features;  they move, they smile, they live.  At what point does our humanity require us to say no?

For the ACLU, sadly, that point doesn’t exist.  Don’t want the child?  Kill them.  Don’t worry about when, where or how, just do it. 

Like I said, unconscionable.