United Against LARC Funding

On Wednesday I was joined by our friends from the Virginia Catholic Conference, the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia, and the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists at a Press Conference at the Capitol.

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We stood united against the budget proposal creating a multi-million dollar "slush fund" for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. This is outrageous! The budget proposal is for a pilot program distributing Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (or "LARCs"), which may send millions of dollars to the abortion industry. These abortion providers will charge taxpayers huge amounts of money to insert these devices, some of which can cause abortions, and will prevent pregnancies up to ten years!

Currently Virginians give Planned Parenthood approximately $150,000 every year in funding for programs and for abortions in very limited circumstances. The proposals could increase that amount over twenty or forty times! This chart demonstrates how dramatic the increase could be under the current proposals. 


“At a time when the entire budget is held up because healthcare dollars are scarce, launching a new pilot program administered by the abortion industry under the guise of caring for women ought to be an easy cut to make,” I said in the press conference.

Tanya Ewbank, a resident of Virginia Beach, also shared her moving testimony. She was forced into an abortion by the staff and abortion doctor, and she is sure that women in vulnerable positions will be pressured into these Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives. Her testimony is powerful. You can view the entire conference online now.

I concluded the press conference by calling on the Senate and House budget conferee members to immediately remove this program from the budget. You can join that demand by clicking the link below and writing to your legislators and asking them not to send millions of dollars to the abortion industry in Virginia.

Please contact your legislators today and tell them not to fund Virginia’s abortion industry!