URGENT: Oppose the Extraordinary Rule Change

The so-called ERA is really the "Everything Related to Abortion" amendment. ERA activists from across the country are getting desperate to pass it. Last week a woman from New York was arrested for laying down in front of Speaker Kirk Cox's office and refusing to move. She was arrested, again, yesterday for indecent exposure as she stood in front of the Capitol in a pose imitating our State Seal. On the same day, a man from California came to join a group of protesters, connected to Antifa, marching down Main street. This Californian man was arrested for vandalism after he threw red dye in the fountain.

It's not just the radicals from New York and California who are desperate to pass the ERA even after it has been defeated time and time again. Delegate Hala Ayala has now introduced an "extraordinary measure" to try to pass this amendment. Delegate Ayala was one of those who supported the radical abortion bill that Delegate Tran introduced this year. You can see a list of all of the Delegates who supported that bill (which would have allowed "Birthday abortions" - abortions on the day the child would otherwise be born) by watching this video:

Please contact your Delegate now to tell them not to support this proposed Rule Change which would allow the so-called ERA to pass! 

Delegate Todd Gilbert, who brilliantly exposed the lengths of Delegate Tran's abortion bill, has introduced his own rule to combat Delegate Ayala's. His would reaffirm that the ERA cannot be pulled out of our committee system without 2/3 of the Delegates approving it.

Click here to tell your Delegate to OPPOSE Delegate Ayala's rule change, and to SUPPORT Delegate Gilbert's rule change.

The House of Delegates will make this decision on Thursday! Please contact your Delegate today to tell them you support life, you Celebrate Womanhood, and your oppose the ERA. And if there is any way you can join us in Richmond to sit up in the House Gallery, your presence would be a great encouragement!

The pro-ERA activists are planning a "sit-in" during the Session on Thursday. If you can, please come to the Capitol at 9:30 a.m. and join me in the Gallery to show our support for the Delegates who oppose the ERA!