Va. Abortion Center becomes Pro-Life Medical Clinic

I have some very exciting news on the pro-life front in Virginia! In late 2015, a group of pro-life entrepreneurs made the incredible decision to purchase a Northern Virginia abortionist’s business, which enabled her to retire from performing abortions after operating the facility for 27 years. Recently, with the help of the Catholic Charities in Arlington, they opened up that former abortion center, “Amethyst Health Center,” as a pro-life medical clinic called "Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic."

Talk about a story of redemption! A business that once averaged 1,300 abortions annually for 27 years is now a life-affirming clinic providing free and real medical care for the women in its community.  And it all happened because a few self-sacrificing individuals put their heads and wallets together for what must have seemed like a wild idea at the time. You can read more about what they did here.

This, like so many other examples I see all the time, is an encouraging reminder that pro-lifers don’t just “talk the talk.” They actually walk the walk. It’s also a great reminder that there are so many avenues in which we can further the cause of life in our Commonwealth. And as a result of incredible actions like this, in addition to our continued efforts in holding abortion centers accountable with reasonable health and safety standards, ensuring taxpaying aren’t funding Planned Parenthood, and countless other examples, we are winning the war to preserve and protect innocent life!

And for the sake of so many lives, not only for those unborn but also for their mothers and fathers and so many others, we must continue to win. We cannot afford to let up. But in the meantime, we can and should be immensely grateful for this incredible story of the former Amethyst Health Center. It is wind in our sails for our onward journey to ensure that every human life is treated as sacred.

A 2012 pro-life protest outside of the Amethyst Health Center for Women in Manassas, Virginia.

A 2012 pro-life protest outside of the Amethyst Health Center for Women in Manassas, Virginia.