Virginia's Planned Parenthood "Slush Fund"

You’ve already heard about many of the awful things Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have been up to lately. Things like shocking video evidence of Planned Parenthood employees selling baby body parts for profit, shielding child predators, and over-billing Medicaid may come to mind. And of course, that doesn’t even include the abortion industry’s killing of nearly one million babies every year in America.

Unfortunately, Virginia’s House and Senate budgets currently include what I’ve dubbed a “slush fund” for Virginia’s abortion centers. Read more about it in my Op-Ed in the Lynchburg News & Advance

ACTION: Contact your legislators now to urge them to stop millions in taxpayer funds from going to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood!

If there’s something that most Virginians can agree on, it’s that – regardless of how one views the issue of abortion – taxpayers should not be compelled to fund abortions or Planned Parenthood and other rogue entities whose primary purpose is performing abortions.

You would think by now there would be an obvious question in the minds of each and every one of our elected officials in Richmond: Why in the world would the state continue funding these entities – for any reason???

In 2016 and 2017, thanks solely to the House and Senate Republicans, the General Assembly did successfully “defund Planned Parenthood” with respect to all non-Medicaid state dollars. (The Obama administration had enacted a regulation preventing states from excluding abortion providers from Medicaid reimbursements. Within the past year, the Trump administration repealed that rule.) While the Governor later vetoed those bills, it is worth noticing that the House and Senate Republicans stood strong against taxpayer funds going to Planned Parenthood each time.

Now it’s 2018, and somehow a handful of legislators who had been on board appear to have lost their way. And this year, we’re talking about up to $12 million dollars flowing to Virginia’s abortion industry – not directly to pay for abortions – but for the dispensing and inserting of birth control devices called “Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives” or “LARCs.” 

But given all we know about these abortion centers, there should really only be two possible options for the use of those funds: 1) Spend it on something else altogether, or 2) Send it someplace other than abortion centers.

A number of legislators have been incredibly helpful in trying to prevent this program from becoming a “slush fund” for Planned Parenthood. 33 House members voted against the House's budget, which included $6 million for the program. However, there are a number of legislators who still need convincing, and it’s still not too late!

ACTION: Please contact your legislators today and tell them not to fund Virginia’s abortion industry to the tune of millions of dollars!