We Voted! Now What?

Another election has come and gone. Virginia is among the states that saw a noticeable shake-up.

Virginia will be sending three new Democrat Representatives to Washington. Unfortunately, Elaine Luria, Jennifer Wexton, and Abigail Spanberger have all expressed support for efforts to keep abortion funding, and will advance the radical “LGBTQ+” ideology that undermines truth and religious liberty. Despite appealing to voters as moderates, all three received hearty endorsements from The Human Rights Campaign, one of the leading organizations promoting the radical LGBTQ agenda.

Notably, defeated Republicans Scott Taylor (VA-2nd) and Barbara Comstock (VA-10th) had both supported different liberal agendas in Washington, and yet that clearly did not appease the liberal voters who replaced them yesterday. On the other hand, Dave Brat lost his seat even though he tirelessly supported life, marriage, families and freedom throughout his two terms. It’s hard to say what factors all played into these different outcomes, but it is clear that Republicans appeasing a liberal agenda does not secure victory. We encourage newly-elected 5th District Representative Denver Riggleman to never attempt to appease liberal factions as he takes votes on matters of life and marriage.  If you are in the 5th District, today might be a great day to congratulate him and send him a note about how he can represent you best!

We want to congratulate one candidate who never tries to appease a different agenda. Former Chairman of the Conservative Caucus Delegate Ben Cline won the election to replace Bob Goodlatte in the 6th Congressional District! This election, and the election of Jennifer Wexton, trigger two special elections to replace them in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the Senate, respectively.

In the U.S. Senate, the Republican Party actually picked up a several seats, further solidifying its control. Some suggest that confirmation of Justice Kavannah was a decisive factor in those outcomes.  Democrat Senators who voted not to confirm Kavanaugh faced a backlash, losing several seats. Democrat Senator Manchin, who defied his party to uphold the Kavannah confirmation, won.  These results should mean that qualified and honorable Supreme Court Justices and other federal judges will be easily confirmed in the years to come. 

The divided party control of Congress, with Democrats controlling the House of Representatives and Republicans controlling the Senate, will likely stymie any major legislation from passing over the next two years.

Last night also brought one new addition to the Virginia House of Delegates, Joe McNamara in the 8th district special election.  To learn more about his positions on issues, check out our voter guide for that race. 

One outcome from yesterday worth celebrating is that West Virginia and Alabama both passed Constitutional Amendments stating clearly that there is no right to abortion in their state and that no state funds will be used for abortions! These are among the growing number of states working hard to protect unborn children and defund the abortion industry. Unfortunately, national funding for the abortion industry will likely continue because of yesterday’s Democrat takeover of the House of Representatives. Barring a miracle, no budgets that defund Planned Parenthood will pass under their control.

So what now?

Keep all of our Representatives and our Senators in your prayers.

Support good candidates in these special elections coming up. The Family Foundation will be keeping you updated on all the developments as they come very quickly.

Contact your Delegate and your Senator in Richmond to let them know you support life, marriage, parental rights, and religious liberty. They will face a heavy onslaught from the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Virginia, Planned Parenthood, the Equal Rights Amendment supporters, and many others. They need to hear from you now and all throughout the General Assembly session.

The Family Foundation will be here every step of the way. We appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you during the General Assembly in January.


P.S. Pastors Day at the Capitol will be on January 9th. Pastors, Save the Date and plan to join us on the first day of the session to pray for civic leaders and learn more about the policies coming up in Richmond.