What Happened?

Yesterday a subcommittee of the Privledges and Elections Committee heard HJ 715 (R-Byron) - Constitutional Amendment to prohibit tax dollars from being used to pay for abortions.  After thorough testimony from both sides, the committee set it aside and went on with other bills.

You can watch the testimony online here. It was recorded by The Family Foundation as a live Facebook video.

At the end of the full agenda, the committee picked back up several bills and took votes.  No one, from either side of the political aisle, brought this amendment forward to make a motion.  This non-action was more than a bit surprising to our team, as the House of Delegates has passed bills and budget amendments year after year banning taxpayer funding for abortion.  

The subcommittee's non-action could not be because they didn't know it was a priority to pro-family Virginians.  Incredibly, beginning Sunday night, in less than 24 hours, 616 individual people emailed the eight Delegates on this subcommittee to urge them to support this bill! 

ACTION ALERT: Since HJ 715 still technically remains on the subcommittee docket, we are asking everyone to CLICK HERE to urge the Committee members and House Republican Leadership to pass this much-needed Amendment!  

Even if you already sent an email, please send another asking for this bill to get a vote before crossover!

Click here to send an email message urging these Committee Members and House Republican Leadership to pass this important Constitutional Amendment before it’s too late!