What is Being Taught in Your School?

On Friday the Republican National Committee adopted a resolution calling on state legislators to protect children from exposure to unsuitable content in sex education (“Family Life Education”) classes across the nation. Click here to read the Resolution Protecting Students From Exposure to Potentially Unsuitable Content by Supporting a Parent's Right to Grant Prior Written Consent for Sex Education.

This resolution was brought forward by Virginia’s National Committeewoman, Cynthia Dunbar. The resolution was passed unanimously by the full General Session.

"I'm thrilled this resolution passed.” Cynthia Dunbar said, “This should not be a partisan issue. Parents everywhere deserve the right to know what their children are being taught, and afforded an opportunity to consent to it."

She is right on. Parents deserve the right to know the content of the curriculum their children are being taught about sex and sexuality, and schools should have to get parental consent before exposing their children to that content.

Although Virginia law currently requires the FLE curriculum be made available to parents for review, we know that in Western Albemarle County salacious videos were shown to 14-year-old girls without ever being available for parents to review.

Parents in Fort Worth Texas were not allowed to review the materials in their children’s sex-ed classes, and the Attorney General of Texas issued a statement reminding the school district that the law requires the disclosure of these public documents.

Here in Virginia, school districts across the Commonwealth have been dragging their feet when asked to provide parents the Family Life Education curriculum taught to their young children. Parents in Loudoun County were refused access to the full curriculum, and told that they could only review it all during a three day review session coming up in late August – after school has begun.

I am so glad that the Republican National Committee has adopted this resolution in support of parental authority. The other political parties should do the same.

The Family Foundation is working to get legislation passed through the General Assembly to accomplish the goals set forth in the resolution. Indiana has already taken significant steps toward that goal. You can help us by signing this petition. Use your voice to urge the Virginia General Assembly to protect children from unsuitable content, and to protect parental authority.

You can also help keep your school district accountable by reviewing the Family Life Education there. If you would like to be involved in this effort in your school district, please email me, Sean Maguire, at sean@familyfoundation.org. I’d like to be in touch with you about how to effectively approach your school district to find out what is being taught in Family Life Education.

Schools have to get prior parental permission for their children to be involved in something as innocuous as music ensembles. There is no reason why schools shouldn’t have to get parental permission before exposing children to the sensitive and ideologically charged content of Family Life Education.

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