What's Next?

Less than a year ago, marriage was “redefined” and foisted upon all of us by five members of a rogue court.  Today, the media, culture, governments and courts across the land are working persistently to remove all distinctions for what it means to be male and female.  These basic norms, once universally accepted as empirically true and consequently taken for granted, have in recent times been called into question, soundly rejected, and totally reconstituted (and reconstitutionalized) to resemble something radically different.

Meanwhile, more and more Americans continue to reject that which they know innately to be right.  As a result, a new American orthodoxy, as expressed through commerce, entertainment and law, continues steadfastly to affirm its foundational premise: that all people must be tolerant of all things at all times, except under no circumstances may anyone be tolerant of objective truth – or even suggest that it exists.    

With the toppling of something as basic as the recognition of biological sex, it seems as if there’s nothing sacred left for this secular religion to destroy; no other fundamental truths upon which to focus its wrath.

But knowing, as I do, that the secular Left is never satisfied, we must assume that there is a “next thing.” Hence, this raises the unsettling but necessary question: If society no longer even believes in something so fundamental as biological sex, what’s next on the chopping block?  What’s the next target of its insatiable lust to destroy all objective truth?

Until recently, this cunning campaign, for the most part, had at least advanced many of its initiatives under the auspices of “science.”  (With ‘science’ having a connotation of credibility because of its recognition of universal laws and uniformly applied methods.)  But now, with the Left’s denial even of biological sex, science itself is lost, since science no longer bears a connection to observable and verifiable facts.

This is a significant leap that should not be missed.  It provides us with another clue in predicting the Left’s next move.  When taken to its logical conclusion, all of this leads to a sobering realization that there is yet something worse looming – the rejection of something even more fundamental which will make it impossible for society to function at all.

As we’re seeing now with the case of “science”, if there are not even any universal physical laws which can be accepted as true when advancing certain ideas, why then should we accept any non-physical ontological laws as true for the same purposes?  I’m talking about logic and reason and the very concept of rational thought.

Whether or not we always employ them correctly or at all, the basic tools of logic, reason and rationality are the building blocks upon which all free societies rest.  Without them, nothing is possible except for tyranny or anarchy.  In both cases, might equals right.  “Reason” becomes merely a fun exercise for those who possess the luxury – those with the power to impose their ideas on others by force, that is.

And although it is clear that the secular Left is totally opposed to (and likely incapable of) dialogue constrained by the rules of logic and reason, while its mob-like tendencies are increasing in usage and effect, surely even it has not yet come to the place of rejecting the very concepts of logic, reason, and rational thought.  Nevertheless, we can be sure that this too is only a matter of time, since their secular orthodoxy permits no “reason” to accept anything at all as objectively true.  Ultimately, if the difference between a boy and a girl is not self-evident, upon what basis can they conclude that the “law of non-contradiction” is self-evident?

This inevitability is especially problematic when we consider that, aside from a spiritual awakening, our only hope for a better government and society rests in our belief that by reasoned and rational dialogue, people’s minds can be changed and that those ideas may manifest in the form of a better and more prosperous society.  But if reason itself is rejected, what are we left with?  What happens when people no longer feel any obligation to submit to the tenets of logic, reason and rational thought, or even to acknowledge them as legitimate?  Tyranny or anarchy becomes our only choice.  A system of ordered liberty is out of the question.

I still believe most Americans want freedom over tyranny and anarchy.  But in order to have it and to sustain it, they must know that adherence to truth is an absolute precondition.  The extent to which we as a people abandon fundamental truths, like marriage and gender, will prove an exact correlation to the erosion of our freedom.