Even RTD Gets It

Even the Richmond Times Dispatch recognizes the absurdity of the Obama administration’s recent letter demanding that all public school boys and girls be able to use whatever sex-specific facilities they want. 

And that’s when you really know the radical Left has gone too far. 

The RTD Editorial Board responded to Obama’s letter earlier this month with a serious critique of such a “decree”, as they termed it. In a piece entitled “A dubious transgender directive”, the RTD called out the administration, characterizing its latest move as “ideological extremism”. They noted that under the guidelines a “transgender” high school boy could use the girls’ locker room and showers even though he had not undergone any procedures to alter his male anatomy. “Even the most open-minded parents might find that problematic,” they wrote. Concluding their thoughts, they observed that “The administration made a mistake by dumping this complicated mess on the country without discussion or even warning. That it chose to issue the mandate as a fait accompli speaks to the ideological extremism of those behind it.”

For the non-Latin speakers, “fait accompli” means “a thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept.”

That’s quite an indictment, especially coming from the RTD.

Yet, even as reasonable as the RTD Editorial Board proved itself to be, their article still contained a critical misunderstanding about Obama’s directive – enough so for them to issue a follow-up statement to set the record straight. In “A footnote on transgenderism in school” Thursday, the RTD Editorial Board conceded that they had in fact given Obama too MUCH credit. 

They admitted they argued in their previous piece that, “…‘schools are not about to let just any male student into the girls’ locker room at the drop of a hat. Students who claim to be transgender will have to present some evidence of it, such as a note from a doctor or counselor.’ The second sentence, at least, apparently is inaccurate.” They then quote directly from Obama’s letter the part which essentially says that no outward evidence of gender change is necessary.   

Attempting to soften the blow, they commented: “Although we doubt many (if any) teenage boys will pretend to be in gender transition simply so they can waltz into the girls’ changing room, the administration’s letter prevents schools from foreclosing such a possibility.” And finally closing it out: “Thanks to the Obama administration, the issue has just gotten much broader — in Virginia and everywhere else.”

Can’t you just see their little gears a’turnin? We’re glad that they too have seen the light on this one. There are just some things that no reasonable mind can deny. Clearly, it seems, this is one of them.