The biggest threat to religious liberty is the addition of sexual orientation to hate crimes and employment non-discrimination laws.  Clearly, those efforts are intended to take us down the road of silencing anyone who doesn’t accept the force feeding of homosexuality as not only acceptable but glorified.  Regardless of vague language in the bills that allege to protect religious expression, there are already numerous cases in the United States where hate crimes laws have been used to bludgeon anyone that opposes the homosexual agenda. Today, The Family Foundation’s Pastors for Family Values took nearly 20 pastors and church leaders to Washington, DC to meet with Congressmen Eric Cantor and Virgil Goode.  The pastors were there to express their deep concern over this issue and explain to the Congressmen their fear that they will soon be forced by the government to hire homosexuals or be charged with a crime if they dare criticize the homosexual lifestyle. Churches in Virginia began to awake during last year’s marriage amendment campaign.  After years of silence, more and more pastors are joining the issues battles, speaking out on issues and mobilizing their congregations around issues.  Of note, many of the churches involved with Pastors for Family Values are from urban areas that are predominately African American.   These are pastors who have always been involved in politics, many through the civil rights battles.  They’ve never been told before that they aren’t supposed to “mix religion and politics.  It will be interesting to watch those on the left who despise anything and anyone who dares espouse values counter to them react to this new movement in the African American community.  Our guess is that the name-calling will begin very soon.