Before his party could even finish celebrating its taking a narrow majority in the Virginia Senate, Planned Parenthood publicly and, shall we say, coincidentally, enthused over Democrat Governor Tim Kaine's elimination of a $275,000 abstinence education program, an action taken on the hush-hush several weeks before election day. Nothing like right after an election to shed the moderate, "I'm-a-Christian-too" persona by standing shoulder to shoulder with lefties like Planned Parenthood, ostensibly in a budget balancing move. So, this is how the governor intends to cover his overspending? If this is so crucial to fiscal prudence, why not announce it before the election? (For those who think values issues don't matter in elections, why did the governor hide this budget cut?) As they say, timing is everything. (Sound familiar? Remember the urgency of former Governor Mark Warner's record tax increase? Curiously, he didn't reveal the record surpluses until after right after he signed the tax hike into law.) Speaking of Warner, even he, also a Democrat fiscal Chicken Little, funded abstinence education each year of his term.

More important than budget shenanigans and public deception, the real shameless duplicity here is that these programs work. The Commonwealth's own Department of Health has a whole section on its Web site devoted to abstinence education. (Better check it out quick — he may cut that, too, what with Web hosting costs skyrocketing.) In fact, the most comprehensive longitudinal study on the subject illustrates the success of these programs — not only in reducing teen pregnancy and disease, but also in children's education, including college, as well as economically and in living stable adult lives. The VDH Web site even cites a successful Texas program.

But if the budget was a true concern, Governor Kaine, where are the cuts (much less the complete elimination) of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood? Why the double standard, what's the truth and is your motivation anything but a political reward to a specific group at the expense of teaching what's right to children and not reinforcing parental authority over what their children learn?