We all have great expectations that the politicians we elect will keep their promises. Too often, we are let down. In order to avoid this disappointment, it is important to hold their feet to the fire and the best way to do that is vote.  Voters should seriously consider the consequences of this Tuesday’s election: Who, if elected, is more likely to support a huge government expansion into pre-K education? Who is likely to raid the state’s Rainy Day Fund to cover expanded government even while tax revenues are rising? Who is supportive of legislation protecting the unborn?  

What about the granting of special rights to self-styled victimized special interest groups? (Hint: see who Governor Tim Kaine campaigned with recently.)

Who will protect private property rights and your hard-earned income? Who has the best answers on illegal immigration? Of course, an informed decision is important. Toward that end, we are keeping our promise to bring you truthful information on important issues and which candidates support what. 

Look at how your delegate and senator have voted: Report Card.

See how your candidates for the House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate compare on the issues: Voter Guide.   

Read and research. Ask questions. Give prayerful consideration. Then exercise your constitutional rights and vote Tuesday.