WRVA's new afternoon talk show host Doc Thompson hasn't been in Virginia but a few weeks, but already he's fed up with the arrogance of Virginia's elected officials. After hearing Sen. Tommy Norment belittle Jimmy Barrett for asking him a legitimate question about keeping the legislature's pledge to end the $1.00 license plate fee, Thompson has just now started a petition at www.wrva.com. At the top of the page there's a personality section. Go to Thompson's page and you'll see the petition. What's the petition? It asks Sen. Norment, that if he's so generous as to personally pay the measly one dollar to Jimmy Barrett, maybe he can do so for everyone else. You can ask for $1.00 per car per household. Thompson is hoping enough people sign up to set the Republican Senate Leader back about 35 grand.

So, senator, is it just one dollar? Or was it the General Assembly's promise, and which is more important?