Lesson two in making friends and influencing legislators. Not only do you need to know how to sit on a couch by the elevator bank, you need to know how to work the elevator should you be in it, which everyone is in the GAB. 

So it was back to the GAB at 6:45 this morning for a meeting, which went very well, with Delegate Phil Hamilton (R-93, Newport News). After some other business concluded on another floor, and still with the GAB quiet around 7:30, it was to the elevator for the trip back to the office. With its doors about to close, one hears the quickening pace of footsteps. A voice calls out to hold the door. "I've got it, senator. Take your time." It was none other than Senator Henry Marsh (D-16, Richmond), not exactly a Family Foundation ally, who maintained his pace until he reached the door, as if crossing a finish line. He thanks me, shakes my hand and exchanges pleasantries. Then we catch a glance of another man scrambling before the doors meet: Delegate Chris Jones (R-76, Suffolk), who has a record of carrying pro-life legislation. I hit the door-open button just in time and he enters. All three of us repeat the pleasantry ritual.

Elevators make strange bedfellows, indeed.