Sometimes you know you are winning a public policy debate by the lack of what the opposition is saying. So it is with the embryonic stem cell vs. adult stem cell debate. Last month, a fantastic discovery was made when adult stem cells (called such because they are not embryonic; not that they are gathered from adult humans) were made to simulate embryonic stem cells, virtually providing researchers the same stem cells they can get from destroying an embryo. Overnight, closing the case on embryonic stem cell research and the destruction of the beginnings of life became overwhelming. Although somewhat muted, the left typically contrived almost any excuse they could to discount the breakthrough, some even saying this new procedure was too untested to get exited about (even though not one medical advance has come from embryonic stem cell research, while more than 70 have come from adult stem cell research), and that this new procedure would make it easier for more labs to do more research on more maladies.

Now the left just is just downright silent. Not only do they not have a thing to say about major news last week, the mainstream media (aka, liberal media) has hardly covered it. 

What are they silent about? Researchers have used this new procedure of mimicking adult stem cells into embryonic stem cells to cure Sickle Cell Anemia in mice. While still a long way from curing the disease which primarily affects people of African heritage, it shows just how powerful this new procedure can be, and the real results vs. wishful thinking. It also shows how quickly market forces can work.

A small step to be sure, but it is a step in the right direction, not only in curing the dreaded Sickle Cell Anemia, but in laying the ground work for a proven method of science that can help cure a multitude of diseases. It should be embraced and celebrated for the good of medicine and the preservation of all life even if it doesn't meet one's political template.