Admittedly, it's hard to top "Taxpayer rights are a myth." Okay. It's impossible. But here's a good one overheard by one of our lobbyists today by a GAB elevator. It was from ultra-liberal lobbyist Claire Guthrie Gastanaga (who managed the camapaign against the Marriage Amendment):

"It's a full time job keeping up with Bob Marshall. He's got 75 bills!" 

To the other extreme — rhetorically, certainly not philosophically — was Delegate Dave Englin (D-45, Alexandria) who was apparently talking strategy with someone on the steps of the GAB this morning and suddenly shut up as I walked by. Englin's sudden speechlessness — rarer than the truth from Hillary Clinton (his first week as a delegate he monopolized committee and floor questions during the Marriage Amendment debate), tipped me off that I may be on to some crucial liberal intelligence. So I slowed down my pace hoping to hear him resume the conversation. Alas, he eyed me until I was out of earshot. But it's nice to know he recognizes the significance of The Family Foundation.