Today we continue to bring the General Assembly to you and provide you through Capitol Square Diary. He you can find links for easy-to-use-tools to participate in shaping the direction of our Commonwealth by continuing our virtual lobbying efforts. Previously, to coincide with our actual lobby day on January 21, where 200 pro-family activists showed up to lobby their lawmakers, we had a live blog interview with Attorney General Bob McDonnell, and we've provided links to several bills and contact information to legislators.   To highlight these ongoing online efforts, we have made today Family Foundation Virtual Lobby Day. Not coincidentally, today is the annual pro-abortion lobby day at the capitol, organized by Planned Parenthood. They typically fill the General Assembly Building with high school and college age girls carrying the pro-abortion message to legislators.

In their cross-hairs this year is Virginia's abstinence education policy. Recent studies have shown that abstinence education programs in Virginia are working, which means less profit for the nation's largest private provider of abortion. During the fall they successfully lobbied Governor Tim Kaine to cut off funding for abstinence ed programs — and now they want to change the public policy of Virginia from abstinence based to so-called comprehensive sex ed.

Two bills, SB 155 and HB 1403, would effectively end abstinence education in Virginia's Family Life Education curriculum. This is despite the fact that polling shows between 60 and 80 percent of parents want abstinence education. But then again, Planned Parenthood has never cared a bit about what parents want.

"Pro-choicers" also will be decidedly against bills that give women true "choice." They will advocate against:

HB 1315 and HB 1556: Bills that update Virginia's Informed Consent law to include an ultrasound and information about fetal pain. Planned Parenthood is decidedly anti-Informed Choice.

HB 429 and SB 762: Bills that would make coerced abortion a crime. Planned Parenthood is decidedly anti-Uncoerced Choice.

HB 894 and SB 437: Bills that would improve the health and safety standards of Virginia's abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood is decidedly anti-Safe Choice. Incidentally, HB 538, a bill to license and regulate dog breeders, passed a House committee yesterday, and the arguments proponents made were those many legislators reject when it comes to passing abortion facility regulations!

While you won't be here in Richmond today, we urge you to participate in The Family Foundation's Virtual Pro-Life Lobby Day! Legislators will see hundreds of pro-abortion advocates today. Make sure that they are not the only people legislators hear from.

E-mail your legislators today (click here to find their e-mail addresses) and urge them to vote pro-life and to vote against changing Virginia's abstinence based education policy!