SB 713 

An economic impact statement on the affect SB 713 will have on those who fund the government:

Virginia's Families.

SB 713 raises the gas tax for one cent a year for five consecutive years. Based on two cars and one 20-gallon fill-up per car per week for one year, Virginia's hard-working families will have these added costs taken out of their hard-earned income above what they pay now:

Year 1: $41.60

Year 2: $124.80

Year 3: $249.60

Year 4: $416.00

Year 5: $624.00

Taxes Raised under SB 713 during same period:  $1.015 Billion

State's Planned Expenditures in FY 2010:            $39 Billion

State Expenditures in FY 1998:                               $17.62 Billion

Families' incomes haven't doubled in 10 years. With gas at $3.00 per gallon, unstable stock market, credit crunch and slowing economy, it's not time to take more hard-earned income from Virginia's families. State government must tighten its own budget, just as Virginia families do each day.

Vote NO on Billion $ Tax Increase

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