A new record: We got our quite hysterical Quote of the Day at exactly 8:08 this morning, the fastest time ever. It comes courtesy of Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13, Manasas), with an unintended assist from WRVA's Jimmy Barrett on Richmond's Morning News. Barrett had Marshall on to discuss the on-campus William and Mary "sex industry show" (paid for by us taxpayers) as well as one at VCU (but which is off campus).

Barrett introduced the topic by listing the "industry types" who will attend: strippers, prositutes and porn stars when Marshall, without Barrett yet introducing him, stepped right in and said:

"You forgot the dominatrixes, Jimmy."

Then, when discussing how to reign in William and Mary President Gene Nichol, who also removed the Cross from the Wrenn Chapel "because some might find it offensive" (a Cross in a chapel offensive?), Delegate Marshall said that:

"Last year I offered a budget amendment that got 37 votes on a recorded vote to strip him of his salary. . . pardon the use of the verb."

A great way to begin the end of the week.

In another joke (of sorts) the rumor since mid-week has been the House would meet Saturday afternoon and into the night to catch up on bills before the "crossover" deadline early next week. The breaking news is that apparently there was no truth to it. But the House Republicans wanted to make the Dems sweat a bit. Saturday, you see, is their big Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, and an evening session would have meant all those $1,000 tickets gone to waste — also, not a bad way to end the week.