Today was a particularly long day, but it may have had its record for great lines. There were several candidates for Quote Of The Day, and tomorrow we'll post some more, but here's a gem from the House floor today: Freshman Delegate Joe Morrissey (D-74, Henrico), who has been an early supporter of some of our pro-life priorities, was engaged in a floor debate over a bill in which the "Castle Doctrine" was invoked — the idea that individuals have a right to protect themselves if their domicile has been broken into — and which Morrissey supports. To which Delegate Bill Janis (R-56, Henrico) retorted to his Richmond-area colleague:

"I always thought the gentleman was more a proponent of mutual combate than self-defense."

Okay, you either have to be from Richmond or really be into state politics to understand it, but the floor did — and it brought the House down with laughter (pun intended).