We are the first blog to post this letter, released earlier today, from Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96, James City County) to College of William and Mary President Gene Nichol regarding the infamous "sex show" — where all the glitz and glamor of the porn industry is vividly displayed, acted out and discussed on campus, complete with porn stars, strippers and the like, all on campus at public expense. Delegate Pogge wrote the following letter to President Nichol:

February 1, 2008

Mr. Gene Nichol


College of William & Mary

P. O. Box 8795

Williamsburg, VA 23187

Dear President Nichol:

I am writing to you to express my utmost disappointment in your decision to allow the Sex Workers Art Show performance on the grounds of the College of William and Mary. Not only has this controversy brought considerable embarrassment to our community, but in my estimation this will inflict damage to the dignity and decorum that the College enjoys. I am humbly asking you to rescind this decision.

In the event that this production proceeds, on behalf of my constituents who have contacted my office en masse, I have personally requested that members of the local law enforcement community be in attendance to determine if the performance violates state code 18.2-375.  This is the statute concerning obscene exhibitions and performances. I am sure that you are familiar with this section of the code. I am aware that Colleges and Universities enjoy an exemption from this statute, but I would like an opinion from law enforcement officials from within the community in regard to the statute.

I understand your position concerning free speech and I submit to you that there are constitutional limitations concerning the exercise thereof, pornography and obscenity being one of the chief debates among our brightest legal minds. 

One of the tests that the Supreme Court used in defining obscenity is does it violate community standards.  I have received more calls and emails regarding this performance than any other issue in my brief tenure as Delegate.  They have been universally opposed to this performance.  Couple this with the fact that Williamsburg is a destination that families come to from across the nation and around the world to visit and learn of our Nation's founding, I believe that a show of this nature definitely violates the standard of decency that the citizens of this area uphold and wish to maintain.  For these reasons and many more that are to numerous to mention, I again ask you to rescind this decision.


Brenda L. Pogge

Delegate, 96th District

Virginia House of Delegates