It's taken some years, but the House Republicans have finally learned to use their majority, at least in some cases, to put liberals on the record for the bills they introduce. See this for background. Today, in the House Finance Committee heard HB 1266, a gas tax increase bill by true-believing liberal Delegate Robert Hull (D-38, Fairfax). A sub-committee decided to report it to the full committee without recommendation, this to make the committee's nine Democrats vote on the record one way or another: Will they be the party of tax increases (Lord knows they introduced enough tax increase bills) or refuse to stand up for their own? (To see a partial list of Democrat tax increase proposals, what they would cost you, and to check on their status, click here.)

Alas, all but one of his fellow Dems voted against him, and the bill was defeated 16-2. Delegate Vivian Watts (D-39, Fairfax), staying consistent, was the other vote in favor (she had her own gas tax increase bill killed in sub-committee). Click here for background on this bill and how the House GOP was able to put this up for a vote.