In another General Assembly exclusive, Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax) has agreed to blog here live! The date and time have not been confirmed, but it should be around the 28th or early March. We will confirm the date and time in the next day or two. Feel free to start leaving your questions on this thread. Senator Cuccinelli is (and has been) one of the most principled conservatives in Virginia politics and has not only been a leader in several areas (such as pro-life, property rights, family values and traditional marriage, open government, and limited government and tax restraint) he actually has been effective at getting laws passed and advancing the ball in these areas. For example, when most people last year thought the big developers and the powerful local government lobby (which uses your tax money to lobby against your rights) would prevent eminent domain reform, he fought hard and smart and delivered a tough law preventing government from seizing private property.

This past November he won what was probably the number one targeted district by the Democrats, and won by about 100 votes. Not shy about what his win means, he again is taking on a principled agenda in Richmond this session. Read here this interesting piece from a Washington Post blog on the beltway take on the senator. (By the way, the article is based on what he said at a Family Foundation event a couple of weeks ago.)

Let's put it this way: If The Post is sniping at him, it must mean he's doing something right.