(Because of a technical malfunction that crashed this site on April 4, and took down every post and comment after March 14, the following has been re-posted. It was originally written March 19, 2008.)   We've been at this blogging thing for six months now and it is a lot of fun! In a very short time we've accomplished a lot. We know this both empirically and factually. Of the two, we love the anecdotal evidence - the stranger in the General Assembly Building elevator who says he likes our site or the e-mail from the political consultant who says a particular post was great, or the angry representative from an office holder who reams us out for something we wrote about his boss.

We also know we're making an impact because of the attention we've gained: senior legislators and statewide office holders, policy makers and policy wonks, mainstream and new media, pundits and political consultants, bureaucrats (who've even linked to us on their agency Web sites and blogs) and our conservative friends, as well as our opponents and the people who count most - the hard working grassroots - read us. We're having an impact.

We've had live blog interviews with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling (and participated in his annual bloggers' conference), Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax). We've had interviews with Delegates Jeff Frederick (R-52, Woodbridge) and Mark Cole (R-88, Fredericksburg), and have more upcoming with House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith (R-8, Salem) and Delegate Ken Alexander (D-89, Norfolk). (No, we haven't forgotten about them. They should be completed by sometime next week; and yes, there are Democrats who like us!)

This blogging thing also can be awkward. Lobbing grenades from the sidelines while lobbying some of your targets is, well . . . let's just say it's just all part of the challenge of making Virginia more pro-family and pro-traditional values. (It's hard to share a laugh with a legislator at Thursday Night Caucus and then slam him for a vote he shouldn't have cast.) But you need the hammer, too, after all, and that works because we also know our grassroots read us and take action on those politicians this blog documents as doing opposite their campaign promises. We also know we are contributing to cultivating an atmosphere of conservatism given the feedback we've received by those who did not know exactly how bad the liberals are down at Capitol Square. So we're proud to rally more people committed to pro-family, pro-life and pro-constitutional government values and action.

We also sincerely acknowledge all the links to and nice comments on various Virginia (and national) blogs on various topics we've written about. So, to our brethren in the blogosphere, after getting through a grinding, trench-warfare like General Assembly session, we finally have our blog roll up. There are some technical difficulties (for some reason it has disfigured our front page layout, but all the links work, and we're working to fix the aesthetics). But we figured it was more important to get on with providing our readers more online resources.

Speaking of that, this is not all, and to, our fellow bloggers. For our grassroots and those who wish to get more active, you will notice we also have enhanced our "Pages" section, near the upper left corner of the screen. It has more information about us, more links, a sign-up for our equally informative (and equally as incredibly well written) e-mail alerts, a video, and more. Most notably is an Action Center, which takes you directly to Internet links so that you don't have to drill around for them: links to contact your legislators, for example, or to register to vote, or look up your legislator's voting record, or to get more involved with The Family Foundation. In the coming weeks and months we not only will add more tech gadgets, but additional editorial bells and whistles, with more exclusive interviews with top officials in new and exciting formats as well as delving into issues of all types as they affect our culture, values, society and the way we are governed.

So, we hope you continue to drop by, link up, drill around, read a lot, comment much, spread the word - and do so very often - for our mix of truthful insight, online resources (almost every post is linked to substantive articles or Web sites), detailed discussion of issues, fun, debate, activism and, of course, our own brand of bravado and snark which raises eyebrows on the right and rankles lefty elitists and ne'er-do-wells alike to no end. It is, after all, a lot of fun!