Republican Party of Virginia Chairman, and former Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth Preparedness Director, Bush Administration Education Department official and future Bush family in-law John Hager has agreed to an interview with us. We are still finalizing details with Mr. Hager and will let you know when it all comes together. As a non-profit, non-partisan, faith-based public policy organization, we have extended a similar invitation to Democrat Party of Virginia Chairman Dickie Cranwell. Questions to both will examine their views on the role political parties play in advocating public policies which reflect and protect family values, as well as general questions about the political climate in Virginia.

Previously, we interviewed — in his role as a legislator — Delegate Jeff Frederick (R-52, Woodbridge), who is challenging Mr. Hager for RPV chairman, which will be decided at the Republican State Convention at the end of May. You can read it by clicking here.